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Edward spent the next month reviewing all the information that Solomon gave him, and he truly enjoyed the process. During this time, he reverted back to the nerd he was in his previous life instead of the powerful wizard/Emperor of his current self.

He watched all the movies and anime that came out from 2019 to 2023; he read all the mangas and comics. And in the process, he praised Solomon for being so detailed in his selection.

And the thing that made him even happier was that he could finally see what happened to Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The last thing he watched before his death was the movie Endgame.

He geeked out when he saw all three Spider-Mans in the No Way Home; he marveled at how powerful Wanda had become in the movies. Although she was always terrifying in the comics, he was glad to see her beginning to display her full potential.

At the same time, he lusted greatly after Chaos Magic.

When Edward watched [What If], he was very excited to see the magical world of the MCU further flushed out. Then, there were all the other shows that he also enjoyed including Loki and the TVA.

He began to worry whether things would become complicated if he entered the Marvel World in the future.

After that, he focused on DC movies including the Flash, Aquaman 2, Black Adams, and the Shazam Movie. Although he was not as big of a fan of DC in terms of the movies, comics-wise, he was also a big fan.

So, he was glad to see them doing well.

So, after a month of being a complete weeb or shut-in, Edward finally left his room. All he could think about was what would be the next world he will go to given the ability to choose and he had an idea of where to go next.

Plus, he also had to add the MCU in his future as this is one of the worlds where he could grow rapidly given the right opportunity and plan. After reviewing the things that occurred in Phase 4, he had many wild ideas that he wanted to try.

Once Edward was done focusing on the future, he placed his attention on further studying Solomon’s Book.

Inside a room of the Floating City, he began a few tests.

In front of him was a normal human clone, he pointed his hand to use a newly created spell:

Arcane Rune Spell: Curse of Youth.

A gray magic circle appeared in front of the clone which contained a powerful space-time force that immediately began to act on it. Then, the clone that looked like he was in his fifties suddenly began to age backward until he became a baby, a fetus, then ceased to exist.

This spell was not a real Time Reversal Spell but more of an application of it. Through a curse, Edward could achieve the same effect of reversing time. The main difference is that time reversal is permanent, whereas in the Curse of Youth, as long as someone breaks the curse, the effect will be stopped and reverted back.

He pointed at another clone and used the Curse of Aging. And this time, the clone aged until he became an old man and died naturally. Afterward, he used another time spell on a third clone.

Arcane Rune Magic: Delay.

The clone that he instructed to attack him suddenly started to move very slowly. It was as if he was in a quagmire and his every action was hindered. After seeing this, Edward nodded in satisfaction.

“Morgana, send in an army of clones and golems.”

“Yes, boss.”

Then, an army of more than 10,000 clones and golems appeared in the room and rushed towards Edward. The majority of them were armed with modern guns.

Some of them were driving tanks, helicopters, and fighter planes.

A large gray magic circle appeared underneath the foot of this army. Then, everything stopped. Their forward movement, the bullets that they shot, and even their facial expressions remained the same the moment the spell activated.

Edward walked between these frozen people as he observed them. He touched the bullets that stopped moving and saw the fire sparks that occurred once the tank fired.

He flew into the sky as he observed the rotor blade of the helicopter stopped moving and yet, the thing was still standing in the air. Edward walked inside and saw the determined look of the pilot as he prepared to fire a few missiles.

“Is this the power of time? How fascinating,” muttered Edward. Sometimes, he marveled at how powerful he has become. From an ordinary 9 to 5 office worker, to a talented wizard in the Harry Potter World, to now, a Tier 6 Arcanist that can not only destroy a planet but also control time.

Based on his current power, in many places or worlds, he would be considered a God. Of course, Edward did not become arrogant because of this accomplishment as he knew that he still had a long way to go–especially as he guessed what await him from Solomon’s words.

Although he had to seal these thoughts deep in his sub-consciousness to prevent his paranoia to get the best of him.

After using the Time Stop Spell on this army, Edward began to test the limit of his new understanding of Time Magic. And in the end, he was not satisfied with the result.

For once, he could only stop time for an army of 215,000 people. That was the limit, any more than that, the spell will not work. Additionally, his spell only works on Tier 3 individuals. And the more advanced tiers of individuals there is the less number of people the spell will work on.

When it comes to Tier 4 or higher, it can only work on Tier 4 Aura Master as they seem to have a lower tolerance or resistance to time magic.

Of course, Edward can use the Floating City to boost his time magic abilities. However, his purpose in studying Solomon’s Book was to control time magic on his own without any aid.

After that, Edward continued his test.

He stood in front of a medium-sized city. He raised his hand to cast a spell: Arcane Rune Spell: Earthquake. The entire city shook as if it was experiencing an 11 magnitude earthquake.

Following this, everything was destroyed in the process. All the buildings and houses fell on one another. Luckily, there was not a single living being inside.

Once that was done, Edward took out his wand and cast another spell: Time Reversal. Then, the entire city began to function like a videotape that was rewinding. In just a few seconds, the city returned to its pristine state as if nothing occurred.

Edward waved his hand and a clone was sent to a random house in the city. He once again destroyed it with a spell and cast a Time Reversal on it. However, this time, nothing occurred.

‘Just because of the dead clone, the spell failed and time could not be reverted back,” thought Edward with a frown on his face. He has done previous experiments like this, and even with his gate or city as aid, he could not revert time to bring someone back to life–even a clone.

Every time he tried, he felt tremendous resistance.

After pondering for a moment, he no longer focused on this problem for now and continued on his final test.

He tried to move time forward in the entire city. And he succeeded, somewhat. His purpose in using this spell was to instantly turn the entire city into rust because of the passage of time.

Unfortunately, he underestimated the amount of mana required to move time forward. So, after aging the city by 30 years, his man ran out.

“It seems that I have to go to that world. It is the easiest way for me to learn advanced applications of Time Magic,” muttered Edward. After that, he headed for the room next door.

After entering, he saw a corpse lying on a dissecting table. Not far from him was a flying saucer that looked like a UFO.

“There was no problem taking these things?” asked Edward.

“Since you already warned me, I took precautions and no one was even aware of its arrival,” replied Morgana.

“Excellent,” said Edward as he looked at the alien life form in front of him with an elongated head.

“Interdimensional Beings,” muttered Edward with excitement. “This discovery is probably second in terms of value after the Book of Solomon.”

After saying that, he began to study the physiology of this creature and its technology. He knew that the real benefit from this creature was in Akator where their main ship is located and where their leaders are.

However, before heading there, he had to prepare a little.


Title: Interdimensional Beings


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