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Global Demon King: Starting as the Abyssal Dragon – Chapter 55: Flower Fey Chen Guoguo’s Crisis Bahasa Indonesia


The two of them saw their guildmaster after entering the room.

Du Mingfeng is an elf, but he is very different from the other elves with their thin and delicate looks.

Du Mingfeng is two meters tall, with deep and solid features. He also has a long scar running across his entire face, giving him a dark and lone wolf-like impression.

“We had lost all contact with the forward army that we sent over to the Bloodhoof tribe. Our conjecture is that it was due to the Demon King in the Darkness Valley!”

Both Zheng Xiao and Zhou Kun were visibly shocked at this news.

That army had at least five level 2 Elites, over 10 other Heroes, and hundreds of elite warriors. Yet, they were gone, just like that.

The most worrisome part though is that such an elite army had completely lost contact.

The fact that there wasn’t even a single survivor was something rather unbelievable.

Zheng Xiao frowned deeply, “In that case then, it looks like Zhao Lei and his Bloodhoof tribe must have also fallen to that Demon King!”

The ogre Zhou Kun decided to volunteer, “Allow me to meet him in battle then! I rather want to see just how strong he really is!’

Do Mingfeng shook his head, “Everything is completely unknown about this Demon King right now, so we cannot risk it at this time.”

Zhou Kun replied, “But we can’t just ignore him either. That Demon King will only get stronger and stronger. If we don’t do something, he’ll likely end up becoming the biggest threat to us!”

Du Mingfeng flashed a confident smile at that, “There’s no need to worry. Even if this Demon King has some abilities, there’s still no way that he’ll be any threat to us.”

Seeing that the other two were uncomprehending, Du Mingfen elaborated further, “The current young lord of Giantree city is weak and incapable, soft and indecisive. Thus, the elven elders are currently planning on selecting a deputy lord. You should understand just what this kind of opportunity means for us!”

The other two were overjoyed at that news.

If it’s the deputy lord of the Giantree City, then their guildmaster has a very good chance at it given that he’s a guardian elf.

Although there are four guardian elves, Du Mingfeng has the obvious advantage. After all, he was a big shot who had once single handedly built an economic empire.

When it comes to management capabilities, operational intellect, and skills at scheming, how could any of these hicks possibly compare?

No, they have no hope at all!

He had arrived at Giantree City for a month now and he had already brought a great deal of change to the City. His fame and prestige rises by the day and he has already become the head of the four great guardian elves!

Thus, he’s basically already guaranteed for the position of deputy lord.

Du Mingfeng had been secretly investing in various factions and drawing people to him all this time. Plus, he had even used his Heroes to secretly control something like 30 tribes of various sizes outside.

Such ambitions were quite revealing.

If he could take the position of deputy lord, then the incompetent young lord will be reduced to a figurehead in a flash.

At that time, the Ironblooded Heroes Guild will become the true rulers over the Giantree City!

Du Mingfeng spoke confidently, “If we can control the Giantree City, what would a tiny Demon King of the Darkness Valley be to us? He’d be merely an insignificant mob, that’s all!”

Zheng Xiao and Zhou Kun hurriedly congratulated him, “Congratulations, guildmaster. We’re most lucky to be following you in your ascension!”

Du Mingfeng nodded with satisfaction, “Therefore, we have to act with steadiness. We’ll leave the Darkness Valley alone for now. Zhou Kun, you have a different job!”

“Please order me, guildmaster!”

“A fairly strong Demon King is residing over in the Myriad Flower Valley 150 kilometers north of Giantree City. She should be enough to let you raise your strength to the Lord level!”

“Haha! She’s just a mere flower fey. Just give me three days. I’ll definitely crush her!”

As the three of them conversed, an unremarkable little bat was quietly hanging upside down right outside of the door.

That night.

Darkness Vally.

Zhang Nu had received Su Yan’s report.

She had reported all the information that she gathered throughout the day.

This spy really was working her hardest.

It was something that Zhang Nu was quite happy with.

His decision to not kill her back then really was the right one!

The Ironblooded Heroes Guild?

They do seem quite strong!

However, what Zhang Nu was more worried about right now was the Flower Fey Demon King who was about to be subjugated by them.

Zhang Nu wouldn’t care the slightest about if any other Demon King lives or dies, but flower feys are a very rare race.

He only knows one flower fey and that person is his most important economic supplier!

Therefore, could it really be that big a coincidence?

Recently, his farms have expanded a great deal, so his demand for seeds have also increased greatly as well. Thus, he currently urgently needs to massively increase his seed purchases.

If something were to happen to Chen Guoguo now of all imes, then Zhang Nu would have lost a major supplier of seeds.

There was no way that he’d be able to find a supplier to replace Chen Guoguo in a short amount of time too.

Thus, if that were to happen, then him leveling up his farm would have been pointless.

Not only would his territory’s food production decrease greatly, he would even end up taking a great deal of losses in the short term.

At that time, he’ll end up exhausting an enormous amount of food in order to keep his 3000+ draconians and thousands of goblins plus minotaurs alive.

Just how fast can he continue developing If his economics ends up in a tight situation?

Thus, Zhang Nu immediately contacted Chen Guoguo.

Zhang Nu: “There?”

After about an hour.

Flower Fey Chen Guoguo: “Sorry about that, I was busy with something and only saw the message just now. Are you looking to buy more seeds?”

Zhang Nu: “Yeah. I need a great deal of seeds. How’s your recent production?”

Flower Fey Chen Guoguo: “I’ll continue to produce another few batches of seeds, but you should probably look for some other suppliers soon. I’m worried that I might not be able to supply you for much longer.”

Zhang Nu asked: “Why do you say that? Has something happened?”

Flower Fey Chen Guoguo: “Sigh, some Heroes have locked their eyes on me. Although I managed to chase them away for the time being, they’ll definitely be back!”

Flower Fey Chen Guoguo: “Those Heroes are really strong, and they probably have some powerful allies. I’m not too confident in my ability to hold them off…”

Alright then.

It’s basically confirmed then.

The unlucky flower fey Demon King that the Ironblooded Heroes have their eyes on is definitely this most important supplier of his.

This news is actually both good and bad for him.

The bad part is that his seed supplies will be unavoidably affected somewhat for the recent period.

The good part is that Flower Fey Chen Guoguo is actually located not all that far from his own location. In the future, he’ll be able to take safe control over the entire supply chain for his biggest enterprise.

This kind of thing is something inevitable for all Demon Kings.

If Flower Fey Chen Guoguo was tens of thousands of kilometers away, then Zhang Nu wouldn’t have been able to do much more than watch uselessly.

However, this case is different.

Chen Guoguo is located about 150km north of the Giantree City, and Darkness Valley is over 200km south of Giantree City.

The two of them are about 400km apart, which isn’t that long a distance, all told.

He is very much capable of interfering in the coming battle in order to change its fate.

Zhang Nu finally spoke: “Alright, stop saying such depressing words. As my important collaboration partner, I have a way to help you deal with your problem. The Heroes won’t have such an easy time getting what they want!”

Chen Guoguo: “Really? What should I do? Boss, please teach me!”

Zhang Nu: “There’s no need for you to worry. Just keep raising your seeds at peace. You’ll know when the time comes.”


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