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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 288: Akashic Record (II) Bahasa Indonesia


“Did something happen to change the general situation?” asked Edward while sitting next to Olivier and playing with her blonde hair. She ignored him before saying:

“No, but someone reminded me of something crucial. If we allow the Undead Disaster to continue for an extended time, the population of the entire galaxy will drastically decrease once we conquer it.”

“That is indeed a problem. Could we revert the undead to normal?”

“I had the same idea as you, so I had the Divination Department find one of the Undead Legions and send my squad to capture a few of them for an experiment.

“However, according to Bellatrix, even with the Death Chamber and Death Staff, it would take countless time and resources to change even a dozen low-level undead.”

In other words, it takes too much money and time to revert all these people to normal: money and time that the Empire either does not have or is not willing to spend.

“Can I see the report?” asked Edward, so Olivier showed him a projection. According to Bellatrix’s experiment, the undead’ souls have been corrupted by negative energy, so, even if a new body were created for them and placed their souls inside, it would soon pollute the body.

And the solution to this problem is to revert the corruption of the soul–which is almost permanent. Only the power of [Authority] could achieve this; however, both Life and Death Authority is required.

With only Death Authority, it took Bellatrix a lot of time and effort to revert the corruption of one soul, and even after succeeding, there are still some problems.

“Do you have any solution?”

“The current plan is to begin the war in advance with the Death God. However, we will not directly get rid of him. Instead, we will delay its growth to control population loss.”

Edward pondered before saying: “What if we include undead into the Empire?”

“You mean, accept them as citizens?”

“That’s right.”

“The problem with that is getting people to accept them–especially in the current situation where they are public enemy number one.”

“We can create a spokesperson for the undead. We can have him preach that not all undeads are evil, and the current evil ones are enslaved people forced to do the bidding of the Death God.

“Plus, in the final battle, we can have said spokesperson sacrificed themselves to save countless people, thus soliciting their status as a hero.”

“This might work. With the proper marketing and guidance of public opinion, we can slowly introduce ‘good” undead to the people and change their overall views. And after the final battle, we can convert all the members of the Undead Legion into citizens of the Empire.

“However, it will not be an easy task to control public opinion throughout the entire Milky Way Galaxy.”

Olivier immediately began to think about how this would be feasible. The best method would be to use the Cosmic Web, as it is the fastest way to connect many people in the galaxy.

“By the way, do you know anything about the Cosmic Web?”

“I only know that like the Universe Bank, it is probably created by many Gods for some purpose, and it spread throughout the entire universe. I tried having Morgana hack it, but it was futile.”

“Is that so? In that case, we need to put them on the list of things to watch out for.”

“True. Is there anything else?”

“Yes. We learned from the Federation that the entire galaxy is cut off from the rest of the universe. No one can enter or leave.”

“Even out ships cannot leave?”

The current Imperial Fleet’s FLT technology is based on a lesser version of the World Gate, which is considered very advanced.

“Yes. According to our information, the Death God has a weapon from the Magus Race?”

“Them again? Do we have any more information?”

“Negative. That weapon is the only time we’ve ever heard their name in this galaxy.”

Edward nodded his head, “What about the World Gate? Can it leave?”

“I’ve tested it, and there was no problem.”

“That’s fine, then,” replied Edward, who suddenly remembered something. “How did you get the information from the Federation?”

“We bribe one of their leaders. The new mana crystals seemed extremely valuable or sought after. I wonder how these people would react if they learned about the Aether Core.”

The mana crystals were used as a source of energy for most magetech products. Most of the products in the Empire, like flying cars, regular cars, trains, and others, used mana crystals.

Only important things like the Tower of Tower Masters or military weapons would use Lesser Aether Core or Lesser Philosopher’s Stone.

Because Edward recently brought new knowledge, the Empire can now embed mana directly in these inventions. And with the environment filled with mana, some enchantments can absorb mana from nature to power these technologies. In contrast, mana crystals are only used as a backup or emergency energy source.

However, mana crystals serve as currency in the universe and can be absorbed by people since the mana inside is milder and easier to control. And now, with the Empire capable of purifying mana, the value of the newly created mana crystals has skyrocketed.

“Once the Akashic Record is completed, I will leave for my next voyage. Do you want to go as well?”

“Not in the current situation,” replied Olivier. “However, I want to send a clone into the Star Trek Universe that you mention to attend Starfleet Academy.”

“No problem. Alright, let’s go meet the others.”

Olivier looked at her watch. “We still have some time, so let’s enjoy ourselves first.”

As soon as she finished these words, her clothes disappeared, leaving only her undergarments. Then, she jumped onto Edward while crossing her long legs behind his waist.

“You don’t have to tell me twice.”

An hour later, Edward took a spaceship to a desolate Star System a few hundred light-years away from the Solar System. Edward looked at this star system from inside the spacecraft.

Five planets formed a pentagon shape. Massive metal structures connected all the planets forming a magic circle with geometrical shapes on the inside. This was the nationwide transmutation circle that Father used back in the Full-Metal Alchemist Universe.

However, an entire star system was used instead, along with a few modifications to the circle.

Edward headed to a space station that orbited the transmutation circle where Lily, Snape, Filius, Nicolas Flamel, and Edward’s wives were waiting. Even Olivier had arrived earlier.

Grindelwald and many members of the Shadow Guard were also present, but they were already on the planets. Edward chatted with everybody while waiting.

A few hours later, Rowena and Luna arrived.

“You two looked excited.”

“We found what we were looking for,” said Luna.

“We think we found it,” corrected Rowena.

“Really?” asked Edward with slight excitement.

“We found a parallel dimension isolated by a very powerful barrier. Even with the World Gate, we could not break through it.”

“So powerful?”

“Yes. I even detect void energy in those barriers.”

“The Lord God Space should be powerful if they can isolate an entire timeline and use void energy. So, the mission has failed?”

“Not necessarily,” added Luna. “Using that timeline, I have been divining other timelines with barriers. I hope to find one with a slightly weaker barrier so that we can enter or send a small piece of our soul and find the watch you want.”

“You must be extremely careful,” reminded Edward. He had many theories about the Lord God’s Space. He believed that there were different versions of them.

One version is that this space is created by a powerful life form that sends other people to other universes as a way to become stronger.

The other version is that the Lord God Space is a powerful magical artifact with the ability to travel the omniverse. And some lucky and weak creatures acquired that artifact, then used it to pretend to be powerful while secretly increasing their strength.

There have been many such examples in novels. Edward wants to find the second version so that he can take the artifact from that lucky and weak creature that secretly controls things from behind the scene.

Although the Akashic Record should allow him to travel to any universe at will, it is still not his ability, and he did not want to rely on it entirely.

Additionally, he will have many benefits besides mastering omniversal travel with the Lord God Space in his hand.

“Now that everyone is here let’s begin.”




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