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Everlasting Immortal Firmament – Volume 4 Chapter 41.2: Treasure Map, Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Book 4 Chapter 41.2: Treasure Map, Part 2

Purple Subtlety showed a horrified expression. “Don’t! Don’t reveal it! Don’t!”

Purple Subtlety’s extreme horror slightly startled everyone. Why such horror over a painting?


Just as Xi Yan was about to grab the parchment, a black figure flashed.

At the crucial moment, Gu Hai moved. He rushed over at his fastest speed and instantly grabbed the beast-skin parchment, preventing the painting from unfolding.

“Oh! Phew! That was close!” Purple Subtlety let out a loud breath.

“Gu Hai, what are you doing?” the Bi-An King and the other cultivators demanded while glaring.

Before Gu Hai could say anything, the fat Purple Subtlety turned to Gu Hai with gratitude. “Little fellow, you must be my reborn parents! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for catching that painting.”

“Huh?” Everyone looked at the fat Purple Subtlety in bewilderment.

“What painting is this?” Xi Yan asked with a glare.

“A painting I drew,” Longevity replied proudly.

You drew it? Who are you fooling? If you drew it, why would that fatty be so anxious?

He feels very anxious, not wanting to let us see it. Could it be…

“A treasure map!” Gu Hai suddenly smiled.

“Huh?” Everyone’s eyes lit up.

Only Purple Subtlety and Longevity felt confused. A treasure map? What is going on?

Gu Hai looked at the surrounding people while holding the painting.

“Gu Hai, give me that painting,” the Bi-An King said coldly.

“Gu Hai, give me that painting.”

“Give me!”

The surrounding cultivators all showed serious expressions as they stared at the painting in Gu Hai’s hand.

That skinny one drew it? No one believed it. A treasure map? Is Gu Hai telling the truth?

“Everyone, I have no intention of keeping this painting. However, since I already found it, shouldn’t you let us leave?” Gu Hai smiled at everyone.

“Huh? You cannot leave!” Xi Yan glared.

I lured you into Dragon Vein City after much difficulty. How can I just let you leave?

While Xi Yan refused, the rest did not mind. It was sufficient that they found something. Go if you want. Furthermore, it would be even better if you were not interested in the treasure.

“Give me the painting, and I will let you go,” the Bi-An King said.

“Many thanks, Bi-An King. Unfortunately, I still feel somewhat worried. What if Qin Zibai comes? Will Bi-An King guarantee my safety?” Gu Hai asked with a smile.

“Huh? You don’t trust me?” the Bi-An King said coldly.

“Everyone, I do not have any conflicts with you. This time, I used you to guarantee my safety. Gu Hai is endlessly grateful for that. However, everything has a start and an end. Let me go first, and after I leave the city, I will give this treasure map to everyone,” Gu Hai shouted.

“You bastard!” One of the cultivators seemed like he wanted to rush over to snatch it away.


A large flame appeared around Gu Hai in the blink of an eye. He looked ready to burn the treasure map if any of these one hundred thousand cultivators made a rash move.

“You!” The surrounding experts stopped, but they continued glaring at Gu Hai.

“Sima Feng, bring Wanyu away first. Go out of the city, and there will be someone there to receive you. Go on,” Gu Hai said.

“I’m not leaving. I’ll leave with Brother-in-Law,” Long Wanyu immediately insisted stubbornly.

“Wanyu, quickly go!” Gu Hai ordered with a frown.

“Princess, we should leave first. This place is too dangerous,” Sima Feng coaxed.

“No. We are safe already, but Brother-in-Law is not safe. This place is dangerous. I can feel it. It is even more dangerous than before. I cannot leave him behind. I’ll go with Brother-in-Law,” Long Wanyu said stubbornly.

Long Wanyu refused, causing Gu Hai to frown slightly.

“Wanyu, listen to me. Be happy!” Gu Hai said seriously.

“Be happy?” The countless cultivators in the surroundings appeared confused.

You are still feeling happy at this moment?

“I don’t want to!” Long Wanyu said stubbornly.

“Be happy!” Gu Hai said with urgency.

With this painting, Gu Hai could escape safely. However, if Long Wanyu and her group followed him, it would be easy for accidents to happen. He needed them to leave first.

“I—” Long Wanyu appeared frustrated.

“What did you promise me? Be happy!” Gu Hai said while glaring.

Still happy? The surrounding cultivators stared at Gu Hai, rendered speechless.

Happy was the secret word that Gu Hai set with Long Wanyu. As long as he said happy, Long Wanyu had to listen to what he said.

Long Wanyu felt frustrated.

“Be happy!” Gu Hai glared at Long Wanyu.

“Alright! I’ll go! Bad Brother-in-Law!” Long Wanyu turned her head away, feeling aggrieved.

“Sima Feng, take care of Wanyu,” Gu Hai said.

“Many thanks, Mister Gu!” Sima Feng answered in a jubilant voice.

Sima Feng took out a flying ship with a flip of his hand and coaxed Long Wanyu aboard. Then, they immediately shot towards the city gates.

Upon seeing Long Wanyu leave, Gu Hai inwardly released his bated breath.

“Alright. Everyone, I will give you the treasure map. Please make way for me.” Gu Hai flew out of the underground palace slowly.

There clearly were still side doors in the underground palace that led to other places. Although everyone saw them, they cared more about the painting in Gu Hai’s hand. After all, the underground palace would not run away. However, it would be bad if the treasure map was gone. After all, if there were treasures in the underground palace, why did those two perverts not take them? Instead, they cared more about this painting.

“Make way? Haha! Letting your people go is already giving you face. Gu Hai, give the painting to me,” the Bi-An King said coldly.

“I will give it to you. Just wait for a while, and I will immediately give it to you when I leave.” Gu Hai shook his head, leaped out of the underground palace, and walked away slowly.

“My patience is limited!” the Bi-An King said coldly.

“Don’t come over. If anyone comes over, I will burn it!” Gu Hai said.

“It turns out that my painting is so popular?” Longevity felt surprised when he saw everyone eyeing his painting.

“Popular, my ass. Afterward, all of them will want to kill you!” Purple Subtlety said while glaring.

“What nonsense! They will like it. My painting is filled with vitality; it is a painting of life. Looking at it can help one achieve longevity,” Longevity said.

“Longevity, my ass. More like a short life!” Purple Subtlety scolded with a glare.

Gu Hai slowly backed away while the surrounding cultivators stared at him.

The Bi-An King coldly watched Gu Hai. Since Gu Hai dared to be so rampant before him, the Bi-An King smiled coldly and extended his hand, forming a hand seal within his sleeve.

“Oh no! Be careful!” Fairy Waner suddenly cried out in the crowd.

All at once, Fairy Waner and her zither puppet rushed towards Gu Hai.

During this instant, a large amount of ice popped out of nowhere and surrounded Gu Hai. This ice even pushed back the inextinguishable divine flame that Gu Hai released.

The ice gathered momentum before charging at Gu Hai. However, Fairy Waner’s zither puppet blocked it.


A loud report rang out as the zither puppet shielded Gu Hai and Fairy Waner. Then, the ice knocked them into a mountain.

Ice instantly filled the place, the surrounding forest freezing.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Even the mountain where Gu Hai was instantly became an ice mountain.

Although the zither puppet had shielded Fairy Waner and Gu Hai, blocking the icy strike, they were sealed in a mountain of ice, with only their heads exposed.

“This is?” Gu Hai said in shock.

“While you have the inextinguishable divine flame, the Bi-An King has the indestructible divine water. We are sealed. Fortunately, the zither puppet blocked that extremely cold attack earlier,” Fairy Waner said bitterly.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Many cracks appeared on the zither puppet that shielded the two.

“The zither puppet is about to break. This is a Lower-Heavenly-Palace-Realm-level zither puppet,” Fairy Waner said bitterly.

“Lower Heavenly Palace?” Gu Hai’s expression changed. He finally understood how strong the Bi-An King’s attack was.

The ice mountain sealed the zither puppet, Gu Hai, and Fairy Waner.

Gu Hai had dropped the painting earlier, and it drifted away.

When the Bi-An King attacked, everyone’s expression changed. However, the painting drew their attention in the next moment.

“Gu Hai, to think that you would have this day. Hahaha! This treasure map is mine! Mine!” Xi Yan immediately rushed over and grabbed the painting, opening it.

“How dare you!” The Bi-An King’s expression turned cold.

“It’s over. They saw your painting. We are dead for sure.” Purple Subtlety’s expression changed.

“What’s wrong with my painting. Perhaps they will appreciate it?” Longevity said, feeling upset.

“Tell me, what would they do to us when they all get pregnant later?” Purple Subtlety said in despair.


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