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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 47: After-class Lesson Bahasa Indonesia

“Simple,” replied Edward calmly. “By purifying the bloodline of current modern time dragons and seeing if their ancestors were real dragons spoken in the stories. Even if I were to fail, then I would still like to see what a dragon would turn into after his bloodline is purified.”

“Magic can do such a thing?” asked Hermione. “I have never heard of any book that mentions such a thing.”

Edward looked at her deeply before answering. “Miss Granger, magic is a very powerful and mysterious force with unlimited possibility. The only limit of magic is us, the users.”

After saying that, Edward paused for a moment before saying something else:

“Miss Granger, let me give you a piece of advice. If you think that by just memorizing all the things in the book that you can become a great wizard, then you are truly mistaken.

“Truly powerful wizards like me or Dumbledore are like muggle scientists: we look at magic through curiosity and observation. Have any of you ever asked yourselves these questions:

“What is magic? Where did it come from? Why can wizards be born with magic while muggles are not? Is it some form of energy, or something else? Why is it that some people are born with special talents while others are not? Why is it that some animals are born with magic while others are not?

“There are so many unanswered and unexplored things that us wizards do not understand, but the problem is the fact no one but few is asking these kinds of questions.

“Now, I know that all of you are a bunch of first years and the number of charms that most of you can use can be counted on one hand, but it is never too late to start asking these questions, then try to find the answer later on.”

Although the majority of these people in the shack were young, all of them were extraordinary in some way, and each had somewhat of a different response–besides the shared shock or surprise.

Both Harry and Hermione were raised with muggle ideology, so they can understand the concept of scientists exploring the unknown by asking questions.

Despite this, their initial reaction or thinking differed after this. Harry Potter just thought that Edward was amazing, however, he did not think further about such a thing. He did not have good grades in science class, so he did not care about these questions that Edward asked.

The same could be said for Hagrid. The only thing still in his mind after the initial shock was whether Edward could create a real dragon with the same physical features that he previously mentioned.

Ron–as a person who grew up in the magical world–asked himself for a brief moment why he never heard anyone–including his father–talked about these questions Edward asked. For a brief moment, he asked himself whether it was something that only dark wizards did.

Of course, the person who was affected the most by these words was Miss Hermione Granger herself. She realized that she has been looking at magic the wrong way.

She thought that magic was this mysterious and secretive thing, but she should have been looking at it through the lens of a scientist. She should have been asking all types of questions.

Of course, Edward–as a powerful Legimens–could tell what all these people were thinking with just a glance. Although he usually does not have the habit of spying on people’s thoughts, he occasionally does so.

“Professor, how would we go about answering those questions?” asked Hermione with a newfound vigor in her voice.

“Well let me show you,” he replied. “First, I’d like you to use a spell, any of them can do.”

After hesitating for a while, Hermione took out her wand and said: “Lumos.” Then the tip of her wand lit up. Edward nodded before asking: “Now, let me ask, why do you need to use an incantation when using a charm? It is widespread knowledge that some wizards can use nonverbal spells!”

Hermione raised her eyebrow as she began to think about all the knowledge she had read before.

“I remember that in a book, it said that wizards have something called magic power inside of them and that it grows as a wizard gets older, This is the reason that older wizards are usually more powerful than younger ones.

“So, the incantation is used to mobilize the magic power inside a wizard to properly cast spells.”

“Correct, Miss Granger. Now, the second step is to find the magic power inside the body. I need you to close your eyes and cast a spell. However, do not just randomly do, but try to feel any changes that are happening inside of you.”

Hermione closed her eyes, then waved her wand: “Lumos.” However, she did not feel anything. “I did not feel anything, professor.”

“It’s alright, just repeat the process until you succeed.”

Hermione nodded and followed the guidance. “Lumos,” she chanted again. She tried a few times before finally feeling a mysterious power inside her; she was in awe of it.

‘Only seven tries, she is three tries better than Little Susan,’ thought Edward to himself.

As for him, he did not have to try. The moment that his magic rioted at the age of 6, he could feel his magic power. And soon after that, he discovered his magic core. For Edward, magic has always been like an extra limb that he can use or wield in anyways that he sees fit.

“Miss Granger, now that you have found your magic power, it’s time to follow the origin or where it came from. This time, I will give you a little help.”

Edward then took out his wand and pointed to the place between her eyebrows. A white light flew out his wand and entered Hermione’s head, then she found that all her senses were extremely sharp.

Following the professor’s advice, she cast the Lumos Charm again, then sensed how the magic power operated inside her body.

“Professor, I saw a cube inside of my heart; there seemed to be something inside of it. It seemed to be the so-called magic power.”

“That is the magic core,” replied Edward. “And the place that holds all wizards’ magic powers.”

Hermione was fascinated by this discovery as she started to play with her magic power. She effortlessly controlled it and cast different spells. Some spells that she found difficult to cast came so easily to her now.

Unfortunately for her, after a few minutes, the spell that Edward placed on her was gone, and her senses returned to normal. Although she could still feel the magic power in her body, she could no longer find the magic core.

For those who might be wondering. even though Edward decide to conquer the world, I will not spend a lot of time writing the HP World. I will not write all 7 seven years of Harry Potter, and there will be time-skips.

HP Pick Up Line: Is that a basilisk in your pants or are you just happy to see me?


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