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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 140: Weather (2) Bahasa Indonesia

On the first day on the third level, the party retreated several times to get used to the level of the monsters. Thanks to that, they didn’t get many cores. However, once again, they were making progress, even if little by little. Billy also had a good idea of how to defeat them on the way back, but it would require some tests. The pace of his friends also seemed fine.

“What are you doing?” Alexander asked in their room in the inn.

Billy didn’t reply since he was focused on the task in front of him. He was controlling a big amount of wind on the palm of his right hand, making it rotate in all directions. It was similar to a sphere ball technique that a certain shinobi had created. Still, Billy wanted to make it explode upon contact. His idea was to fire them at the Golems and make all the water in their bodies disperse. Naturally, it had to consume less mana than the Earth blocks, or it would be pointless.

Billy couldn’t test that inside the inn, but he knew that the mass of wind would dissipate once all that rotation lost its balance. In any case, he failed many times since it was hard to keep control of the wind while it was moving so crazily like that, but he eventually obtained a satisfactory result.

“This is to expose the core of the Golems,” Billy replied a bit late. “The wind is supposed to disperse all the water upon impact… At least that is what I want. Let’s see if this will work tomorrow.”

Alexander showed a difficult smile… Everyone was trying to copy some of the techniques that Billy had developed. Still, he had already created a new one. It was pretty troubling since he wasn’t giving anyone the chance to catch up to him.

“But won’t that make things too easy to us?” Alexander asked.

“I suppose so… I guess I won’t use this very often,” Billy said after he rubbed his chin.

Alexander felt like he might have dug his own grave… In any case, aside from Billy’s surprise, Sarah and Kate had theirs. They created a small sphere of ice… they were slow, just like Billy was, but their talent was almost visible.

“Although we can do this, we failed in passing this power to the weapons,” Kate said.

“That is because you need to pass some mana to the tip of the weapons… if the weapon is a spear,” Billy said. “By doing so, the effect of the ice will feed on that mana and stay active for quite a long time. However, with each use of the weapon, some of the mana will be used.”

“Why?” Sarah asked.

“Why indeed, why is the sky blue?” Billy asked.

Although that wasn’t an answer, they understood what Billy meant by that. Certain things can’t be explained. They are what they are. In any case, compared to creating ice, learning how to infuse mana into something was a lot easier. Hence, they understood what they should do even before breakfast was over.

“By the way… all this information about magic… should we really talk this loudly about it?” Sarah asked. “Some people might not be able to understand it, but if the information spreads… what can happen, actually?”

“If Billy withholds the information, he can earn a lot of money by teaching others, I suppose,” Kate said.

“There is also the possibility that some people might find a way to counter those spells,” Natalie said.

“You guys are so worried about such small stuff…” Billy said and then sighed. “Only weak people would fear those things. I would rather let this knowledge spread and let people do their own research about it. Once that happens, some spells that I could think of or learn on my own will be bound to appear, and then I will have an easy time mastering them.”

Although Billy said that, he doubted that people in the other states knew nothing about magic. In fact, he was pretty certain that the elementalists were descendants of those people. Billy had forgotten for a while about the origin of the tribes. Still, maybe he should read more books about the history of the states instead of things just related to dungeons.

“If I use my mana on your weapons, I won’t be able to help that much with my spears,” Kate said.

“Don’t worry about that. Just leave the Golems to us and focus on recovering your mana during the fights,” Natalie said.

That was easy to say. Although they would be helping, Kate and Sarah wouldn’t feel much progress just by buffing their weapons. Things were different than a game… or so it was supposed to be. Even when Billy didn’t fight, he regained experience while his mana was buffing their weapon.

In any case, they headed toward the dungeon while barely paying attention to the crabs. And as soon as they arrived on the second level, Natalie and Alexander began to massacre the Golems… it was only natural since their weapons had been enchanted, and they got used to finding creatures way stronger. That day, the sky was clouded, but Apparently, that wasn’t enough to buff the monsters…

In any case, things got more balanced when they reached the third floor. Natalie and Alexander still could take the enemies by themselves. Still, they were starting to struggle… not to mention, the mana in their weapons was starting to disappear.

“Pay attention, Lily,” Billy said. “Attack them as soon as they appear.”

Lily didn’t understand the message, but once the party was surrounded by six Golems and the frontline didn’t take them out as fast as possible, Billy decided to intervene. He fired two spinning wind spheres toward the Golems, and when they hit the enemies, their bodies exploded, and the cores flew and hit the ceiling.. That had been so surprising that the battlefield froze for a moment.


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