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Genius Summoner – Chapter 1288: 1288 Naxi Lanyi (1) Bahasa Indonesia

1288 Naxi Lanyi (1)

“Don’t worry too much. Yun Feng has always been lucky. This time will certainly be no exception.” Bai Qingfeng said and then chuckled. “Don’t forget her pharmaceutical skills. With the Life Potion and light elements, she can force a dead person back to life. She just exhausted her mental strength. She’s probably very tired. Half a year of rest is still not enough.”

Yun Xiang was completely relieved after hearing what Bai Qingfeng said. It was fine as long as Yun Feng’s life wasn’t in danger.

Yun Feng’s life was indeed not in danger. The exhaustion of mental strength was fatal for mages and summoners in battle, but it would be fine if she wasn’t in a fighting state. She just needed to recover her mental strength well. When her spiritual space was full again, she would be back to normal.

Yun Feng hadn’t woken up in half a year, which made Qu Lanyi, who had been staying close to her for the past six months, a bit panicked. Yun Feng’s spiritual space had already been full a month ago. He thought she would open her eyes, but she was still unconscious after a month!

“What exactly went wrong…” Qu Lanyi sat by the bed and stared at the beauty on the bed who had been unconscious with her eyes closed. The light elements entered her body tentatively again. Her spiritual space was intact! Everything was intact!

“Nana, Fengfengna, na!” Meatball sat on Yun Feng’s cheek and patted Yun Feng’s cheek again and again with its fluffy tail, as if it wanted to wake her up, but Yun Feng was sound asleep. “Nana, Fengfengna!” Meatball extended its little claws and scratched Yun Feng’s cheek gently a few times, then pushed her again. Yun Feng still didn’t move. Meatball lowered its little head in frustration, but suddenly raised its head and shouted at Qu Lanyi fiercely, “Nana, nana, Fengfengna!”

A hint of anger immediately appeared in Qu Lanyi’s black eyes. “Do you think I’m not anxious about Fengfeng?”

Meatball’s cute little face immediately became even more ferocious. Its little body completely arched and its white soft fur all stood on end. “Nana, na!”

Qu Lanyi sneered. “You’re not qualified to teach me a lesson!”

“Qu Lanyi!” Mu Canghai’s body flashed in. Seeing that the man and the beast in the room were ready to fight, he couldn’t help but stop talking. Seeing that Mu Canghai came in, Meatball turned around and lay next to Yun Feng’s cheek without moving. Qu Lanyi turned around and looked at Mu Canghai with his black eyes. “What’s wrong?”

Mu Canghai glanced at the quiet Meatball and finally said, “Someone from the Inner Region came and asked to see Yun Feng.”

Hearing that, Qu Lanyi raised his eyebrows and finally smiled in disdain. “Does she have to meet them just because they said so? What do the three elders of the Yun family say?”

“The three elders of the Yun family declined them, which made the people from the Inner Region a bit unhappy.”

Qu Lanyi frowned. “The guy from the Inner Region cannot have a simple purpose for coming here at this moment and asking to meet Fengfeng.”

Mu Canghai nodded. “I think so too. Is the appearance of that black-robed old man related to someone in the Inner Region?”

Qu Lanyi sneered. “I know they must be involved. Stay here. I’ll go ahead and take a look.”

Mu Canghai nodded. Meatball turned its head and glared at Qu Lanyi. Qu Lanyi curled his lips. “Meatball, you should be able to protect Fengfeng with your ability, right?”

Meatball grunted and swept its tail in the air. Qu Lanyi chuckled and turned around to walk forward. Mu Canghai shook his head helplessly and glanced at Yun Feng’s face, which was still sleeping peacefully. If he didn’t know that she had gone through that battle, he would really think that she was sleeping soundly.

“Yun Feng, it’s time for you to wake up…” Mu Canghai heaved a long sigh and sat on a chair not far away. Meatball also turned around and looked at Yun Feng with tears in its big eyes with indescribable anxiety and uneasiness.

The room fell into silence again. Only the shallow breath of the sleeping beauty on the bed sounded in the air. At this moment, Yun Feng couldn’t hear Qu Lanyi and Mu Canghai’s words or Meatball calling her. Her consciousness had already fallen into darkness involuntarily and came to the depths of her heart that she had once been in, the world that belonged to her alone.

Yun Feng’s body transformed all the way forward in the darkness. Her heart was extremely calm as she looked at the darkness that flashed past her body around her. Yun Feng looked ahead with her black eyes and the sound of chains dragging on the ground sounded again. Suddenly, her constantly sliding body stopped abruptly. Yun Feng’s breath had just stabilized when a voice rushed out of the darkness!

“Yun Feng?”

Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes. “It’s me.”

“Hahaha, I didn’t expect you to be so reckless even though you look mature and steady. The fusion of five elements… Weren’t you afraid that you would accidentally kill yourself?”

Yun Feng’s red lips curled up slightly. There was still darkness in front of her eyes. She couldn’t see anything and could only talk to the voice through the darkness. “The situation was urgent back then. I could only be reckless.”

“Humph! I can only say that you’re lucky!”

Yun Feng chuckled. The voice sounded a bit impatient. “Why exactly are you looking for me this time?”

Yun Feng’s body tightened and her voice became a bit deep. “Senior… Do you know anything about that mysterious organization? Even just a few words!”

The other party in the darkness suddenly fell silent for a long time. “Why are you asking this? Why? Do you think you can face them right now? You’re overestimating yourself!”

“I know my own strength! I won’t take risks! It’s just that that mysterious organization seems to have been targeting the Yun family for a long time, not for you.”

“Hahahahahaha!” Crazy laughter suddenly came from the other side of the darkness. Then, a huge blood-red eye suddenly tore through the darkness and appeared in front of Yun Feng! “Yun Feng, do you know that they’re not doing this for the me in your body?”

The giant blood-red eyes were emitting beams of red light. In front of Yun Feng, Yun Feng could even feel the shock and heat in those eyes! “It’s very simple.” Yun Feng chuckled, which made the giant blood-red eyes slightly startled. “If they’re doing this for you, they should capture everyone in the Yun family to test them one by one, not capture individual summoners.”


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