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How to Tame My Beastly Husband – Chapter 15 Bahasa Indonesia

Annette was frightened by the pressure building inside her. It felt as if her stomach was about to explode. It was hard for her to accept his entirety. Feeling the little hole being stretched out to its limit, she was afraid that it might tear any moment. She breathed rapidly, holding on to the sheets for dear life. However Rafael who was immersed in the throes of passion, pretended as if he didn’t see her struggles and began to move his waist.

“Ughh! Ra… Rafael! A little slower!”

Whenever the thick glans entered and rubbed against her wet inner walls, a dull pain along with a strange pleasure, together arose inside her. Annette with tears in her eyes, unwittingly stretched her hand towards him. But Rafael heartlessly grabbed her hand and pressed it back on the bed. He started moving his hips a little faster. His thrusts suddenly became demanding.

The thick penis poked inside her making her eyes flash white. Annette’s breathing became more rapid as he began to stab her weak spots that he found earlier.

Rafael still was a man equally as passionate as he was in her previous life.

The pain was almost gone now. The feeling of his thick penis rubbing against her sensitive places was so pleasant that it was fascinating. Rafael started to rapidly screw her insides, plunging deep into her womb. Whenever the penis thrusted deep into her innermost recesses, a groan slipped out her mouth.


His big thing pierced her lower body again and again. Her inner walls which were stimulated by his onslaught, cramped and greedily tightened around his penis. She could feel the thickness and the shape of his thing that penetrated her. Suddenly a guttural sound came to her ear. An excited Rafael growled like a male beast, pushing himself deeper inside her.


Annette’s eyes turned white, as her first climax from the insertion started building. Her body quivered due to the intense orgasm. It was so intense that she found it even hard to breathe properly. As her warm insides tightly wrapped around him, Rafael literally lost his mind. He started shoving his thing inside her frantically.

As her insides were continuously stimulated, Annette literally thought she was going to die. She sobbed and twisted her body to escape, but Rafael held her hands together and pressed them onto the sheet. Holding on to the beastly man, she cried, as she struggled with the terrible pleasure.

Rafael grabbed her ass and thrusted his penis into her deepest parts. Even after ejaculating, he didn’t stop and continuously stimulated her insides with his deep thrusts. Wet smacking sounds filled up the big chamber.

Rafael, after relieving his lust once, pulled out his penis. He was going to turn Annette over and do it one more time. It was nice to look down at her pretty doll like face, but looking at her wet eyelashes and lips with teeth marks, he felt strangely uncomfortable.

The moment Rafael bowed down his head to turn her over, he smelled blood. Rafael instinctively lowered his gaze to the blood-smelling spot and his sharp eyes widened for the first time, revealing his surprise.

It was between Annette’s legs where the blood flowed. Her pale golden pubic hair was messed with their love fluids and blood. Since he had made her relax with his tongue, he didn’t understand why she was bleeding now.

Unless what Annette said was really true. Did she really not throw herself at Crown Prince Ludwig to become a princess…. She didn’t seem to be such a vulgar woman. Realising this, Rafael’s eyes shook violently with shock and confusion. Naturally, the thought of continuing the act faded.

Annette, who did not notice the change in Rafael’s heart, closed her eyes in dread. Rafael was a very energetic man, and never finished once or twice in her previous life. He was a beastly man who would not let her go even if she cried and crawled away. He would drag her back and re-insert his raging length from the back. Therefore, Annette thought he would do it once more.

‘What should I do? It hurts a little…’

Annette was worried. In the middle of the act, she didn’t know because of the pleasure, but the pain in her lower body was gradually becoming bitter. As expected, the first time turned out to be painful. Annette was worried about his reaction if she said she didn’t want to do it anymore. So she looked up at him carefully.

However Rafael didn’t come at her as she expected. Annette was puzzled. Unexpectedly, Rafael’s gaze was fixed, as if nailed between her legs. The moments she saw his trembling eyes, Annette realized what happened. He had only now realised that her words were true.

Rafael silently let go of his hand holding Annette. Then he turned back and stepped down from the bed. The gesture was somewhat sad and quite different from usual.

The moment she saw this, Annette instinctively realized that this was her opportunity. She decided to take advantage of this and make Rafael reflect on his roguish behaviour.

“I told you, didn’t I!….It’s really too much.”

Annette said resentfully. The moment he heard her voice, the muscles of his back turned hard. Because of the shock he was already feeling guilty and now hearing Annette’s resentment, his guilt doubled.

Rafael’s eyebrows furrowed and he bit his tongue gently. It was because words of apology almost slipped out of his mouth. However, the first thing to do here before apologizing was to grasp the situation. Was Annette really framed? When the premise that he believed turned out to be false, all Rafael was left was with terrible confusion.

Fortunately, the hatred that he had forgotten came back and corrected his reasoning. He glared at Annette’s blonde locks and made up his mind. Bavarians were cunning people with blue blood flowing through their veins. Rafael, who recalled this, replied coldly.

“Okay. I admit that you did not throw yourself at Prince Ludwig. But that’s all.”

Annette immediately understood what he was talking about. In fact, the accusation of throwing herself at the Crown Prince was not very much. They were almost engaged at that time, and Annette was really on the verge of becoming a Crown Princess. So even if the charming ladies of Deltium talked and gossiped about it, the talks about engagement was enough to make everyone close their eyes.

In fact, there was another charge which destroyed Annette’s future. But Rafael wisely didn’t say anything about it. It was a secret that only the three families knew. Judging from the guests’ reaction at the wedding hall, fortunately the ‘secret’ seemed to be well kept.

‘It remains to be seen whether that is true or not.’

Rafael thought coldly and turned his head. It was only to check whether Annette was shocked by his words. However, Rafael soon regretted his hasty action.

The naked body of a woman which still held the traces of their love affairs was very stimulating. Annette’s cheeks which were as white as a porcelain doll, were flushed and appeared like blooming flowers. The sight of her breasts sticking out of her long blonde hair, was enough to make all his blood flow towards his nether regions. What stimulated Rafael the most was the white semen flowing down between Annette’s legs. A mixture of love juices and a little blood, looked terribly lewd and erotic. However, the worst part of all this was Annette’s eyes, which looked at him naively in the midst of all this.


Annette didn’t know what kind of thoughts were going through Rafael’s mind. She simply called him, wondering how to clarify her charges. Annette raised her head and was confused when she saw his dark face.

‘Why are you looking at me like that?’

‘Maybe he wants to do it one more time.’

Annette trembled at the ominous possibility. The pain between her legs was too unbearable to do it once more. Since there was no evidence to prove her innocence right now, she thought it would be better to explain it to him next time.

What was more important right now was to somehow calm down the excited Rafael.

Annette quickly cried out and appealed to Rafael in a small voice.


“I’m sick, Rafael. My legs are in so much pain. So let’s stop for now.”

Rafael’s gaze once again shifted towards the between of her legs. At that moment, as if on good timing, the body fluids dripped down her white legs. Seeing this, Rafael hardened his face and ran out of the bedroom.


The door closed making a harsh noise. Judging from the force with which he slammed the door, it seemed as if Rafael was very angry. The door shuddered and made a ringing sound. Annette was so surprised that she couldn’t even scream and grabbed her chest unknowingly. That wicked habit of slamming the door absolutely needed to be fixed.

However, Rafael, who had already run out of the room, was unaware of this. He strode down the hall, constantly trying to empty his mind. But it didn’t go well.

“Fucking Bavarians! Damn Annette Bavaria!”

The image of a naked Annette flashed before his eyes. He couldn’t get that pretty and sexy image of her out of his mind. His sexual desire, which had not yet been completely doused, rose hot and fast again in him, urging him to go back to Annette. Even if Annette was sick or crying, it would be great to crush her slender body under him and indulge in her to his heart’s desire.

But Rafael wondered why he couldn’t bring himself to do it.


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