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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 73: Suspicions Bahasa Indonesia

After receiving Grindelwald’s memories, he spent the next few days going over his memories since he left in 1926, focusing more on his legendary battle with Dumbledore. And the battle was truly legendary.

Even with the advantage of the Elder Wand, Grindelwald still lost due to lack of skill. Of course, this was not the main reason. One of the reasons that he lost the way he did was because of his prophetic ability.

Before his battle, he foresaw that he was imprisoned and having a conversation with a person; however, he could not see the face of the person nor what he said; he only knew that he gave that person his and Dumbledore’s blood and all his memories before they agreed.

After that, Grindelwald was able to deduce his eventual downfall in the hand of his old lover, and the fact that the person in vision was probably Edward.

After taking a long time to accept this fact, he eventually concluded that for his dream to come true, his purpose in life is to help Edward as much as possible.

So, he used all his strength to battle Dumbledore to gather information, then he secretly collected the latter’s blood. Finally, after his incarceration, he secretly conducted much magic research so that Edward could absorb them through memories.

After reading through all the memories, Edward sighed as he thought to himself: ‘I finally understood how this guy knew that I was studying bloodline in 1945. Additionally, I now know that prophecy seems to have little effect on me. Additionally, the research that Grindelwald made will be of great help to me.

‘However, before I start using his research, I need to deal with the problem of the Second Limiter.”

After that, Edward started his research as there was still a month before school started; he was not yet willing to give up his job as a professor. After all, it is easier to influence these young minds of Great Britain as their professors.

–Scene Break–

Dumbledore was inside his office with a newspaper in his hand, seeming deep in thought. In front of his desk, there were also many newspapers lying there.

Professor McGonagall entered the headmaster’s office to hand Dumbledore a document.

“Professor Dumbledore…Professor Dumbledore…Professor Dumbledore…Albus,” she yelled near the end.

“Hmmm, Minerva, you are here,” replied the headmaster, who raised his head after hearing her roar.

“Albus, is everything alright? Ever since Edward’s announcement a few weeks ago, you have been very distracted.”

After a brief pause, Dumbledore answered: “I just feel that something is wrong, Minerva.”

“What do you mean?”

“Look at these newspapers, what do you see?” replied the headmaster.

Professor McGonagall looked at all the newspapers and read some of the titles: “Professor Flitwick became the Third Person to survive the Killing Curse”, “Potion Master became the Fourth Person to survive the Killing curse”, “Bones Family’s New Alchemy Item Are Cheap and Affordable to All Wizardkind”. “Bones Family, the New Future of the Magic World?”

Additionally, these newspapers were not just from Britain, but all over the world; she even saw one from the very reclusive or secluded magical country of China.

“All these articles talked about either Edward or Bones family in one way or another. But is there something wrong with that?” asked Professor McGonagall. “They seem to want to promote their family name.”

“If it was any person, I would think so. But Edward is different. After so many years of observing him, I know that he is different; everything he does has a purpose.”

“What are you trying to say exactly, Albus?”

Dumbledore sighed before answering: “I’m afraid that Edward has started his grand plan of world conquest and civilization building.”

Professor McGonagall frowned before asking: “Didn’t you say during the interview, he told you that he was not planning on doing so? Did he lie?”

“Given his character, not likely.”

“So, what made him change his mind?”

Dumbledore paused for a moment, “I received news from an old friend that he met Edward in 1926. Most likely, something happened there to change his mind.”

“1926?” asked Minerva with a frown on her serious face. “He is messing with Time Turner? However, after seeing him a few weeks ago, he did not appear to age by more than 60 years.”

“That’s what makes me more worried; According to Nico, Edward has the recipe for the Philosopher’s Stone. And it appears that he succeeded in crafting one of his own, thus attaining immortality. Adding his Youth Potion, maybe even eternal youth.”

The room instantly became quiet for a good half a minute. Then Minerva asked: “So, what are you going to do?”

Dumbledore sighed as he looked through the window of his office: “I do not know, Minerva. Part of me wants to see the world built by him, while another part fears that he will become lost in the pursuit of power; no, the pursuit of knowledge.”

Minerva did not say anything after hearing this as she too looked forward to what world Edward would build. She once had a conversation with him and he told him that Transfiguration was probably one of the magic with the most potential–despite the majority of wizards ignoring its value.

According to Edward, the highest level of Transfiguration that he envisioned is called “Matter Manipulation.” When Edward explained to her the concepts of atomic manipulation, subatomic manipulation, macro-quantum manipulation, and quantum manipulation, Minerva spent a great deal of time to have a basic understanding of these concepts.

Then, she was fascinated and truly wondered whether Transfiguration could truly reach such height described by Edward.

After waking up from his wandering mind, Dumbledore then said: “Well, now is not the time to think about these things as I have no definite proof of anything. What I am currently most concerned about is Cornelius!”

“The Minister of Magic? What does he have to do with all of this?” asked Minerva with a puzzled look on her face.

“Based on recent events, I can deduce that Edward plans to increase the Bones family prestige, then have his aunt Amelia run for the position of Minister of Magic. Like this, they will have the rightful right to control the British Magical World.

“Nevertheless, I worry that Edward will not have the patience to wait for the next election, but use some unscrupulous method to achieve his goals.”

Minerva was not surprised by these words, nor did she think that Edward was not capable of doing such a thing. After years of knowing him, although she had to admit that Edward was her most talented student, she could see that he was the kind of person willing to bend the rules when necessary.

“Do we need to warn Minister Fudge?” asked Minerva.

“Yes, however, I fear that things may not go as easily as stated.” Then the headmaster sighed before taking a parchment and writing a letter. Then, he had an owl deliver it to the Ministry of Magic.

Title: The Secret of the Limiter


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