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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 45: The Diadem Bahasa Indonesia

Inside the Room of Requirement:

Edward had just finished studying the diadem after removing the soul of Voldemort from it and storing it in another object. Although he technically has not slept for a few days, he still had a powerful vigor.

This kind of situation was normal for him as he is used to spending months without end when studying things that he is interested in. Of course, he has developed potions that have provided his body with the nutrition needed and his spirit at an all-time high.

“Your mother was truly an unimaginably powerful witch,” said Edward with fascination after comprehending the enchantments on the diadem.

“Many people have said similar things. She was not only the most powerful witch of her time but probably one of the very best throughout history,” replied Helena–who was standing not far from Edward with a complicated look on her face.

“I am sure she loved you very much.”

“Maybe you are right, but that does not change the fact that she did not spend any of her time with me. Between all her magic research and running Hogwarts, I barely saw her except for when she was teaching me.”

Edward sighed after hearing this. He knew that ghosts stayed in the world of the living for two reasons: afraid of death or unfinished business.

As for Helena, it was unfinished business. She wanted to see her mother again and gained her forgiveness for her past transgression, and she also wanted to voice all the wrongdoings that she suffered during her childhood.

This was one of the reasons that she stole the diadem. Not just because she was jealous of her mother’s intelligence and importance; she wanted to gain such intelligence to make certain achievements as a witch, then gained her attention. She wanted to have a real relationship with her, even if it was through magic.

Edward sighed but did not mention this topic again. However, he promised to find a way to help her in the future if he can. Living like a ghost is like a curse, no one should live like that–unless it is of their willingness to escape death.

Edward then focused on his recent finding. This Diadem is a piece of art when it comes to Alchemy.

It grants the user the power of Accelerated Thought Process. When someone puts it on, all their thought processes, calculation ability, and processing speed will dramatically increase.

In simple words, the user will begin to function as a computer, being able to process information at an unnaturally fast rate. It is the perfect tool for understanding and researching magic.

Edward’s mind started to race and thinking about how much of great help this diadem will be to his research after he recreated his own. And he has many ideas on how to improve it.

For once, he can enchant his version to allow himself to enter an emotionless state of mind–a state of mind where all distracting thoughts and emotions are removed. That way, it can further increase his processing ability by removing so many variables; it was like turning himself into an AI machine.

He called this spell Mechanized Mind.

Another advantage of this spell is the fact that it can remove or negate the power of dark arts in a wizard’s mind.

It is common knowledge that when a wizard constantly studies the dark arts, it can slowly start to influence their minds, making them more moody, dark, and cruel.

Even Edward is not immune to such a thing. This is one of the reasons that he has to constantly use his Patronus Charm to absorb positive emotions after doing dark arts research, otherwise, his personality will slowly change.

With this new spell, everything will change. The Darks arts cannot change or influence an emotionless robot, so it will also prove ineffective against the Mechanized mind.

Time passed, and Edward started making his Diadem, however, he still changed the design to be more suited for a man. Of course, all his other research continued as well, Although he was a little stretched thin with all the different research he had to do, he still focused on the Life Code.

By the end of the year, he should be prepared to modify his own body after a few experiments on other test subjects.

–Scene Break–

Inside Hagrid Hut, Hermione, Harry, Ron, and Hagrid were watching the process of an egg cracking.

Soon, a small winged creature appeared from the bronze egg. It looked around with its small eyes, surveying the surroundings.

“Is that a Dragon?” asked Ron

“Yes,” replied Hagrid with a smile on his face.

“My brother Charlie raises Dragons in Romania.”

“Is that so?” replied Hagrid while admiring the creature. “I’ve always wanted to raise a dragon ever since I saw Edward’s Dragon.”

“Professor Bones has a dragon?” asked Harry with a little intrigued look on his face.

“Oh yes, and not just dragons. He has a Thunderbird, Swooping evil, Niffler, Fwooper, giants, and Zouwu. He has a suitcase that has most of the magical animals in the wizarding world. He and Newt Scamander always used to compete on who has the most animals and who raises them the best.

“The only two animals that he does not have are a phoenix and a basilisk. However, this year, he told me that he was tracking a phoenix and is on the verge of catching one.”

“What is a basilisk?” asked Hermione. She has read the book “Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them” and remembers most of the animals that Hagrid mentioned, but she has never heard of a basilisk.

“I do not know much about it except that it is a very powerful snake and was created by a powerful dark wizard. However, basilisks have been extinct for countless years.”

According to Edward and the wizarding world’s knowledge, the way to create a basilisk is to hatch a chicken egg under a toad. However, after trying this method, Edward realized that things were not so simple as he failed to create a basilisk.

So, he thought of catching the one inside the Chamber of Secrets and studying it next year.

Hermione nodded before saying: “Unfortunately, you cannot keep it.”


“According to Wizarding Law, it is illegal for a wizard to keep and raise dragons without the proper permit. Do you have a permit for it?”

“No,” replied Hagrid with his head lowered.

“So, you cannot keep it.”

“But it is so small. It needs my protection before it can survive on its own. Plus no one has to know!”

“If you do not want to get both you and Professor Dumbledore in trouble, then you cannot keep the dragon,” insisted Hermione.

Hagrid sighed but did not say anything more on the matter. But Ron suddenly asked: “How do you know about Wizarding Law?”

“After what Professor Bones said during the First Year Entrance Ceremony about inequality and discrimination, I went to read about the law to see whether he was right.”

“So, what was the result?” asked Harry.

“He was right,” replied Hermione, rendering the room quiet for a while.

“So, what am I supposed to do now?” asked Hagrid.

“Didn’t you say that Professor Edward had many dragons?” replied Hermione. “Ask him if he could help.”

So I found that I have writer’s block and do not know how to properly end the Harry Potter World, so I rewatched the movies starting with Fantastic Beasts. The scene where countless wizards work together to fix the entire city of New York had me thinking about whether Edward should conquer and unify the wizarding world. In that case, if one day he decided to invade or conquer another world to get what he wants, he will have thousand of wizards at his beck and call. What do you guys think?


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