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How to Tame My Beastly Husband – Chapter 41 Bahasa Indonesia

Tina looked at Raphael who was staring at the couple dress sample. As a designer, she found it quite interesting to be able to dress such a unique and wild handsome man. Taking Annette’s permission, Tina approached Raphael with a smile.

“Let me see, you have black hair and blue eyes. Your skin is also white which overall gives off a cold feel. So colors like dark cobalt blue or silver gray would suit you, but unfortunately, such colors don’t go well with Annette. Those heavy and cold shades don’t suit Annette’s softness and femininity.”

It was this fine explanation that was the highlight of a fine boutique. As Tina explained all this smoothly like flowing water, she picked up a lot of fabrics. Among them, the most striking fabric was the white ivory one. The smooth fabric, embroidered with leaf patterns with silver thread, had a subtle splendor. Tina, who showed this to Raphael, went into her business mode.

“How about this? Both of you have fair skin, so this white ivory color would look good on you. It would make your face look brighter, just like a lantern! It would be great if we could choose this as the background color of the coat and the robe!!”

“The color… is a little brighter than what I usually prefer. That’s too…”

Raphael furrowed his dark eyebrows, revealing a slight rejection. Then Tina smiled and slipped a piece of fabric around his neck.

“Oh, what are you talking about? It suits you so well. Look!”

A handsome man was indeed a handsome man. When she put the white cloth around his neck, Raphael’s face indeed became as bright as a lantern. With his cold face, dark black hair and blue eyes combined with the white cloth, he looked just like a Winter King.

Annette unknowingly covered her mouth and looked at him with admiring eyes. Seeing this, all the discontent disappeared from his sulking face. If Annette could look at him with such eyes, it was worth trying on a bright outfit once in a while. When Tina noticed it, she tried not to laugh and brought up the next topic in a solemn manner.

“Okay, so the background color has been decided… Now we should choose the point color that you will use in common. Um, what color would you like?”

Excited, Tina hummed and took out a bunch of colorful, vivid fabrics. The bright vivid colors almost made him blind. Seeing Raphael’s complexion become pale, Annette, who was quietly watching, opened her mouth.

“How about we use purple shades? As in violet lavender or medium orchid color.”

“Good choice! These colors are enough to be used as the point colors. They’re all hard to pull off, so they’ll be perfect to use as your own unique color! Which of these do you like the most? Now, please pick one!”

An excited Tina took out a row of purple fabrics and spread them out in front of Raphael. Thanks to this, Raphael was in great confusion. ‘Are you telling me that these are all different colors? How the hell are they all different?’

In Raphael’s eyes, all the colors looked the same. The eyes which had never trembled even in the battlefield, were now shaking like an earthquake. Fortunately, Annette helped him out again.

“How’s this, Raphael?”

What Annette chose was a luxurious blue- violet color. Tina nodded as she picked it up and put it near Raphael’s face.

“It looks good! It makes his blue eyes stand out, making him look sexy.”

“Right? If it’s colors like this, I could also use them along with Raphael.”

Annette smiled as she spoke. Her pink eyes went well with the purple fabric. Annette was exhilarated at the thought of going to a party wearing matching clothes with Raphael. The moment Raphael saw her bright smile, without any hesitation, he picked up the fabric that Annette had chosen and declared,

“Okay, I’ll take this.”

“It’s a good choice, I’m sure. Now shall we take your measurements and then decide on the other details of your clothes?”

Tina led them in with a satisfied face. With this, the discussion on what color to use for Annette’s dress was also resolved. Fortunately, Annette was also satisfied with the decision. When the ivory white fabric was put together with the purple fabric, it looked elegant and gorgeous. Above all, she could wear a matching dress with Raphael. It was something that she could never imagine in her previous life, so it felt even more special to her.

‘He’s being really kind to me these days.’

As they were leaving the boutique after deciding all the measurements and details, Annette glanced at Raphael’s side face. It seemed like a good time to ask about Raphael’s feelings. He might not hate her anymore. If he did, he wouldn’t go to a party like this and even agree to wear matching clothes with her.

So Annette decided to muster up her courage and ask him. Raphael glanced back at her. As always, his face was cold and indifferent, which made one unable to know what he was thinking. As she looked at those cold eyes, a familiar anxiety came over her. But Annette bit her lips tightly and suppressed it. She wanted to believe that Raphael was now different from before.



Raphael replied briefly and instantly. But his gaze was not on Annette, but at a distant place. Annette, who was looking at Raphael’s side face, was a little disappointed seeing him not give her, even one look. Nevertheless, Annette asked quietly, repressing her trembling heart.

“I’m sorry for asking this question all of a sudden. Perhaps… what do you think of me? Are you still very uncomfortable..?”

Raphael gave no answer to her question. Looking somewhere far away, his face seemed to be lost in thought, as if he was immersed in something. Annette, who wondered if her question was too sudden, added a little explanation as an excuse.

“Well, as you know, our marriage wasn’t a normal one. At first you seemed to be giving off a feeling of being a little repulsed. I just want to know if it’s still there…”

“Tell me later, Annette.”

With a cold reply, he suddenly dashed forward. Embarrassed by his unexpected behavior, Annette looked at his back with her eyes wide open. At first, she thought Raphael was running away because he didn’t want to answer her questions, but now he seemed to be chasing someone.

Annette wondered who Raphael was chasing so hard. However, because of her short height and the crowded street, it was difficult to see anything. She didn’t even know if it was a man or a woman. While Annette was struggling to catch up with him, Raphael slowly disappeared somewhere far away.

‘Oh, he left me alone.’

Annette, who was left alone, drooped her shoulders. Raphael’s cold-hearted attitude of leaving her alone on the street without any explanation was disappointing. It was even more so because she had finally mustered up her courage to seriously talk with him.

Annette felt a little miserable because she felt neglected by him. A short sigh escaped out of her mouth, as she stared vacantly at the direction where Raphael had disappeared.


Fortunately, it wasn’t too far from where the carriage was parked. Since she was a regular at Tina’s boutique, she was familiar with the roads here. But Annette’s steps were strangely slow. A relationship without any progress; steps without progress. It felt like she had become a slow turtle.

Annette ended up stopping a few meters away from the carriage. For some reason, she didn’t want to go home like this. Just in time, a nearby white bench caught her eye. It was a high-end shopping street which many nobles frequented, so the benches here were neat and even a small fountain was placed beside them.

Annette pondered as she gazed at the fountain with clear water gurgling out of it. It was nice to have a second chance in her life, but her self-confidence kept on dwindling these days. She wasn’t sure if she could make good use of this opportunity.

‘Can I change something just because I try?’

Annette was afraid that all of this was nothing but a joke of fate. What if all her paddling and struggling doesn’t work? It was such a hopeless life that any effort only brought the same result as before. Annette bit her lip and somehow held herself up.

‘But just because it’s scary, you can’t just do nothing.’

There must be a reason for her regression and this second chance. Annette decided to believe in herself. Anyway, there was no other way out now.

Annette raised her drooping head, and got up from the bench. At that very moment, she was so surprised that she almost let out a scream. Annette clutched her chest and asked with a trembling voice.

“Ra, Mister Railin?”

“Oh, you finally noticed me.”

Railin, squatting in front of Annette, laughed with his chin raised. She didn’t expect him to suddenly pop out like this out of nowhere. Railin, who was taller than what she expected, was just right at the same eye level with her. Because of this, Annette was able to watch his pomegranate-like red eyes smiling thinly at her. Annette, who grabbed her startled heart, asked with dismay.

“What the hell are you doing here? What can I do for you?”

“Well, I came because I have something to do. In that sense, are you done with your meditation? If it’s okay, would you like to take a walk with me, my dear customer?”

Railin, who smiled like a fox, got up and reached out to her. Annette hesitated for a moment but eventually took his hand. Railin’s elegant, long fingers were surprisingly cold and soft. Railin naturally led Annette to the walking course and spoke lightly as if he was saying a mere hello.

“So, have you made up your mind? Are you willing to start a new life?”


“Huh? Oh, you’re talking about the ‘smuggling’.”

All the data investigations for her smuggling had already been completed. Annette simply had to decide where she would be staying and the duration of her stay. But it wasn’t the time yet. Annette still had a lot of work to do here.

“I think I need a little more time for that. By the way, did you get the information I asked for?”

Annette shrugged and brought up another topic. Railin smacked his lips as if he was disappointed. She didn’t know why, but he seemed eager to get Annette out of the country. Is it because of the money?

Railin’s services, which secretly smuggled a person out of the country and forged his identity in the new country, were immensely expensive. In fact, the cost was worth it, considering the myriad of efforts that went into the process. However Annette had enough money to handle it. Nevertheless, when Annette changed the topic, Railin pretended not to have seen through her.

“You said you were curious about your husband’s iron ore mine last time, right? It’s probably a mine located in the Calabria Mountains, right?”

“That’s right. How’s his mining business now? Tell me everything you know. I’ll pay for the information as much as you want.”

Annette turned and looked at Railin. Her eyes, under the afternoon sun, were just as beautiful as a pink lace rose. Railin’s lips, looking at this, held a quiet meaningful smile.


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