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Everlasting Immortal Firmament – Volume 4 Chapter 131: Cui Tong and Jiu Ming Bahasa Indonesia

Book 4: Chapter 131: Cui Tong and Jiu Ming

Outside the imperial palace on Nine-Five Island:

Led by Crown Prince Gu Qin, the Han Nation officials on Nine-Five Island showed sullen expressions as they looked across.

The Black Tortoise elder Miao Chen also brought many black tortoises over. They stood at the very front, looking coldly at this group of enemies that suddenly appeared.

“If you dare to take another step forward, then don’t blame us for being ruthless!” the Han Royal Dynasty’s Second Corps commander, Chen Tianshan, said while glaring.


Eight hundred men behind Chen Tianshan held up their weapons as they glared at the other side.

The eight hundred men behind Chen Tianshan were all Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. When they unleashed their auras, a storm swept out.

Although Chen Tianshan had never stepped onto the Divine Continent, he was still the Second Corps commander. During these past years, he had been responsible for recruiting for the Han Nation. He had wandered the Thousand Islands Sea, persuading the various strong island masters. Now, all of them had surrendered and pledged allegiance to the Han Royal Dynasty.

When the eight hundred Nascent Soul Realm cultivators unleashed their auras, they appeared exceptionally ferocious.

The black tortoise elder Miao Chen had also brought along two hundred Nascent Soul Realm black tortoises.

That should already have been a strong force. However, the group across them was even more imposing.

These enemies surrounded the entire Han Royal Dynasty’s imperial palace.

Gu Qin stood upright with hands behind his back. His eyes narrowed as he looked at the enemies before him.

The enemies were split into two factions. One faction had the aura of black tortoises, about five hundred of them. The leader was a black-faced man staring sullenly at Miao Chen.

The black-faced man appeared hostile to Miao Chen. It seemed like they knew each other. Right now, both their faces were sullen.

The other faction consisted of two thousand-odd white-robed figures. All of them gave off a holy light, and the strange thing was that they all had large pure-white wings on their backs. They also held swords that shone white.

Outspread, these white wings all radiated a holy light as though noble spirit spewed out from them. These white-robed winged figures had auras of Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. The leader did not have wings, but he also wore white robes. He showed a faint smile as he stood behind the black-faced man.

The Han Royal Dynasty had only one thousand Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. On the other hand, the attackers had two thousand five hundred-odd Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. As the two sides faced each other, the Han Royal Dynasty was at a disadvantage.

“Miao Chen, I will not pursue Cui Tie’s death for now. Hand over Ao Shun!” the black-faced man said coldly.

Miao Chen coldly eyed the black-faced man on the other side. Then, he showed a faint sneer and said, “Cui Tong, the death of Cui Tie, your younger brother, was his own fault. Unexpectedly, you lot have already thoroughly become the Solar Divine Palace’s dogs.”

The black-faced man, Cui Tong, showed a cold expression. The black tortoises behind glowered.

Miao Chen looked at the five hundred black tortoises and said with a cold smile, “These are the black tortoises who followed you, right? True, they recovered a significant part of their strength. However, do they still have their dignity?”

“Miao Chen, I feel that you are the ones living like dogs when I see you struggle at death’s door, subordinating yourselves to an insignificant royal dynasty. If not for Second Young Master’s instructions, forbidding us to cause trouble, you would not survive until now.” Cui Tong looked at Miao Chen coldly.

Miao Chen looked at the black tortoises. Then, he looked at the white-robed, winged figures.

“The Solar Divine Palace has three palace masters, the Supreme Singularity, the Supreme Wa, and the Supreme Genesis. Those behind with wings on your backs, who call yourselves pure and holy angels, are you of the Supreme Singularity’s line of inheritance? Two-winged angels are Nascent Soul Realm cultivators? This is? Pardon my poor sight. I do not recognize you,” Miao Chen said with a frown.

The wingless, white-clad man in front of the winged angels smiled faintly and said, “Senior Miao, do you not remember me? I remember you. When the Black Tortoise Prime fell, I was by Second Young Master’s side. Back then, you did not even spare me a glance. This humble one is Jiu Ming.”

“Four-winged angel, Jiu Ming?” Miao Chen’s face sank.

Jiu Ming, the white-robed man, smiled faintly. “Precisely. I just reached the Lower Heavenly Palace Realm eight centuries ago. Senior Miao was a peak Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator back then, nearly reaching the Upper Heavenly Palace Realm. Unfortunately, the fall of the Black Tortoise Prime implicated the entire black tortoise race. When your deity died, your Dao disappeared. Right now, Senior Miao must have already regressed to the Lower Heavenly Palace, right?”

Miao Chen looked at Jiu Ming sullenly.

Jiu Ming smiled faintly, not saying anything more. Instead, he looked at Cui Tong. Clearly, he wanted to leave this matter to Cui Tong to handle.

“Alright, Miao Chen, your divine link is already severed. Lower Heavenly Palace is already your limit. I just did not expect that you would become the dog of an insignificant royal dynasty. Hand over Ao Shun. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being ruthless,” Cui Tong said, scowling.


Cui Tong released a surging aura, pressing it down on Miao Chen.

When the vast aura of a Lower Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator arrived, the pressure caused the countless surrounding guards’ expressions to change. They could not lift their heads, which made them anxious.

However, Miao Chen firmly protected the officials. He showed a deep frown as he turned to look at Gu Qin at the side. “Crown Prince?”

Evidently, he needed Gu Qin to make the decision.

Gu Qin merely stepped forward with a faint smile. “Mister Cui, Mister Jiu Ming, if you have something to say, then we can take our time and speak. What is the point of drawing your weapons? Furthermore, the Solar Divine Palace’s Bing Ji is currently our Han Royal Dynasty’s Third Corps commander. I believe my Han Royal Dynasty does not have an irreconcilable grudge with the Solar Divine Palace, right?”

“Huh?” Jiu Ming narrowed his eyes at Gu Qin.

To think that Miao Chen shows a subservient attitude to Gu Qin now, taking instructions from Gu Qin? Gu Qin? Jiu Ming could tell with a glance that this person was just an early-stage Golden Core Realm cultivator. Golden Core Realm?

The Heavenly Palace Realm Miao Chen listens to this Golden Core Realm man?

“Those from afar are guests. Chen Tianshan, Miao Chen, get your men to withdraw their weapons. This is a breach of etiquette on my Han Nation’s part,” Gu Qin said.

“Yes!” Miao Chen and Chen Tianshan answered.

The two waved their hands, and the eight hundred Nascent Soul Realm island masters and two hundred black tortoises put down their weapons, frowning.

Jiu Ming and Cui Tong both frowned slightly. Then, they waved their hands. The angels and five hundred black tortoises also withdrew their auras.

“It looks like we spoke to the wrong person earlier?” Cui Tong said sullenly.

Initially, everyone thought that Miao Chen had the most influence. As long as Miao Chen gave in, everything would be fine. Unexpectedly, the one with authority was this Golden Core Realm man.

“You are both right and wrong. The master of the Han Nation is my imperial father. My imperial father left me in charge of Nine-Five Island’s governance. They listen to me for now. You can discuss your business with me,” Gu Qin said seriously.

As Gu Qin spoke, he glanced towards the distance.

Somewhere on a distant mountain, Gao Xianzhi led some treants, rushing about.

The moment these enemies arrived, Gu Qin felt that something was off, so he had made arrangements with Gao Xianzhi and the treants. Right now, he was just buying time.

“Very well, since you have the authority to decide, that will do. We obtained information that Ao Shun is imprisoned on Nine-Five Island. Is that right?” Cui Tong asked.

“That’s right. Back then, Ao Shun recklessly attacked my Nine-Five Island. My imperial father made his move and subdued Ao Shun, deterring the dragon race from doing anything.” Gu Qin nodded.

“We are here on orders to invite Crown Prince Ao Shun to the Solar Divine Palace. I hope that Crown Prince Qin will grant us this convenience!” Cui Tong said.

“Oh?” Gu Qin narrowed his eyes slightly.

In a palace hall far away:

Although Ao Shun was imprisoned on Nine-Five Island, it was more like a house arrest. Gu Hai allowed him free movement within a certain range and access to all information.

The Solar Divine Palace sent people to take me away?

Ao Shun sat by a stone table, drinking wine alone. There was someone there to attend to him at the side.

“Hah! The Solar Divine Palace sent people here. Is Gu Qin going to hand me over?” Ao Shun asked, reluctance flashing in his eyes as he took a deep breath.

The attendant bowed respectfully and said, “The crown prince told me to report to Crown Prince Ao Shun that you can rest assured. No one can take you away.”

“Hahaha! No one can take me away? Cui Tong and Jiu Ming are here. Those two are in the Lower Heavenly Palace Realm. Your Nine-Five Island has one Miao Chen, and he can barely block Cui Tong. What about Jiu Ming, then?” Ao Shun sounded somewhat frustrated.

“The crown prince said that His Majesty promised to let you stay on my Nine-Five Island. Naturally, he will not break His Majesty’s promise to the dragon race. Please don’t worry. No one can take you away. The crown prince has already made arrangements. He even instructed me to tell you to just watch the show,” that attendant said respectfully.

“Humph!” Ao Shun snorted coldly.


Gu Qin continued buying time.

“Grant you this convenience? You want my Han Nation to break a promise just to grant you a convenience? Ha! What if it is not convenient for this crown prince?” Gu Qin asked with a faint smile.

“Huh?” Cui Tong glared.

Miao Chen immediately blocked Cui Tong.

“The Solar Divine Palace? You do have great fame. However, my Han Royal Dynasty cannot possibly break a promise because of that. Everyone, please return to wherever you came from,” Gu Qin said seriously.

“Hah! Hahahaha! Go back to wherever we came from? Insignificant thing, Mister Jiu Ming and I have already given you a lot of face, yet you don’t know what is good for you, so don’t blame me for being rude. If you allow us to, I will take Ao Shun away. If you don’t allow us to, we will still take Ao Shun away. What nonsensical Han Nation? Just a bunch of ignorant fools!” Cui Tong glared, appearing poised to attack.

Miao Chen immediately prepared to rush forward.

“Mister Miao, there’s no need to block him. Let him come over. Humph!” Gu Qin took a step forward with a cold expression, showing a ferocious glint in his eyes.

“Huh?” Jiu Ming appeared slightly confused.

Where does this insignificant Golden Core Realm cultivator get his confidence from?

However, Miao Chen stepped back.

“Brat, do you think that I don’t dare to? Humph! Since you are in charge, let’s see whether Ao Shun will come out after I capture you!” Cui Tong suddenly shouted and extended his hand.


Cui Tong threw a palm strike, sending out a manifested palm. Clearly, he found this Golden Core Realm cultivator strange and was being extremely cautious.

Indeed, Miao Chen did not interfere.

Cui Tong’s manifested palm shot over to grab Gu Qin. However, Gu Qin just flung his sleeves out with a cold look in his eyes.


A vast fog spewed from the Soaring Palace Hall’s plaza behind Gu Qin. Then, a sword buzz rang out.

“Palm Breaking Stance!”

Suddenly, an azure sword qi charged out of the Soaring Palace Hall’s plaza and flew towards Cui Tong’s manifested palm.

“You are seeking death!” Cui Tong shouted.

When the sword qi and the manifested palm clashed, the manifested palm Cui Tong was so confident of broke, ripped apart by the strange sword qi. The sword qi was not powerful, but it was abnormally sharp. Then, the sword qi rushed towards his palm.


Cui Tong knocked away the sword qi with a flip of his hand. However, the sword qi cut his palm.

“Huh?” Cui Tong’s face sank.

Gu Qin glared as he shouted, “Gao Xianzhi, activate the ritual array at full power! The Twenty-Nine Line-Pair World Ritual Array!”

“Yes!” A loud shout came from a distance.

Boom! Surging fog appeared out of nowhere again.


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