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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 304: Search Bahasa Indonesia

Yami took Asta to the Black Bulls’ base of operation to meet all the other members. Everyone greeted Yami with great enthusiasm before taking notice of Asta.

Magna then challenged the rookie to show his status as a senpai. Unfortunately, because of their previous experience, Asta knew a lot about how his power worked and how to use it.

So, Magma ended up in an embarrassing situation. Then, all the members of the Black Bulls Squad began to party in honor of receiving a new member. Miss Charmy used her Cotton Magic to cook an outdoor barbecue, while Vanessa provided alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

“Damn, you startled me,” said Yami as he almost spilled his drink. “When did you get here?”

“Not long,” Edward replied as he held a big piece of meat in his hand and munched it with delight.

“Why are you here?”

“I figure you guys would have a party, so I came for Charmy’s food.”

“Eat up,” said Charmy as she handed him a large plate full of food, and Edward ate with a smile. Although he had copied her Cotton Magic, his food was not nearly as good as hers despite having better cooking skills, knowledge, and recipe.

He guessed it was because he was not as passionate about food as her, so his cooking lacked a particular “spiritual” component.

“How about the thing I asked to research?”

“You mean about food that can purify mana? I forgot,” replied Charmy with an innocent look on her face. Edward shook his head but did not say anything since he knew her personality was like that.

In this world, it is impossible to increase your mana pool; this is the iron law of this universe. In the main timeline, Charmy tried to achieve this feat and failed.

So, Edward thought of purifying mana as a way to increase strength. Unfortunately, he cannot re-create the Arcana Flame in this world, so other people cannot purify their mana. So, he thought of using potions and food.

Regrettably, even the Empire has not found methods to purify mana that does not involve the Arcana Flame. Snape was working on a potion for that purpose, but before they left, he only invited one that could accelerate the process, and the potion was not fully completed as there were many side effects that he needed to iron out.

Edward did not push Charmy regarding the Purified Mana Food. He taught the little girl a lot about Food Magic from the Empire with various effects.

And once the opportunity is right, she will focus on the task even if she does not want to.

The other members of Black Bulls did not react much to his presence as this was not the first time he showed up unannounced. The first time, they were in awe at the presence of the Wizard King.

But over time, they became used to it.

“Do you want to drink with me today?” asked Vanessa.

“You’re too much of a lightweight,” replied Edward.

“Me, a lightweight? That’s the funniest joke I’ve heard.”

“Every time we drink together, you pass out, and I must carry you back here.”

“It’s not my fault that you can drink so much.”

Edward shook his head. Usually, he hated drinking since it affected his mind. However, the alcohol level of this world is low, but the wine is delicious. So, he became a drinking buddy with Vanessa.

Edward looked around for a moment before saying: “Yami, you’re a fortunate man.”

“Huh, what’s this about?”

“There are four Arcane Stages Mages in your squad alone?”

“Four? I thought it was only me and Vanissa.” Yami had dealt with the Heart Kingdom, which used the concept of magic stages.

Stages are divided from Nine to Zero, with Stage Nine being the weakest and Stage Zero the strongest. Then, there was the Arcana Stage, which referred to mages with unconventional or unique magic, magics that have a significant effect against devils.

Lastly, there is the Saint Stage, which Spirit Magic Users can achieve with offensive spells since spirit magic can purify malice and destroy devils.

“The new kid is an Arcane Stage, while Grey over there is also one.”

“Him? I thought he used Transformation Magic,” asked Yami in confusion as he looked at that humongous man dressed in all black with steam coming out his mouth every time he exhaled.

“It’s her. And her real magic is Transmutation Magic,” replied Edward. After seeing her Grimoire, Edward was finally able to use transmutation and turn things into gold.

Yami looked at Grey for a moment before laughing aloud: “It seems that I have an eye to see people.”

Edward ignored him while he continued eating. Meanwhile, Vanessa asked: “I still don’t understand how my magic is the Arcane Stage. I can only control threads.”

“Until you resolve your problems with the Witch Queen and discover who you are, the Fate Attribute of your magic will never manifest.”

He saw her Grimoire, and even after understanding it, he could not use the Fate aspect. So, he must wait until she develops it before acquiring it.

While the group enjoyed themselves, a young man with red hair and a mouth-covering mask showed up.

“Zora, are you here for the party as well?” asked Yami with a loud voice.

“Why would I associate myself with a bunch of delinquents like you? I’m here to see the Wizard King.”

Yami laughed, while Edward said: “What is it?”

Zora was one of the first attempts at removing the curse on his body. Usually, he should be one of the people Edward could not interact with since he is an essential member of the Black Bulls.

However, Edward made him a captain in charge of dealing with crooked magic knights and nobles. In the main timeline, Zora did similar things but of his own volition before joining the Black Bull Squad.

So, Edward shifted his destiny slightly by making captain of his own squad while also ensuring that he does the same thing he is supposed to do in the main timeline.

In Edward’s years dealing with that curse, he benefited in many ways. One, he has now learned a great deal about curses and can be considered a master.

Second, he gathered a lot of data on the power of fate and how it operates. Unfortunately, one of the weaknesses of his extreme magical talent is anything related to fate.

Through knowledge and practice, he should be able to use advanced Fate Magic, but he was not entirely sure. So, he prepared to hand over the data to Luna so that she could learn from it and, in turn, teach him.

“Can I arrest Gueldre Poizot now?”

This was the name of the Purple Orca Captain, a man who committed many fraudulent acts. Zora had the evidence to arrest that man countless times over.

Unfortunately, since Edward’s curse was not completely lifted and Gueldre was considered an important character, he could not be touched.

“Go ahead,” said Edward after thinking about it for a moment. Zora nodded before immediately leaving to raid the Purple Orca’s headquarters. He knew that even their Vice-Captain and a few others were corrupted.

Meanwhile, the party continued. However, near the end, Edward had a frown on his face.

“What’s wrong?” asked Yami.

“I’ve been searching for a devil called Zagred, but I cannot find him.”

“Where did you search?”

“I scanned the entire kingdom but cannot find a trace of him. That’s odd.”

Edward was very interested in Zagred’s Word Soul Magic, which he theorized is a low-level form of Reality Warping. He wanted to study it, improve it, and prepare for one day when he has to learn Reality Manipulation Magic like Chaos Magic.

“Do you want me to send my squad to search for him?” asked Yami.

“Forget it. I have a faster way,” replied Edward. “Tomorrow, there will be a meeting with all the Captains. Be on time.”

Then, Edward left; he went to see the Witch Queen.


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