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I Became the Sole Master of Magic at the Academy chapter 121

121 – Heavenly Demon (3)

Calia lightly raised her hand. The sword he held was wrapped in the light of destruction.

Slowly swing it just from top to bottom.


The surroundings vibrate. The space shuddered and screamed. Mana spreads in all directions. He was relaxed, as if he was going to teach the world what kind of existence he was.

It was just a simple act of swinging, but Calia knew. That the opponent could not block this blow itself.

The light of destruction poured forward, emitting an eerie light.

‘Black river… … .’

It is an extremely dangerous force.

Power granted only to those close to the top of the world.

Highest and highest rank.

There was only one criterion for dividing them, but it was also an absolute difference.

The light that destroys everything boasts absolute attack power.

‘If you hit it properly, you die.’

He bent his resignation stance.

foot sword.

The black cloth was pulled out of the white red, and at the same time, a thick unclean power wrapped around the black cloth. make up the blade

The Holy Knights also reacted.

“Light! Your main enemy, the seed of evil, is here now! Give us strength!”

First of all, Gilliam, the Holy Knight of the highest rank, advocated.

A huge light emanated from the high sky, adding strength to them.

fleeting moment. Heukcheon collided with Geomgang first.


The spirit of the reverse sky denied the sword. However, the light of destruction only radiated a deep purple light and reduced the power.

After that, Gilliam raised his greatsword. A multicolored divinity wrapped in a swirling radiance.


A power created by combining ten divinities.

Divinity blends well unlike other abilities.

I don’t know if it’s because it comes from the unified space of vaccine warfare, or if divinity is originally such a power, but divinity has such a property.

Gilliam thought that he had slightly exceeded his ‘level’.

“It’s clumsy.”

“Shut up your filthy mouth, you bastard.”

Gilliam swung his greatsword. Calia smiled and swung her sword.


one hit. Shockwaves flowed from it, and all the windows around it were shattered.

Gilliam gritted his teeth.

pushed The light of destruction destroyed his divine power.

‘rather… … .’

The black, unlucky, unholy power that the boy used seemed to have done more damage to the sword.


“Yes, tell me.”

“Can we help?”

“… … Cutting the opponent’s strength?”

Gilliam frowned at Seoha Lee’s words.

the unclean powers he possesses. He said that the god he worships is the power in the law. It was the power that they said might be able to gather divinity and become equal to them.

God’s word is absolute.

Gilliam can’t understand, but the god of light is greater than himself. He erased his doubts with faith.

‘I don’t understand.’

That unclean power denies all enemies. Perhaps instead of gaining great strength, it deserves to be called a disadvantage.

That seemed to deny even the blessing.

“Is the story over? Are you still not aware of reality?”

Calia said with a smile. Gilliam conceded inwardly. However, that’s why I can’t miss that evil species here.

‘At least seriously injured.’

It was enough for him and the knights’ lives. The anti-vaccination war was just lowering the divinity. Didn’t intervene in the battles of the transcendents.

It means that some change occurred before the vaccine. If so, don’t let that demon go wild.

On the other hand, Seoha Lee thought.

‘… … It’s harder than I thought.’

The parasite, Calia, has yet to bring out her true power.

I just used the light of destruction, the symbol of the highest rank.

I didn’t take out my image world.

I didn’t take out the power I got from an alien being.

That’s why Calia smiled leisurely.

– Mr. Seoha.


-… … run away You can still run away now.


Without the slightest hesitation, Lee Seo-ha said firmly.

‘The King and the Heavenly Dog might die.’

Furthermore, the emperor may die. Seo Ga-yeon might die. Seong Han-byeol and Hong Yu-hwa may die. Ara Kim, Seohyun Kim, Ersil and Seolhwaryeon. They may die too.

They are characters who should never die here.

‘Should I write it?’

Seoha Lee still has a number left.

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No, can this be expressed as a number? That technique, which was close to a kind of runaway, would even eat up Seoha Lee’s life.

And I wasn’t even sure about that. that he could kill that being.


“… … what.”

Calia was taken aback. Where Lee Seo-ha put her hands together, a golden light radiated.

A power embodying the beliefs of beings who could be called his followers. It was faith.

“Focus your divinity on that boy right now!”

Gilliam didn’t know what the situation was, but he ordered the knights first.

In this place, I thought that the only person who could damage Calia at this time was Yi Seo. With that power, they could easily fuse with their divinity.

Divinity was added to faith. The light added brightness. The area has long been dyed in gold.

Add the flames of flames here.


A spark bloomed in the golden world. All the divinities were blended, merged, and sparked.

“aha. The famous masked man who appeared in Korea was you. You were hiding your identity. It’s pretty cheesy. But it’s surprising that he has two powers.”

Calia said with a smile.

Actually he was happy. One of his talents is gisaeng. He has the power to move bodies.

This bowl was really good, but… … Now, Lee Seo-hara is starting to covet the bowl even more.

“Then let me give you a little more despair.”

Calia moved slowly.

It’s easy to kill them if you put your mind to it. But it’s not to my liking.

Mine becomes greedy. If you reach his level, you can control your greed, but he didn’t.

Funny enough, it caused a rise in realm.

“You are the true owner of this land that inhabits the outer world.”

He despaired of the world.

He was hated by everyone for his ugly face.

got fingered

He was stoned for just his face, and eventually abandoned by his parents.

And he met an alien being.

“This stupid believer dares to ask for your strength.”

And Calia realized her talent. The talent of parasitism.

He led his village to ruin with the power of changing other people’s bodies.

Children kill their fathers, and parents kill their children. Neighbors hated each other and provoked sword fights.

And it really is.

It was fun.

“Give your power down here.”

Calia pulled out one of her cards.

Extraterrestrial beings were forces that existed outside the law.

cruel and monstrous

that’s why it’s strong

Their power knows no creation.

It only breaks, crushes, destroys, and annihilates.

The polar lights of darkness descended.

Calia reached out. A mixture of darkness and purple power appeared in his hand.

The light of doom was turned off. he moved slowly.

Seoha Lee moved. Along with the sword emitting frost light, it was wrapped in golden flames.

Flashes of blue light mixed with golden sparks. Divinity followed.

A sphere of mixed darkness and purple light.


Space is distorted. Distortion is the power possessed by the person who gave him power.

The power that distorts everything collided with the sword of winter that held golden sparks.

‘… … What.’

Calia is.

I felt insecure. I don’t know why. However, I felt that it was dangerous.

He stretched out his hand. In what could be called an instant, his hands were covered with the energy of the reverse sky.

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Now, the dominance over the spirit of the reverse heaven that has transcended even the Heavenly Demon of the previous era.

In an instant, the power of denial surrounding the black cloth negated some of the purple spheres according to Seoha Lee’s idea.

A flash of blue and golden light pierced the darkness.



I spit the dead blood outside. The inversion was finely adjusted. Adjusted the body with the black god dance.

‘My stomach was pierced.’

Calia countered my attack. I stabbed myself in the stomach with a knife that I couldn’t even notice.

I’m applying the elixir, but it seems difficult to participate in the fight at this rate.

‘Recovery is slow.’

He tuned his body with black god radish and applied and sprinkled the elixir. However, the attacks of beings of higher rank basically depend on the power to slow recovery.

What’s more, I’m a body that doesn’t work with divinity. Probably had to stay out of battle for a while.


Worse than all of this.


I couldn’t hit Calia properly.

-You really are an outrageous being!

A mixture of madness and jealousy. A joyous laugh rang out.

Calia had a different look.

The black Magi was wrapped around her body. The arms were extended to four, and the arms were deformed like sword blades. And the tail had eight tentacles, and the head was deformed like a mask.

-Don’t try to fight. Because you are the most precious vessel right now.


As I walked on one foot, the ground trembled.

-First, let’s kill the false prophets and talk to them.

Saying so, Calia looked at the knights.

-To you guys, it’s an excessively unreasonable force. Know and search for glory.

[World Erosion]

His words are engraved in the world.


At the same time, a red light radiated from his chest. It was the most ominous light. The sky eroded red, and tentacles began to sprout from under the buildings.

The face of the knights was stained with despair. As if that was pleasant, Calia laughed.

[Mara Heaven Hell Road]

Hell has eroded reality.


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