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Everlasting Immortal Firmament – Volume 4 Chapter 54 Bahasa Indonesia

Book 4: Chapter 54: Ba

The moment Jiang Ba appeared, she swallowed the projections of the Supreme Singularity, Heavenly Access, and Xi Yu. Then, she swallowed the red sun.


After swallowing the red sun, Jiang Ba let out a ferocious roar that shook the sky. Countless cultivators fell to the ground and covered their ears in pain.


“Save me!”

“Stop shouting!”

Several cultivators yelled in protest, but Jiang Ba’s roar was too intense, overwhelming all their voices. At this moment, there was only one voice in the world: Jiang Ba’s roar.

Creak! Creak! Creak!

The one hundred thousand hanba zombie soldiers slowly awakened. They all raised their heads to look at Jiang Ba, who was in the center, showing expressions of great respect.

Gu Hai’s flying ship had already gone far away and activated its barrier. However, the thunderous roar still shook the flying ship, making it wobble.


Jiang Ba’s roar immediately broke the flying ship’s barrier.

“Ah!” Lin Waner and the others covered their ears.

“What a loud voice!” Long Wanyu shouted while covering her ears in pain.

However, Jiang Ba’s roar was too loud. No one could hear what Long Wanyu shouted.


The Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal trembled, and energy rushed to Gu Hai’s ears, protecting his hearing.

While Gu Hai’s ears did not get affected by Jiang Ba, his clothes flapped. However, his strong body blocked the sound waves, so his internal organs did not get shaken, unlike others.

The deafening roar seemed to be venting Jiang Ba’s boundless resentment.

“The Supreme Singularity, Heavenly Access, and Xi Yu? After their projections got swallowed up, they did not make any further moves, not sending more projections?” Lin Waner exclaimed.

Lin Waner did not know that it was not just them who heard the roar; Jiang Ba’s roar was audible across the entire Divine Continent.

From the Myriad Age Daoist Sect in the south to the Qian Heavenly Dynasty in the north, to the Spirit Mountain Holy Land in the west, and to the Solar Divine Palace in the northeast, nearly everyone heard Jiang Ba’s roar.

On Nine-Five Island:

Gu Qin was currently directing some soldiers and laying a ritual array when he suddenly heard the roar. His expression changed as he turned his head towards the Divine Continent.

Chaoge City:

Shangguan Hen stepped out of his residence and looked to the southwest. Then, his face suddenly darkened.

“Jiang Ba? Did she awaken? Haha! Haha! There is going to be chaos in the world. Jiang Ba, what great resentment you have!” Shangguan Hen showed a cold smile.

Huangfu Palace Hall’s entrance:

Bing Ji looked to the southwest, and her face suddenly sank.

“She awakened? Is she going to take revenge? What a disaster!” Bing Ji said with an unsightly expression.

In a mountain forest to the west:

Bodhisattva Lian Sheng brought Gu Han to an abandoned, broken-down temple.

Weeds and rocks filled the place. The two slowly cleaned up the surroundings until they reached a signboard that said “Nalanda Temple.”

Bodhisattva Lian Sheng was about to speak when Jiang Ba’s roar suddenly came from the east.

“Master, where is this sound coming from?” Gu Han asked in shock.

Bodhisattva Lian Sheng narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked to the east.

“Jiang Ba? She awakened?” Bodhisattva Lian Sheng suddenly frowned.

“Jiang Ba?”

“You met her before in your past life. Her Buddhism Dao was cultivated when she came here, to the west. She is skilled in the Dao of Buddhism, demonic, Daoism, and animal spirits. Now that she has awakened, all living beings are going to be troubled.” Bodhisattva Lian Sheng sighed softly.


Jiang Ba’s roar lasted for thirty minutes.

She raised her head and looked around with a fierce expression. It seemed like her roar had not vented all her frustration.

“We know that all you old fogeys are looking at us and can hear our voice!” Jiang Ba snorted coldly.

Jiang Ba seemed to be speaking to the air, but her eyes brimmed with resentment.

“Back then, you could not kill us. Likewise, you can’t kill us now. Humph! Sealing us for three thousand years so that you can grow for another three thousand years? So what if you grow for three thousand years? Back then, we could suppress all of you. Likewise, we can still suppress you!” Jiang Ba shouted with a cold expression.

As the surrounding cultivators fled, they looked at Jiang Ba in horror. Who is she speaking to?

However, the cultivators did not dare to approach, only flee as fast as they could.

Jiang Ba simply did not care about them. That was why they had the chance to escape. These people could not even endure her roar. What more, anything stronger? All they could do was flee—flee as far and as fast as they could.

On Gu Hai’s flying ship:

Fairy Waner’s face sank.

“Who is she referring to?” Gu Hai asked out of curiosity.

“Of the three heavenly dynasties in the world, only the Qian Heavenly Dynasty does not have any grudges with Jiang Ba; the other two heavenly dynasties do. She should be referring to them?” Lin Waner frowned.

“The Ji Clan? Ji Dihong? Ha! Hahaha! We are back! We will settle the accounts from back then over time! Whatever we helped you obtain, we can make you lose!” Jiang Ba glared ferociously towards the southwest.

Then, Jiang Ba turned to the south.

“The Jiang Clan? You old fogey. Hah! Hahahaha! Back then, we did not expect you to betray us and work with Ji Dihong to deal with us. The Jiang Clan? The Jiang Clan? We came from the Jiang Clan and would have left the Jiang Clan some maneuvering space. This was always so. However, how did you treat us? Ha! We will take our time settling this account!” Jiang Ba laughed coldly as she looked to the southeast.

“However, since the Jiang Clan treated us like that, we shall not spare the Jiang Clan. On that day, our bloodline was cleared out, no longer having the blood of the Jiang Clan. Now, we return the Jiang family name as well. From today on, we shall no longer be called Jiang Ba. We are we; our name is Ba!” Ba said coldly.

“Ba? The Jiang Clan?” Gu Hai raised his eyebrows and looked at Fairy Waner.

Fairy Waner remained silent for a while before eventually biting her lip and saying, “The Jiang Clan and Ji Clan both control a heavenly dynasty. Together with the Long Clan, they make up the three heavenly dynasties. The Azure Emperor that you are searching for is part of the Jiang Clan.”

“The Azure Emperor?” Gu Hai’s pupils suddenly constricted.

“Don’t go looking for him for now. For now…,” Fairy Waner immediately advised worriedly, reproaching herself for saying too much.

Gu Hai took a deep breath and suppressed the impulse in his heart. Nodding, he said, “I know. Don’t worry. I won’t mess around. I need to stay alive to take my revenge.”

“Yes!” Fairy Waner nodded back.

On the other side, Ba showed a cold smile after she finished speaking.

While it looked like she spoke to the air, everyone understood that she used a special method to send her voice to the capitals of the two heavenly dynasties.

Ba was challenging two heavenly dynasties simultaneously?

Most people did not know who Ba was. They all gaped when they heard Ba’s cold shout.

Only Qin Zibai and the Bi-An King guessed something.

Who is this woman? Was that important? To think that she challenged two large factions: the Jiang Clan and the Ji Clan? The two unconsciously backed off. This woman’s strength was clear to see. Even Heavenly Access, the Supreme Singularity, and Xi Yu—three experts—remained silent.

After Ba finished shouting, she turned her head and looked at her one hundred thousand kneeling subordinates.

By now, all the hanba zombie soldiers had awakened.

“Long live Your Reverence! May Your Reverence live for ten thousand years!” the one hundred thousand hanba zombie soldiers saluted respectfully.

On a distant flying ship:

Gu Hai raised his eyebrows. “Ba is an imperial dynasty’s emperor?”

A royal dynasty, an imperial dynasty, and a heavenly dynasty are of different levels. The titles to address their sovereigns are different as well. A royal emperor is addressed as Your Majesty, an imperial emperor is addressed as Your Reverence, and a heavenly emperor is addressed as Your Holy Eminence.

These one hundred thousand hanba zombie soldiers addressed Ba as Your Reverence?

“Yes. She did rule an imperial dynasty. However, it was later dissolved. Furthermore, according to the records I read, her old subordinates declared their independence while she was sealed, starting their own nations. Even if they did not, the descendants of her previous subordinates also started their own nations. Perhaps…” Fairy Waner trailed off.

“Perhaps they were just waiting for Ba to awaken? Once she returns and issues the call, she can restore her imperial dynasty very quickly?” Gu Hai’s face sank.

“Perhaps.” Lin Waner nodded with a bitter smile.

When the one hundred thousand hanba zombies greeted Ba, her eyes calmed down.

Her fangs slowly retracted, and her face regained its initial appearance as she looked coldly at the hanba zombie soldiers.

“Rise!” Ba said.

“Yes!” the one hundred thousand hanba zombies answered.

Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak!

The one hundred thousand hanba zombies stood up very orderly.

The flames that came from their bodies burned the surroundings. Dragon Vein City had already been burned down, the ground developing a ceramic glaze.

Ba did not care about the fleeing cultivators. Perhaps, they were just like ants to her.

She extended her right hand and crooked her index finger, gently scratching space with a pitch-black fingernail.


A tear opened in space, and black energy surged out.

“That is?” The distant Lin Waner’s expression changed.

“Negative energy? That is the negative energy of the nether realm? She…she opened a gate to the nether realm?” Sima Feng exclaimed.

“No, no, Ba…is not just skilled in the Dao of Buddhism, Daoism, demonic, and animal spirit but also the ways of a lifespan cultivator? How much does she know?” Lin Waner exclaimed.

“Let’s go!” Ba said coldly.

As Ba spoke, she stepped into that tear in space, entering the negative-energy-filled environment.

“Yes, Your Reverence!” the one hundred thousand hanba zombies shouted in response.


The one hundred thousand hanba zombies marched orderly into that doorway between two realms, entering the nether realm.

Once all of the hanba zombies had entered, the tear closed slowly.


When the tear closed, a sinister, cold wind blew.

Ba and her one hundred thousand hanba zombies disappeared. However, the fleeing cultivators could not calm down for a long time, still immersed in their earlier shock.

Far in the distance, Qin Zibai’s expression changed wildly.

Only one type of person can travel between the lands of the living and of the dead. That is a lifespan cultivator. There are only eight lifespan cultivators in the world, but Ba can do that too? Is she the ninth?

“Traveling between the lands of the living and of the dead? With just a swipe, she brought people in? Even Mister Dongfang, whom Gu Hai killed earlier, could not do that, right?” Qin Zibai exclaimed.

Far in the distance, the Bi-An King’s expression changed wildly as well.

Previously, I thought that I was unrivaled when I came to snatch the dragon vein. However, I’m nothing before this Ba.

“Ba has returned. I need to report this immediately to His Holy Eminence.” Sima Feng’s expression changed as he spoke.

“That old fogey knows already. Why does he need you to report it?” Long Wanyu said disdainfully.


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