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Everlasting Immortal Firmament – Volume 4 Chapter 70: Ripping up “Bring in the Wine” Bahasa Indonesia

Book 4: Chapter 70: Ripping up “Bring in the Wine”

“A first-edition composition that brought out manifested crying supernatural beings was used like that? What a waste!”

“Calling out cultural energy? Bringing the calligraphic conception to life? What a waste of a treasure!”

“That was the first edition of “Chivalrous Legends,” yet it was ripped up like that?”

The citizens felt upset with the Bat Ancestor. However, when they saw Purple Subtlety and Longevity rip up “Chivalrous Legends,” they felt that it was a pity.

“Brats, how dare you?!” the Bat Ancestor roared while glaring.

After Purple Subtlety and Longevity ripped up the first edition of “Chivalrous Legends,” all the noble spirit contained in it poured into their bodies. Then, the paper that the poem was written on turned into dust and disappeared.

Purple Subtlety and Longevity grew to thirty-three meters tall, radiating strong auras.

“This is…,” Gu Hai exclaimed.

“‘Chivalrous Legends’? What a pity for such a poem to be wasted like this.” Sima Feng frowned.

“That’s not it. Why did their bodies…,” Gu Hai exclaimed.

“Of course, it’s the calligraphy Dao aura. That ‘Chivalrous Legends’ contains surging noble spirit. As long as the first edition is ripped up, all the noble spirit it contains will pour into the body of the person who ripped it, giving temporary boundless energy. The more the noble spirit, the stronger the energy. Don’t you know that, Mister Gu?” Sima Feng said in shock.

“This is my first time hearing of it!” Gu Hai’s eyes lit up.

This flabbergasted Sima Feng; he even forgot about attacking the Bat Ancestor.

This is your first time hearing of it? Is that true? This is something that nearly every calligraphy Dao cultivator knows. Yet, this is Gu Hai’s first time hearing of it? Are you really a calligraphy Dao cultivator?

Sima Feng showed a bitter expression. How could a person who can create such poems not be a calligraphy Dao cultivator?

Why can he create such poems despite being so ignorant? Why can’t I make one like that when I am so talented?

“It is not just cultural energy entering their bodies, but they are also bringing the calligraphic conception to life. The warriors in the poem are manifested in them. They are now the two powerful warriors in the poem,” Sima Feng explained bitterly.

Gu Hai kept staring at the two giants.

“Dare, my ass! Gu Hai said that he gave it to us, so it is ours. We can rip it if we want to. This is not the first time this great me ripped up a first edition! You are seeking death by acting smug before me!”

“Scram, my ass! You are the brat! Your entire family is all children!”

Purple Subtlety and Longevity started spewing out vulgarities and swinging their brushes.

When the brushes swung, bright lights resembling a swordsman’s sword shot towards the Bat Ancestor.

“My ‘Chivalrous Legends’! To think that you dare to destroy my ‘Chivalrous Legends’! You are seeking death!” With a ferocious expression, the Bat Ancestor resumed extending his paused right hand.

Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech!

Countless bats flew around that hand as it stretched towards the two giants.


The sword-shaped lights suddenly stopped and exploded.

“What?” Purple Subtlety’s and Longevity’s expressions changed, as they could only send out palm strikes to meet the impending attack.

Boom! Boom!

The two’s palms clashed with the Bat Ancestor’s palm.

The two giants braced themselves against the ground, and Five Sacred Mountains Academy’s mountain summit shook like it would collapse.

“Oh no! Damn it! I forgot that our current strength is just at the Golden Core Realm. Even with noble spirit, we cannot bring out that much power!”

“It’s over! I can’t hold on for much longer!”

Purple Subtlety’s and Longevity’s expressions changed. As the Bat Ancestor thrust his right palm forward, countless bats headed for the two. However, the supernatural beings’ cries rang out around the two, attacking the bats with sound waves.

“Humph! You overestimate yourselves!” the Bat Ancestor snorted coldly and put more force into his palm.

Purple Subtlety and Longevity failed to take their current strength into account. However, Gu Hai’s eyes lit up.

I can infuse my body with noble spirit by tearing up a first-edition poem? That managed to raise the strength of two Golden Core Realm cultivators to the Heavenly Palace Realm temporarily?

As the Bat Ancestor suppressed Purple Subtlety and Longevity with one hand, he sent his other hand towards Gu Hai’s group.

The power in this palm strike was no weaker than what the Bat Ancestor used on Purple Subtlety and Longevity.

However, these were the Qian Nation envoys.

“Bat Ancestor, don’t!” Archduke Xi Kang, Mo Yike, and Qin Zibai exclaimed.

“Primogenitor, you can’t!” Chang Sheng shouted, feeling anxious.

“All of you, scram. Don’t make me angry!” the Bat Ancestor shouted coldly.

The various Yuan Nation officials felt helpless.

As the Bat Ancestor extended his hand towards the Qian Nation’s group, he showed a sinister expression, sneering, “Loathsome lass, to think that you would have this day. Hahaha!”

The Bat Ancestor’s left hand stretching over threatened to knock everyone over. Suddenly, Li Shenji drew his sword and charged forward.

“Humph! You old fool, have you forgotten which side you stand on?” Li Shenji shouted as he swung his sword.

Countless bats immediately rushed over.

As Li Shenji swung his sword, he instantly exploded countless bats.

“Huh?” The Bat Ancestor’s expression turned cold.


A loud report rang out as the left palm clashed with the sword, kicking up a berserk wind.

The sword and left palm maintained a stalemate. The Bat Ancestor showed a sullen expression as he said, “Ha! Li Shenji? You are quite capable. To think that you already reached the Middle Heavenly Palace Realm?”

Li Shenji showed a cold expression as he put more force into his hands. The Bat Ancestor also increased the force in his left palm.

For now, it looked like the Bat Ancestor’s two hands were occupied.

However, countless bats gathered in front of the Bat Ancestor’s chest just at this moment, suddenly forming a third hand.

“Three hands?” Long Wanyu’s expression changed.

“Your Majesty, he is trying to deal with me. Do take care of yourself.” Bing Ji shoved “Bring in the Wine” into Gu Hai’s embrace and immediately flew into the distance.

Bing Ji wanted to leave quickly lest she implicate Gu Hai. In the blink of an eye, she had already flown far away.

“Trying to run? Hahaha! I have a domain of a sea of bats, and you are thinking of running?” the Bat Ancestor snorted coldly.

The third hand seemed to transcend time and space, immediately crossing the distance to grab the fleeing Bing Ji.

“Grand Ice Mirror Technique!” Bing Ji shouted.

Suddenly, a gigantic ice ball appeared in the air, and the Bat Ancestor’s third hand grabbed it.


Bing Ji hid within the ice ball. When the Bat Ancestor’s third hand grabbed it, countless cracks immediately appeared in the ice ball.

“Lass, are you trying to run? Well, go on and run! Hahahaha!” the Bat Ancestor sneered with a ferocious expression.

The Bat Ancestor alone suppressed everyone.

No one knew whether Li Shenji used his full power, but his sword maintained a stalemate with the Bat Ancestor’s left hand.

Purple Subtlety and Longevity regressed in size over time. At this moment, they felt incredibly anxious.

Bing Ji was also extremely anxious. However, the Bat Ancestor’s third hand gripped the ice ball, preventing her from escaping.

All the citizens in Major Metropolitan City were nervous.

The Five Sacred Mountains Academy’s mountain summit had already crumbled. At this moment, the Yuan Nation officials were on tenterhooks, wanting to stop the Bat Ancestor but not daring to.

Sima Feng took out a flying ship to bring Gu Hai and Long Wanyu away.

“Sima Feng, protect Wanyu!” Gu Hai said seriously.

As Gu Hai spoke, he held up “Bring in the Wine” and ripped it.

“What? No!” countless calligraphy Dao cultivators in the city shouted frantically.

There would only be one first edition in the world. That “Bring in the Wine” had fully convinced all the calligraphy Dao cultivators earlier. All of them already considered it a sacred text, yet Gu Hai ripped it?

“Have you not seen?“The waters of the Yellow River come from upon the sky. They surge into the ocean, never to return, an eternal goodbye.“Have you not seen?“Grieving over white hair in a great hall, seen through mirrors so bright. Though silken-black in the morning, it turned snow white by night.“In human life, accomplishment must bring one to cloud nine. Do not allow an empty goblet to face the moon’s bright shine.“…”

Intense crying of supernatural beings rang out again.

The instant Gu Hai tore “Bring in the Wine,” he broke many people’s hearts. That was “Bring in the Wine”!

“Gu Hai?! How bold of you!” the Bat Ancestor suddenly roared while glaring.

At this moment, two hundred million citizens were watching. Although the Bat Ancestor appeared very savage, he had already limited himself. As long as he received the two poems, he would let them leave.

Never mind those two fools tearing “Chivalrous Legends,” but Gu Hai also tore “Bring in the Wine.” How could he bear to tear it up?

The loud supernatural beings’ cries echoed in the surroundings the moment Gu Hai ripped the poem apart. A bright, white light that could illuminate the entire world burst out of where the paper ripped. In that instant, a blazing white sun appeared out of nowhere.

The Bat Ancestor opened his mouth, wanting to suck the noble spirit in. However, the blazing sun seemed to possess a great power that directed the vast noble spirit into Gu Hai’s body.

Gu Hai could sense sacred energy pouring into his body. This felt like when he mobilized his nation’s power. However, this energy seemed more ethereal.

Nevertheless, this energy still allowed Gu Hai’s strength to soar severalfold.

The blazing sun entered Gu Hai’s body bit by bit.

As the vast noble spirit entered his body, it seemed to want to expand his body. The expansion did not feel painful or unbearable but extremely gentle.

However, Gu Hai did not let the noble spirit alter his body. Instead, he compressed the energy into his dantian, deity palaces, and incredibly dense physical body.


Gu Hai leaped off the flying ship. Shock waves swept out in all directions, preventing the bats from getting close.

“Brother-in-Law, be careful!” Long Wanyu appeared anxious.

However, Sima Feng controlled the flying ship to carry Long Wanyu away.

No one dared to stop Long Wanyu.

As the noble spirit continued to pour into Gu Hai’s body, the supernatural cries rang out around him. The bright, white light radiating from him lent him an air of divinity.

In the city, Fairy Waner flew out of the restaurant anxiously, heading out of the city.

Sima Changkong’s and Prince Shenwu’s faces sank as well, appearing worried.

Gu Hai grew stronger as the blazing sun entered his body. At this moment, his strength reached its peak. He had never felt so much power before.


Gu Hai drew the Life Executioner Saber from his back and poured energy into it. The Life Executioner Saber immediately shone a dazzling purple, appearing to want to swing down at the Bat Ancestor together with Gu Hai.

“My ‘Bring in the Wine’! You bastard! Kill him!” the Bat Ancestor roared furiously.

The Bat Ancestor came to snatch away “Chivalrous Legends” and “Bring in the Wine.” Unexpectedly, Gu Hai and those two fools would rather rip the poems apart than give them to him. The Bat Ancestor immediately turned enraged.

“Roar!” The vampires among the officials bared their fangs, about to charge forward.

“These are the Qian Nation envoys!” Are you planning to plunge my Yuan Nation into war?! How audacious!” Chang Sheng glared as he intercepted the vampires.

Qin Zibai suddenly rushed forward.


Qin Zibai blocked Gu Hai with his sword. “Mister Gu, please stop. You all are not the Bat Ancestor’s match. Don’t go forward.”

Gu Hai revealed a cold smile and ignored Qin Zibai. Setting himself as tengen, he swung the Life Executioner Saber.


Two hundred large saber qi surrounded Gu Hai. The Life Executioner Saber seemed to attract divine lightning from heaven, bringing out immense, dragon-like, purple lightning bolts as it swung down.


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