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Book 4: Chapter 23: Cross Restraining Vampires

Chaoge City:

Gu Hai wore imperial robes as he stood in the plaza in front of Huangfu Palace Hall with his officials. All of them looked at a vast bat army covering the southern sky like dense, dark clouds.

The flying ship had already shattered. Now, Gao Xianzhi led one hundred thousand injured soldiers, blocking the pursuers and rushing towards Chaoge City.

“Hurry! Chaoge City is right in front. We will be safe once we reach Chaoge City!” Gao Xianzhi cried out.

“Protect the general!” Baili Zhan roared as he shielded Gao Xianzhi in the middle.

“Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech!”

Bats filled the air, chasing after the one hundred thousand injured soldiers. These were all giant bats, some even thirty meters wide. They all appeared ferocious as they swooped down, opening their mouths to gobble the soldiers that could not flee in time.

The giant bats had black-robed men standing on them. These black-robed men radiated surging black energy that seemed to have numerous small bats flying in them.

“Your Majesty, those giant bats are bat spirits, a type of animal spirit. Those exuding black energy with bats in it are the vampires. This is the Yuan Nation’s bat army. It is cruel and bloodthirsty. Any city or army it targets ends up wiped out,” Shangguan Hen said with a frown.

“Gao Xianzhi’s army only has one hundred thousand men left? Wait, Your Majesty, look!” Tang Chu pointed into the distance, his eyes widening.

It turned out that there were many large flying ships slowly advancing behind the bat army.

Many soldiers followed behind the flying ships. A large army filled the south.

Gao Xianzhi’s army seemed to be herded in a ridiculous fashion as if fled towards Chaoge City in fear.

The loud shouts from outside the city immediately attracted the attention of all the citizens in the city. Some of the citizens looked into the distance and showed unsightly expressions.

“The Yuan Nation army is attacking in full force? There are so many of them?”

“This is bad!”

Countless citizens revealed worried expressions. Previously, Chang Ming brought five hundred thousand soldiers over, which was already sufficiently shocking. Now, there were five million?

The citizens appeared worried, but Gu Hai’s expression remained calm.

“They are not here? Prince Shenwu did not send reinforcements?” Baili Zhan said with a bitter expression.

“Continue forward and enter Chaoge City!” Gao Xianzhi cried out.

“General, will Gu Hai open the city gates for us? If he opens the city gates to let us in, the ferocious bat army will follow us in. Chaoge City would fall!”

“Indeed. After all, the Yuan Nation soldiers have been relentless in their pursuit, but they did not kill us to the last man. They want to use us to force Gu Hai to open the gates. The city will fall. Will Gu Hai let us in?”

The soldiers showed bitter expressions.

The many bat spirits and vampires showed sinister expressions. They looked at Gao Xianzhi’s army tauntingly while eyeing the distant city gates.

While the vampires only drank blood, bat spirits ate humans.

At this moment, everything depended on Gu Hai, whether he was willing to rescue Gao Xianzhi and his men.

“His Majesty will open the gates,” Gao Xianzhi said with certainty.

As they approached the city gates, the soldiers all appeared worried. Only Gao Xianzhi remained calm.

“Open the gates!” Gu Hai said.

Gu Hai’s voice reached the gates using the sound amplification ritual arrays. Far in the distance, the guards appeared worried.

There were at least one hundred million of those bat spirits, vampires, and manifested bats in total. This horrifying number dazzled everyone. Could they really open the gates now?

However, Gu Hai had made arrangements long ago. The ones posted at the city gates were the foundation rock golems. They immediately opened the city gates.


The city gates opened, welcoming the injured soldiers.

“They opened! They opened! The city gates opened! Quickly enter!” the soldiers shouted excitedly.

“Hehehehe! They opened. That fool Gu Hai opened the gates. Hahaha! Everyone, listen up. This general already received permission from the supreme commander. After we break into the city, you may eat anyone you want. Hah!” bellowed a vampire with a ferocious expression, the leader of the bat army.



The bats all charged towards the city gates.

“Your Majesty, we can’t leave the gates open any longer. The vampires are going to enter!”

“There are many evil demons! Quickly close the gates!”

“Your Majesty, we have to keep the citizens safe!”

The officials yelled in horror.

Gu Hai flung his sleeves, and the Marionette Controller flew out. Then, he activated it at full power.


The Marionette Controller soared and enlarged a thousandfold. Then, it burst forth with a dazzling light.


All the bat spirits and vampires in the distance suddenly paused.

“What’s wrong? I can’t move?”

“Me too! What’s going on? I can’t control my body?!”

Countless bat spirits and vampires yelled in horror.


Gu Hai waved.

Inextinguishable divine flame immediately rushed up to the Marionette Controller and sped along the transparent threads towards the horde of vampires.

While Gu Hai had the inextinguishable divine flame, there were too many opponents this time. Previously, he used the inextinguishable divine flame to deal with dozens of vampires and Cui Tie. Now, the enemy was the bat army, a much vaster group than what he faced before. He could not flood the area with the inextinguishable divine flame. Hence, he had to be precise when sending out the flame. By sending it along the transparent threads, it reached every vampire and bat spirit.


Intense flames immediately covered the vampires and bat spirits, causing them to scream in pain.

“Argh! Save me! It hurts!”

“I can’t move! Save me! General!”

“Quickly let go of me! Argh! What flame is this? Why can’t I block it?”

“The flame is burning my soul! No! Argh!”

The cries of agony startled Gao Xianzhi’s army somewhat.

The hundreds of thousands of bat army members chasing them, who had reduced them to a sorry state, got completely restrained? With the vampires restrained, the small bats they manifested could not advance at all.

Far in the distance, the Marionette Controller hovered in the air, looking like it shone with a holy light. As long as this light touched the vampires, they would burn?

“What an incredible cross!”

“General, what is this enchanted treasure?”

“Is it a cross that specializes in restraining vampires?”

A string of startled cries rang out. All the soldiers looked at Gao Xianzhi excitedly.

However, Gao Xianzhi did not know.

The miserable shrieks of the vampires and bat spirits echoed in the sky. The inextinguishable flame burned them; they could not put it out. Furthermore, they could not move. As a result, the vampires and bat spirits burned to death in large numbers.

The screams caused the distant Yuan Nation soldiers’ expressions to change.

On a special flying ship, the Northern Expedition Supreme Commander’s face sank. Then, he stood up.

“What is that?” Someone looked at the colossal cross-shaped thing in shock.

“I don’t know. However, that thing seems to have bound the bat army. It’s like the nemesis of the blood race and the bat army.” A general’s expression changed.

“Humph! Nemesis? It is just a Marionette Controller. Do you think I don’t recognize it? Bring my bow over!” the Northern Expedition Supreme Commander said coldly.

Soon, the Northern Expedition Supreme Commander’s subordinates brought over a purple bow.

The Northern Expedition Supreme Commander extended his hand and drew back the purple bow, making it emit a purple aura. After he nocked an arrow on the drawstring, the purple aura poured into the arrow, making its head shine purple.

“Go!” the Supreme Commander shouted.


The arrow shot out, looking like a beam of purple light streaking over from a distance towards the Marionette Controller.

“Oh no! A Purple Laser Arrow! Be careful. Your Marionette Controller cannot endure it,” Bing Ji immediately warned anxiously.


A loud report rang out, and the arrow shattered the Marionette Controller into pieces.

Gu Hai waved, and the fragments of the Marionette Controller instantly returned to him.

The countless bat spirits and vampires could move again. However, the inextinguishable divine flame remained on their bodies, still inflicting intense pain. They tried to beat off the fire, but it refused to go out.

“Inextinguishable divine flame? This is the inextinguishable divine flame? No!” A bat spirit recognized the inextinguishable divine flame.

“Quickly, enter the city and kill the person who released this flame. That is the only way to put it out. Kill Gu Hai!”

“The supreme commander already shattered that cross. No one can control us again. Hurry, kill Gu Hai!”

“The fire is unbearable. Ah! I want to kill Gu Hai!”

“Gu Hai no longer has that cross. Quickly enter the city!”

The afflicted vampires and bat spirits tried to charge into the city.

The officials appeared anxious; even Bing Ji appeared worried. “Han Royal Emperor, I know that not all of Gao Xianzhi’s army has entered yet. However, the Marionette Controller already broke. We can’t stop the bat army. Quickly close the gates.”

“Ha!” The Great Light Sovereign Deity revealed a cold smile on a nearby floating island. Clearly, he also thought that Gu Hai had plunged Chaoge City into an irrecoverable disaster by letting Gao Xianzhi’s army in.

“Go!” Gu Hai shouted.

Gu Hai performed the same action as before. He flung his sleeves out, and a perfect Marionette Controller soared into the air.

A Marionette Controller identical to the one before hovered in the air. Once more, the vampires and bat spirits who wanted to charge into the city could not move.

The Great Light Sovereign Deity’s expression stiffened. “There’s another one?”

Bing Ji: “…”

The vampires and bat spirits: “…”

The various Han Nation officials: “…”

A large number of vampires and bat spirits had burned to death. The Karmic Energy and their three spiritual souls had turned into Mending Heaven Energy. Then, Gu Hai had mended the Marionette Controller while its fragments were within his sleeves.

“How could it be like this? Why does Gu Hai have another cross? No!” countless bat spirits and vampires roared in despair.

On the distant flying ship, the supreme commander appeared sullen. Then, he picked up the bow that he had just put down.


The supreme commander fired another Purple Laser Arrow.


The Marionette Controller shattered again.

“Humph! Let’s see if you can bring out a third one!” the supreme commander snorted coldly.

Right then, Gu Hai re-collected the Marionette Controller fragments. Just as the vampires and bat spirits were charging over, and everyone felt anxious, Gu Hai flung his sleeves out again.


Another Marionette Controller flew into the air.

The supreme commander: “…”

Bing Ji: “…”

The Great Light Sovereign Deity: “…”


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