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Book 4: Chapter 138: Random Small Fries

This Dongfang Bubai was much smaller than the previous one and did not need to merge with someone. That was why Bing Ji felt certain that Gu Hai used the Thirty Line-Pair World Ritual Array.

Gu Hai said indifferently, “Something like that.”

Gu Hai already completely comprehended the Thirty Line-Pair World Ritual Array and had made some changes to it.

When Dongfang Bubai manifested, he first looked at himself, then touched the loom in front of him before finally turning his head to survey his surroundings.

Jiu Ming, Yehua, and the others felt startled. When we saw Gu Hai activating the ritual array, we thought that the ritual array would be incredible. However, he only manifested a woman. What is the point of that?

However, this woman is quite pretty.

Dongfang Bubai looked around with interest before fixing his gaze on Gu Hai. “This is not Major Metropolitan City. Did you manifest me again?”

“A man?” Jiu Ming’s expression turned stiff.

“You remember?” Gu Hai said heavily.

Dongfang Bubai nodded. “Logically, my memories are the result of your simulation. Whatever you last remember of me would be what I remember. Given this, my previous self perished?”

Far away, Jiu Ming, Yehua, and the others raised their eyebrows.


Gu Hai manifested a fake person and started speaking to the fake person?

“What do you think?” Gu Hai said as he looked at Dongfang Bubai.

“That’s right; the spirit stones were limited then. I was bound to perish. Do you have something you need my help with by manifesting me?” Dongfang Bubai asked.

“A few random small fries came. Help me deal with them,” Gu Hai replied while nodding.

Random small fries? Bing Ji felt speechless.

The five imposing people in the sky instantly glared.

“Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Very excellent! Gu Hai, you must be seeking death. Random small fries? How dare you humiliate Second Young Master? Today will be the day you die!” Jiu Ming shouted while glaring.


Dongfang Bubai flicked his finger, and a threaded needle shot into the sky. The needle moved too fast; no one could react.


That threaded needle instantly pierced Jiu Ming’s forehead and came out from the back of his head. Then, it turned and pinned itself to the side of Jiu Ming’s head.

Nearly everyone’s expression changed at this strange sight, especially the black tortoises in the surroundings.

These black tortoises had been forced to follow Miao Chen. Inwardly, they still felt conflicted. When they saw their second young master arrive, they did not know what to do. However, Gu Hai attacked. No, Gu Hai used a ritual array to manifest Dongfang Bubai to attack.

Just one finger flick?

Is this really Jiu Ming?

A needle pierced through his brain? How can this be possible? Even if he is injured, he is still a Lower Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator.

“How dare you?!” the four-winged angels shouted while glaring.

Dongfang Bubai turned his head and showed a charming expression as he said coldly, “Mister Gu said that you are random small fries, so you are random small fries. Whether or not you were, you are now.”

Jiu Ming was still alive. He goggled incredulously at the thread passing through his brain.

“Second Young Master! Second Young Master!” Jiu Ming yelled in horror.

“Huh?” Yehua’s eyes turned cold as he prepared to make a move.

Then, he saw Dongfang Bubai’s finger, which held the thread, twitch.


Jiu Ming’s head exploded.

A Lower Heavenly Palace Realm expert died in the blink of an eye?

In a small courtyard not far from the Soaring Palace Hall:

Ao Shun also goggled.

He had felt very shocked when he saw Gu Hai operate the ritual array to make the entire Nine-Five Island float earlier. Then, Yehua showed up.

Yehua brought Jiu Ming and the others to pursue the matter.

Ao Shun understood that the strength of Yehua’s projection should have reached the early-stage Middle Heavenly Palace Realm.

That was the early-stage Middle Heavenly Palace Realm. While others might not understand, Ao Shun did. That was even more powerful than him after he became a sin dragon. Am I fated to be captured and brought to the Solar Divine Palace?

Ao Shun already had his fist clenched tight. Unexpectedly, Gu Hai suddenly manifested a giant that was neither man nor woman.

Then, that giant used a needle to explode Jiu Ming’s head in front of Yehua.

Who is this woman?

Ao Shun stood up. How can this be? How did Gu Hai become this strong in just a few short years? Had Gu Hai laid such a ritual array when I came back then, wouldn’t I…

The faces of many Han Royal Dynasty officials lit up with joy. Clearly, they did not understand their enemies’ strength, only considering them not even worth one strike. However, the Nascent Soul Realm experts gaped, especially the island masters of the Thousand Islands Sea.

This was Jiu Ming. Yet, he died just like that?

“It was our failure that we let Jiu Ming run three days ago. Since he came back to seek his death, he just got what he deserved,” Gu Hai said.

“Gu Hai, how dare you?!” The three four-winged angels immediately released dazzling white light.

Yehua looked down sullenly, especially at Dongfang Bubai, who had suddenly appeared.

“Bing Ji, what is that monster?” Yehua shouted to Bing Ji.

Bing Ji smiled coldly, not answering.

“Monster? Hah! Hahahahahaha!” Dongfang Bubai suddenly guffawed coldly.

“Remember this, small fries. This sect master is Dongfang Bubai!” Dongfang Bubai snorted coldly.


Dongfang Bubai flung out his sleeves, sending a hundred needles up. They looked like one hundred rainbows soaring towards the four experts in the sky.

Had it been earlier, no one would have paid these one hundred needles any mind. They were just needles, nothing special about them. However, it was such a needle that exploded Jiu Ming earlier.


The four immediately tensed, looking like they faced a great enemy.

“You are seeking death!” Yehua suddenly shouted.

Then, Yehua waved.


Countless winged baby images suddenly appeared in the air. Choral singing rang out, and a sacred feeling spread all over Nine-Five Island.

This singing was like an earworm—anyone who heard it felt their minds go blurry.

“Insignificant parlor tricks. Even Ren Woxing’s roar cannot do anything to me. What more you? Humph!” Dongfang Bubai snorted coldly.

[TL Note: Ren Woxing is another character from the Jin Yong novel universe. He was considered a top expert and was the one who passed the Sunflower Canon, a martial art created by a eunuch, to Dongfang Bubai. He was the sect master of Dongfang Bubai’s sect and had raised Dongfang Bubai to be the vice sect master. However, Dongfang Bubai usurped his position. Ren Woxing later wrested back control, and his daughter took over the sect when he died from hidden injuries in the midst of plotting the destruction of a few righteous sects. He is part of the non-righteous sects and has a questionable character.]


The needles suddenly manifested millions more of themselves, zinging as they flew around. They instantly pierced all the baby figures and arrived before the group.


Yehua threw a palm strike.


The many needles exploded.

In the end, a Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator was quite capable and had his means of blocking such an attack.

However, a needle pierced into his transparent abdomen at that moment.


When the needle stabbed into Yehua’s abdomen, his face sank.

“Break!” Dongfang Bubai shouted coldly, and he twitched his finger.

That needle suddenly shook intensely, threatening to explode Yehua and kill him in the same way Jiu Ming was killed.


Indeed, a loud report rang out as Yehua’s abdomen exploded.

However, Yehua did not die. Furthermore, his exploded abdomen slowly recovered.

“That is the water of life; it can mend all injuries. No, his projection body is made of water in the first place. Unless we forcefully destroy the consciousness, he cannot die,” Bing Ji said with a frown.

“Oh?” Dongfang Bubai narrowed his eyes.

Indeed, Yehua survived. He showed a cold smile as he took out the needle from his body.

“It is only so-so,” Yehua sneered.

“Is that so?” Dongfang Bubai sneered back.

The other three angels had many needles piercing their bodies. At this moment, they appeared horrified, showing wide eyes.

“You three insignificant, random small fries, go kill him!” Dongfang Bubai moved a finger.


The three angels charged at Yehua like puppets on strings.

“Second Young Master, it’s not me!”

“Second Young Master, I can’t control myself. Ah!”

“Second Young Master, quickly move away!”

The three cried out as they approached.

“Humph!” Yehua snorted coldly. Then, he extended his hand and blocked the three four-winged angels.

“Explode!” Dongfang Bubai snorted coldly.

The three four-winged angels goggled and exploded.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The huge explosions kicked up a gale that immediately swept out. Yehua bore the brunt of the explosion, blasted out of shape.

Yehua looked down at his twisted body with a fierce expression, appearing livid.

“You…” Yehua was about to erupt in rage.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Three more needles instantly shot over, two stabbing into Yehua’s eyes and one in his mouth.

Yehua could not believe this. He had come in such an imposing manner yet ended up in such a sorry state. A sorry state?

“Explode!” A ruthless look flashed in Dongfang Bubai’s eyes.

He tugged the threads with his finger, and the distant needles instantly vibrated intensely.


Yehua’s head exploded.

Shock waves spread out in the sky, sending the fragments of the angels’ and Yehua’s bodies scattering in all directions.

Four powerful angels and Yehua were completely wiped out.

The flying ship landed slowly. Then, Gao Xianzhi beckoned, instructing his subordinates to capture the flying ship right away.

Bing Ji waved, and the mist spreading out in the sky coalesced instantly into a water ball.


The water ball arrived before Gu Hai.

“Your Majesty, this is the water of life. Dongfang Bubai has already wiped out Yehua’s consciousness. This water…,” Bing Ji said excitedly.

“You keep it.” Gu Hai smiled.

“Ah? Yes, Your Majesty!” Bing Ji immediately said happily.

Dongfang Bubai had killed Yehua and four powerful angels with a flip of his hand. The black tortoises watching from afar gave up completely on returning to the Solar Divine Palace.

This Gu Hai is a ruthless person, the Dongfang Bubai he created, even more so.

That’s the second young master! Even if it was just a projection, it still possessed the strength of an early-stage Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator. Yet, that woman killed him in the blink of an eye? Killed?!

The surrounding black tortoises calmed down slowly.

However, Ao Shun remained gaping for a long time, unable to calm down.

“If Dongfang Bubai were around a few years ago, then wouldn’t my sin dragon army have been…” Ao Shun smiled bitterly.

At the same time, his attitude towards Gu Hai became more complicated.

After Dongfang Bubai finished killing, he turned to look at Gu Hai.

“How long can the ritual array sustain me this time? How much longer can I live?” Dongfang Bubai asked in anticipation.

“This is different from last time. This time, the energy source is the Life Trapper Saber, so the Spiritual Energy is endless. You can live here forever,” Gu Hai said.

“Oh?” Dongfang Bubai felt slightly startled.

“Of course, at the moment, it is only sufficient to support you alone. Zhang Sanfeng and Dugu Qiubai cannot appear with you. Coincidentally, you can watch my Nine-Five Island. We are about to make it fly into the sky.” Gu Hai smiled.

“That’s good!” Dongfang Bubai released his bated breath.


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