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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 53: Eye Of The Storm Meets A Cube Bahasa Indonesia

“The wind…Paimon can’t…open her eyes…What is a creature like that doing out here in such a calm place?”

“We don’t really have time to find that out, now, do we!?” Yomite retorted back at her and pulled out one of his newly acquired claymores.

Hoping it wouldn’t break so easily this time.

‘Well, it shouldn’t, that last boss was just too tough…’

“Party leader, I don’t think I will be able to help much during this fight…” Lumine spoke, disappointment filling her face.

“Why is that?”

Yomite questioned her, there must have been some kind of logical reason she couldn’t fight.

Maybe she was feeling sick?

“The element that I borrowed from the Statue of the Seven was Anemo, and our enemy seems to possess the same element…So all of my spells will be nullified.”

“Ah…alright…great…just perfect…So wind spells won’t work…In that case, let me handle it and come in only if I call for you. I want to try out my ability a bit, you see.”

He planted one foot down, the pressure behind it fracturing the ground beneath him, in an instant.

Explosively launching off of his legs, Yomite barreled towards the Eye of the Storm, seemingly blinking from his spot.

The floating orb didn’t have much time to react, accepting the impact from Yomite’s claymore.

Chunks of its protective skeleton cocoon fell off, and soon, more parts followed. But it was just a shell. Behind the shell laid the real thing.

After one attack, the only thing that was remaining was the green core. The core that was very much vulnerable.

It wasn’t a hard enemy, Yomite knew that, yet the fact that it was flying was annoying him greatly…

Eye of the Storm wiggled around in the air furiously, and created a vacuum of wind in the area that drew him to the middle of the circle, and then, crashed down hard at the center where its target was supposed to be standing.

At the last second, however, Yomite managed to roll away.

“The suction of the wind is very powerful…It’s as if that Stormterror dragon attacked again…”

He mumbled as he watched the flying construct slowly rise to the sky, and while in mid-air, it charged for a while, and then formed something akin to a small tornado that was sent at him in a straight line.

Seeing the pattern, it wasn’t that hard to dodge, the monster or golem or whatever it was, didn’t have much intelligence when it came to it’s attacks or coordination, and probably just acted based on its instincts.

It didn’t have any eyes, mouth or nose, so Yomite wondered how it could even locate where he was.

“Do you best!”

Paimon and Lumine cheered him on from behind the safety of the giant tree.

In any case, Yomite sidestepped the small, charging tornado, and took this opening to attack it again.

Luckily, from his observation, it seemed like the Eye of the Storm had a fixed distance, and it couldn’t fly higher that the current height, which was weird, but all the more reason it could be taken down easily.

After another huge slam of his claymore, small cracks began forming in its core, indicating it wasn’t long before it would be destroyed.

Feeling that it’s end was near, the Eye of the Storm used it’s final thrump card.

It flew up high and started channeling its Anemo power to the earth, creating a wind wall around Yomite, preventing him from escaping.

“What’s this?”

He frowned upon seeing it.

‘A wind barrier…’

He tried slashing through it with his claymore, but it bore no results, he was stuck in this formation with the oddly shaped flying monstrosity.

After a while, the floating orb summoned multiple pillars of wind that started chasing him, scattering rocks everywhere

“Seriously? You are throwing rocks at me? This makes me look like some sort of criminal…”

After a while of dodging, he found a wind current, and decided to use the glider that he got from Kaeya, to prop himself up.

Swinging the claymore one last time, mid air, the Orb was dealt a fatal blow and fell to the ground.

“Now then.”

Once he stabilized himself on the glider, which was quite hard for him to do, he safely landed on the ground and walked towards the Eye of the Storm, eager to try something out.

He stopped right in front of it, trying to remember the sensation on his fingertips and slowly, a small cube of light emerged from within.

“There we go…Now…slowly…”

He touched the Orb with his Cube and quickly retreated, watching the beautiful spectacle unfold.

From what he had learned so far, the cube ability was fairly simple, yet strong and dangerous weapon.

It always began by slowly creating a smallish cube of white energy.

Then, he had to launch it in a straight line, and If anyone or anything got caught in it, they will freeze in place and get obliterated by the energy inside, instantly disintegrating.

If the cube however, did not come into contact with anyone or anything, it will continue for a short while before expanding and unleashing its destructive energy.

So far he hasn’t found a way to stop or cancel it once it was activated, though, so he must look into that as well.

As the cube expanded, the Eye of the Storm was engulfed in it, and slowly disappeared from the view.

The violent wind had ceased and everything was once again, peaceful.

‘Good thing I told Lumine to stay away, or else she might have gotten caught up in it too… It’s a great ability, but it’s truly a dangerous thing…I need to learn about it more…’

“Party leader…good job!” Lumine and Paimon came up from behind the tree.


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