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How to Tame My Beastly Husband – Chapter 46 Bahasa Indonesia

Instead of answering her question, Allamand took out a cigar from his arms and put it in his mouth. The cigars he enjoyed were of the finest quality, that were delivered to the royal family, but it was only painful for non-smokers. Annette took a step back and turned her head. Her lungs seemed to be throbbing because of the heavy, bitter smell of the cigar.

As always, Allamand smoked cigars for his own pleasure. He didn’t care whether his daughter was suffering. It was a beautiful night party, but the only thing that passed between the two people was silence and a pungent smoke. By the time he smoked half of his thick cigar, Allamand spat out, as if he had suddenly recalled Annette’s existence.

“Why did you come alone?”

“He’s busy with his business..Ah.”

Annette inadvertently blurted out the answer that she had prepared for the people she would meet at the party. For her, Allamand was an emotionally indifferent person. At that very moment, a thought came into Annette’s mind. Annette, with her eyes wide open, asked Allamand.

“You’re here to meet Raphael, aren’t you? How did you know that he was supposed to attend the party with me? What were you planning to tell him?”

Allamand gave no answer. He continued smoking the cigar, holding it between his bloodless lips. After seeing this, Annette’s face distorted and she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. At this point, it seemed that it was rather fortunate that Raphael didn’t attend the party.

It seems that Raphael did not properly inform Marquis Eloque of his intention to ‘not attend’. If he had, then Marquis Eloque would have removed his name from the last list of attendees. Then, Allamanda would not have come to this party.

Of course, Raphael didn’t know this, but he unintentionally stood Allamand up. No one in the entire kingdom of Deltium, not even the king himself, had ever stood Allamand Bavaria up. If Raphael had known this, he would have surely laughed ferociously, but unfortunately he was not here. Seeing that his purpose for coming to the party was out, Allamand threw the cigar away and laughed.

“It’s really worth it. Seeing you like this, I suppose that stupid bastard is doing well, hmm? Unlike his wild temperament, he really turned out to be a homely person. I’m so proud to see that your drooping neck has finally gotten tough.”

At her father’s mocking words, Annette felt an unknown rage. He has been raising Annette like a doll since childhood, forcing her to obey him. But when Annette finally raised her head up and rebelled against him, he shrugged her off by saying, ‘It’s worth it.’ His contradictory behavior made Annette feel sceptical about her childhood.

Just like always, she was clueless about whether or not Allamand cared about her feelings. Crushing the remaining cigar under his feet, Allamand looked at her with cold serpentine eyes, as if trying to see through her heart

“Hmm. Or is it the opposite? Maybe the bastard has been acting like your dog and you think you’ve become stronger just because you’re now living on your own. Isn’t it?”

“Don’t talk about my husband that way again. It’s offensive. He does not need to be insulted like that.”

Annette suppressed her anger and said in a low voice. She really didn’t like the way Allamand looked down at Raphael with contempt. He talked about him as if he was mentioning a street bum. Naturally, a cold hostility appeared on Annette’s face. However, Allamand only looked bored and dismissed her off as a little kitten showing off her claws.

“Oh, it seems that my daughter has forgotten all her lessons.”

Allamand took a step closer to Annette, reached out his right hand and grabbed her shoulder. The cold, strong fingertips cruelly pressed on the dip near her scapula. As soon as Annette bit her lips in pain, a hissing threat, like a snake’s whispers came into her ear.

“Now that you’ve left the house, you’ve become very cocky. How dare you side with that filthy bastard in front of me! Did you really think you can act all arrogant in front of me by relying on him? How dare you stand up to me.”

Allamand increased the strength in his hand, as if he wanted to dislocate her shoulder bones. Annette looked up at him, panting in pain.

“Raphael…. It doesn’t matter. Don’t swear at him. And I already know what my father wants. Whatever it is, don’t even think about taking anything from Raphael. He’ll never give it to you.”

“What do you even know to talk like that? You don’t know anything! You’re nothing but a fool for taking the wrong side.”

Allamand’s eyes gleamed with a cruel light. Even if he dislocated Annette’s shoulder here, there was no one who could say anything to him. Even if there was, Allamand would only look back with a cold noble face as if it were nothing. He could easily get away with it just because he was Annette’s father.

Annette closed her eyes tightly, preparing for the upcoming pain. Her body trembled in fear. At that moment, a strong arm stretched out from the side and grasped Allamand’s wrist tightly.

“Take your hand off my wife.”

Before she knew it, Raphael came to her side and growled at Allamand with a fierce look. Not only his voice, even his grip on Allamand’s arm, carried a tremendous weight. This time, it was Allamand’s face which was distorted in pain.

“How dare a filthy bastard like you touch my body!”

“If you don’t take your hand off Annette right now, this filthy bastard will break your arm, father-in-law.”

Raphael curled up the corners of his mouth and brought his face near Allamand. Enraged, Allamand twisted his wrist back and forth, but he couldn’t beat the young and strong Raphael. As Raphael applied more force on his grip, Allamand groaned and took his hand off Annette’s shoulder. Then Raphael threw his wrist away and strode towards Annette.

“Are you all right, Annette?”

“I’m all right. Thank you, Raphael.”

The firm broad shoulders blocked her view of Allamand. As soon as she saw the strong, sturdy torso, she felt all her fears wash away. Even though Annette smiled bashfully, her face was terribly pale because of the pain. When Raphael saw her face, he clicked his tongue and caressed her cheek.

“As soon as I take my eyes off you, you always get hurt. For a noble lady like you, you have a surprising clumsy side.”

Annette smiled awkwardly. Seeing her smile disappear, Raphael regretted his words. If he had known this would happen, he wouldn’t have been this harsh. He just couldn’t figure out why he kept talking to Annette bluntly.

Allamand, who was looking at this from a distance, gnashed his teeth. He was already angry at being insulted by his son-in-law, and now the two instigators were ignoring him and chatting with each other. The blue-blooded Bavarians could never stand being ignored by others. Especially Allamand, who had lived arrogantly all his life.

“This is not funny at all. Are you going to act like a loving couple now?”

“It’s not something you need to bother with. And isn’t all this thanks to my father, who married me to Raphael?

Annette, who regained her composure, replied in a soft voice. When Allamand decided to cover up Annette’s charges for the sake of family’s honor, he had to curry favor from the royal family. So he had no choice but to marry Annette off to Raphael, whom the king cherished. He never once asked about Annette’s opinions or sought her consent in this matter.

Annette sarcastically put this point before him, making Allamand’s face distort with intense anger. His always indifferent and cold face finally revealed his teeth, and made him look somewhat human. At that very moment, poisonous words came out of Allamand’s mouth.

(T/N: Reveal his teeth-show hostility)

“You seem to be getting along very well. So Annette, do you know how great your in-laws are?”

“……what are you trying to talk about?”

Raphael growled at Allamand, who suddenly attacked his family. Even though Annette was not used to Allamand’s sarcastic remarks about Raphael’s illegitimate lineage, she thought her father’s words were a little different from usual. He wasn’t being sarcastic about Raphael’s parentage, but seemed to be trying to bring up something else.

“My in-laws? Are you talking about His Majesty, King Selgratis?”

Annette asked back warily. As far as she knew, Raphael’s only relative was his father, King Selgratis. Very little was known about Raphael’s mother, but it was clear that she was not from their world. So considering the situation right now, Annette’s question made sense.

But from her words, Allamand noticed that she had no idea what he was talking about. Allamand regained his composure, and a cold smile appeared on his face. With a look of sympathy, he put out the bait in front of her.

“Oh, my poor daughter. You haven’t heard anything from him yet, have you? What a wicked son-in-law! I can’t believe he would completely cover up his embarrassing past by bewitching my pure and strong sweet daughter.”

“What are you talking about?”

“That wicked coachman who framed you… What was his name, yes! Was it Ivan?”

“Why are you suddenly talking about Ivan?”

Feeling an ominous premonition, Annette’s voice began to tremble. Raphael looked puzzled as he looked back and forth between them. He didn’t know what Allamand meant. Raphael was a man with many secrets, but he was not a skillful liar. If Raphael had anything to hide about Ivan, his face would have long given it away.


Seeing Raphael’s face, Annette collected herself together. She thought whatever words would come out of Allamand’s mouth, he probably only said them to sway Annette. Even if it might be a shocking information, it was okay as long as Raphael wasn’t cheating on her.

‘It won’t be a big deal. My father must be plotting something again.’

Annette struggled to face Allamand. She somehow stabilised her trembling chin and straightened herself up. Raphael put his hand on her shoulder as if protecting her. Allamand just looked at both of them with contempt. A chilling sweet voice came out from his pale bloodless lips.

“Ahh my dear daughter, I guess you didn’t know. Ivan’s real name is Ben March. And he’s also your husband’s only maternal uncle. For you, he should probably be a distant uncle from the countryside.”

What the hell was he talking about? Annette’s face turned white. She did have a vague feeling that Raphael’s maternal side may not be from a noble lineage. But she never expected it to do something with Ivan. She just couldn’t believe it. Raphael and Ivan did not have a single resemblance. Yes, there must have been some mistake.

Annette turned her head and looked at Raphael. However, Raphael’s face was also white. The moment she saw his complexion, Annette’s heart sank. She asked stutteringly,

“This, this… What does it all mean, Raphael? What does he mean, your… maternal uncle? Ivan is really…your…?”

Upon being questioned by Annette, Raphael’s deep blue eyes froze. It was clear that there was some truth in this. What Allamand said was really true. The moment Annette realized this, something collapsed inside her.


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