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Book 3: Chapter 42: The Foul-Mouthed Fairy

“Halt! Don’t run!” Fairy Waner cried out anxiously.

She took out a flying ship to chase after the yellow fairy. Unfortunately, the fairy was too fast. As it possessed a soul body, the wind did not obstruct it. It could only go faster.

Fairy Waner appeared anxious.

All the fairies—about two million of them—flew frantically, attracting those paying attention.

Many zitherists also heard the strange sound before they quickly chased after the fairies.

Silver Moon Island:

The manor lord suddenly smiled. “Someone found it? That is good. The Silver Moon Army? That is the Silver Moon Army that Teacher Yinyue left behind. To think that I’ll get the chance to see it while I’m alive! I have no regrets in life!”

As Yun Mo busily directed the Silver Moon Mountain Manor disciples with hand gestures, he accompanied the manor lord.

“Manor Lord, what is the Silver Moon Army?” Yun Mo asked, feeling curious.

The manor lord’s complexion grew increasingly ashen. As he approached the end of his lifespan, his body started to fail, giving off a fetid smell. However, Yun Mo did not mind.

“Back before the Qian Heavenly Dynasty existed, Teacher Yinyue made a group of zither puppets aside from zithers. They were used to protect my Silver Moon Mountain Manor,” the manor lord said softly.

“Zither puppets?” Yun Mo exclaimed.

The manor lord nodded.

“What grade of zither puppets?” Yun Mo asked gravely.

“Peak Nascent Soul Realm, one million of them,” the manor lord said proudly.

“What? One million peak Nascent Soul Realm zither puppets? This…this…this…,” Yun Mo stammered in shock.

“Just like Ensnaring Performance, if the Silver Moon Mountain Manor were strong, it would be a valuable treasure. However, if the Silver Moon Mountain Manor were weak, it would only bring disaster,” the manor lord said with a bitter smile.

“Manor Lord, is this why my ancestors decided to move the Silver Moon Mountain Manor out of this sea region?” Yun Mo asked in shock.

The manor lord nodded and said, “It can be considered so. If they are capable, let them take it as long as you don’t get implicated in this. If I just let Duke Lu Yang take it, and word of it leaked, my Silver Moon Mountain Manor would still be in trouble. That’s why I held the zither bestowal event here. Aside from Duke Lu Yang’s people, there are officials from the capital as well. I have already done what I could. If the capital’s officials cannot find it, they can’t blame my Silver Moon Mountain Manor. Now, I no longer have to worry. They found it. Hahaha! They found it!”

Yun Mo remained silent.

“Yun Mo, do you see? If you cannot gain personal strength, the strong will only come and take the things in your house, taking them one by one until you have nothing left. The weaker you are, the more you lose. It might even reach the point where you can’t even protect your loved ones. So, do not rely on others. Rely on yourself. You possess Teacher Yinyue’s bloodline and have a great talent for forging zithers. You have to focus on forging zithers. I will no longer be by your side in the future. You have to work hard,” the manor lord said in a hoarse, heavy tone as he held Yun Mo’s hand.

“Manor Lord, you will be fine. You will be fine!” Yun Mo’s eyes turned bloodshot.

When I was young, the manor lord single-handedly raised me after my parents died. The manor lord is the closest person to me. Now that he is at the end of his lifespan, can I just let him die? There is a way! I have a way!

At the bottom of the sea:

The group of bronze statues vibrated, forming a music Dao barrier as they buzzed, slowly expanding the barrier outwards.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

The high-frequency sound waves crushed many underwater rocks into powder.

“Hurry! Quickly move back!” Venerable Liu Nian’s expression changed.

“But what about Gu Hai?” Long Wanqing said anxiously.

In Gu Hai’s kidney aperture:


Nearly all the energy from consuming the dragons poured quickly into the kidney aperture, turning into icy-blue energy and forming a blue Veritable Essence ball. A blue ice dragon image slowly swam around in the Veritable Essence ball—the result of the True Dragon Golden Core Cultivation Technique.


The blue dragon controlled the water-attributed Veritable Essence to circulate in the meridians. The purple dragon controlled the Spiritual Progenitor Veritable Essence in the dantian, making it circulate in the meridians as well. The two energies were separate, not mixing, like water and oil as they flowed in separate paths.

When the two energies circulated Gu Hai’s body, his strength instantly seemed to soar significantly.

“The Golden Core Realm’s third stage?” Gu Hai’s eyes lit up as he opened his eyes.

“Your Majesty, quickly leave!”

“Gu Hai, hurry! You finally woke up!” Long Wanqing pulled on Gu Hai as they retreated.

Buzz! Buzz!

The sound waves moved towards Gu Hai, quickly crushing the rocks under his feet.

Gu Hai’s expression changed as he immediately backed off.

“What’s going on?” Gu Hai asked in surprise.

“Zither puppets! They are zither puppets!” Venerable Liu Nian’s expression sank.

“Zither puppets? What are zither puppets?” Gu Hai asked in shock as he retreated again.

“Zither puppets are combat puppets, killing machines. They are controlled by zither music. These zither puppets are impenetrable, as they are made of bronze? I wonder how strong they are?” Venerable Liu Nian said worriedly.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The bronze statues vibrated.

Suddenly, a beam of azure light shot over from a distance.

“It’s a fairy? An azure fairy?” Long Wanqing said while goggling.


That fairy suddenly shot into a bronze statue, disappearing in a flash as it entered the statue.


Red lights appeared in that bronze statue’s eyes; then, it cricked its neck.

“It moved?! It moved?! It came to life?” Long Wanqing exclaimed.

“Indeed, it came to life. This is a body. The fairy found a body, allowing it to live longer,” Venerable Liu Nian said.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Beams of azure light shot over from a distance, entering the various zither puppets.

However, Gu Hai narrowed his eyes. This is? The zither puppets are attracting the fairies here?


Gu Hai turned his head and rushed towards his ritual array, moving at his fastest possible


At the same time, some cultivators who arrived at this sea region goggled.

They saw the various fairies streaking over from a distance and falling into Gu Hai’s ritual array like meteors, charging into the sea.

“What? This is?” Sima Changkong flew into the sky, looking at this scene in shock.

“Milord, it must be that ritual array. That ritual array is giving off buzzing sounds at the bottom, attracting the fairies.”

“There are so many fairies, and they are increasing in number. Have all the fairies in the Silver Moon Sea been attracted?”

“What is going on below that ritual array?”

Everyone was in an uproar.

“Stay still! Stop moving! You are mine!” Fairy Waner’s anxious cries came from the distance.

“Fairy Waner?” Many people looked over curiously.

Everyone saw Fairy Waner chasing after a yellow beam of light.

“Is that Ensnaring Performance’s soul?” Sima Changkong’s expression changed.

However, the yellow beam of light moved too fast—so fast that Sima Changkong could not stop it before it charged into Gu Hai’s ritual array and entered the deep sea.

A soul body could pass through physical objects. Naturally, it could go through the ritual array. The yellow fairy had sensed the sound from the bronze statues. It saw Gu Hai’s ritual array, but it did not care about the ritual array and instantly entered.

However, the yellow fairy had just entered the ritual array when its body stopped moving. The fairy goggled. What is going on?

The yellow fairy discovered itself held in a person’s hand.

It was Gu Hai. Gu Hai held the yellow fairy with one hand.

When Gu Hai saw the fairies gathering earlier, he knew that his opportunity had arrived. Hence, he rushed to the ritual array and waited there. Indeed, he saw a beam of yellow light shooting over. Without delay, he used the ritual array to instantly appear where the yellow beam of light entered, and grabbed the yellow fairy with one hand.

“Ensnaring Performance’s soul? I obtained it so easily?” Gu Hai said in confusion, his eyes opening wide.

Gu Hai had not counted on capturing the yellow fairy. After all, his music Dao was just a fraud. He did not have any opportunities to find the yellow fairy at all, so he had never held any hope for this. That was why he focused on helping Shangguan Hen obtain the snake head.

However, by some strange coincidence, Ensnaring Performance’s soul came flying into his hand.

“Let go of me! Let go of me! You baddie! Let go of me!” Ensnaring Performance’s soul cried out anxiously.

“If I do not accept what heaven bestowed upon me, it would be my loss. Do you think that I will let you go? Hahahaha!” Gu Hai laughed excitedly.

The yellow fairy goggled at Gu Hai. Then, it suddenly spat, “Ptooey! Quickly let go of me. Otherwise, I will curse your entire family!”

Gu Hai: “…”

How could Gu Hai have expected that this fairy would spit and curse? Did he catch the wrong one? Was this really Ensnaring Performance’s soul?

“Little child, do you know who I am? Quickly let go of me, and this great me can spare you. Otherwise, I will humiliate you. Ptooey!” The yellow fairy kept spitting.

“Ptooey! Ptooey! Ptooey! Ptooey!”

Gu Hai’s expression darkened.

This fairy had not been so rascally on Silver Moon Island. How did it become like this?

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Beams of azure light shot towards the bronze statues. The fairies from all over the Silver Moon Sea quickly entered the bronze statues, gradually bringing them all to life.

“You fool! Quickly let go of me! It’s over! It’s going to be all over!” The yellow fairy revealed an expression of despair.

“It’s over! It’s over! This great me’s future is ruined in your hands. You son of a tortoise, quickly let go of me. Sob! Sob! I curse you. I curse your son to lack a butthole!” the yellow fairy cursed at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai’s face turned ashen. Is this really Ensnaring Performance’s soul?

Silver Moon Island:

“Manor Lord, you said that the fairies would be attracted to the zither puppets, right? Will Ensnaring Performance’s soul go as well?” Yun Mo asked out of curiosity.

“Ensnaring Performance’s soul? It should not. However, I don’t know what it is like now. Haha! The person who obtains Ensnaring Performance will probably suffer headaches,” the manor lord laughed.

“Oh? What do you mean?”

“Ensnaring Performance’s soul is Teacher Yinyue’s peak work, possessing an empty attribute. Its thoughts are like blank paper. However, it is also like a sponge. Its hearing is incredibly acute; even the ritual array sealing the Silver Moon Sea cannot block its hearing. I believe it can hear everything the people in the nearby Silver Moon City say. Its personality would have taken shape over the past two days, determined by what it heard. Any voice that speaks would be its teacher.” The manor lord smiled.

“Huh? Shaping its personality? What do you mean? The previous heaven-grade zithers did not shape their personalities by themselves?” Yun Mo asked in confusion.

“Of course not. Those heaven-grade zither’s souls did not get to be so free. After they were handed to their owners, their owners immediately refined them. Their owners determined their personalities and thoughts. However, Ensnaring Performance’s soul shapes its own personality, not its owner. It will be influenced by everything it hears. Hahaha! I wonder what it is like now!” the manor lord laughed.

Yun Mo: “…”


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