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Book 3: Chapter 33: Zither Bestowal Event

“Venerable Liu Nian, we were hiding in the clouds previously. How did that Gui Mian discover us so quickly?” Gu Hai looked at Venerable Liu Nian curiously.

“It is because of Shangguan Hen and me. When we escaped them previously, Gui Mian managed to leave a dragon saliva fragrance on us. It is very faint, and we did not notice it, but Gui Mian is sensitive to it, so he instantly discovered us. Don’t worry. I have a way to get rid of the dragon saliva fragrance. We won’t have it next time,” Venerable Liu Nian said seriously.

Gu Hai nodded and said, “That’s good. We’ll return to the city first. I need to prepare some things for fishing dragons.”

Mu Chenfeng and the others appeared dubious.

Thus, everyone returned to the city. Although Mu Chenfeng was not participating in the zither bestowal event, he was extremely curious about Gu Hai’s plan to fish dragons, so he paid attention to what Gu Hai did.

Gu Hai did not hide anything from Mu Chenfeng. After they returned, he bought two items in bulk: cuttlefish and lotus roots.

When Mu Chenfeng saw the piles of cuttlefish and lotus roots being delivered to Gu Hai, he appeared very confused. Cuttlefish? Lotus root? Dragons don’t like to eat cuttlefish, all the more lotus roots. How is he going to fish dragons with these?

Although Mu Chenfeng was curious, he felt too embarrassed to ask. He had already fled the situation. How could he be shameless enough to ask about it?

“Hah!” Mu Chenfeng sighed.

In a manor on a floating island of Silver Moon City:

Mo Yike sat before a desk in a small courtyard as someone delivered a pile of documents to him.

Jiang Tianyi stood respectfully at the side. Although he had lost the World’s Best Zither Pavilion, Mo Yike did not punish him heavily. After all, Jiang Tianyi was still quite capable.

“Is there news?” Mo Yike asked seriously.

“Yes, Mister Mo. We have people looking all over the city, and we finally found that group of people. The leader seems to be called Sima Changkong. Back then, he was the first to buy Gu Hai’s piano,” Jiang Tianyi reported respectfully.

“Sima Changkong?” Mo Yike suddenly narrowed his eyes.

“Oh? Does Mister Mo know him?” Jiang Tianyi asked in confusion.

Mo Yike narrowed his eyes slightly. “How can I not know? He is the leader of the Sima Clan’s current generation. Haha! To think that he came to Silver Moon City to scout. It looks like the situation is somewhat tricky. Does he have a zither-bestowal event invitation?”

“He does.”

“He does? No wonder the manor lord is holding the zither bestowal event in the Silver Moon Sea. So, that’s the reason. That’s why. Manor Lord, oh, Manor Lord, you really put in a lot of effort to protect the Silver Moon Mountain Manor,” Mo Yike said with a sullen expression.

“Mister Mo, should we silently take down Sima Changkong?” Jiang Tianyi asked gravely.

“There’s no need. You might not be able to take him down. Furthermore, with his capabilities, you cannot possibly find him if he wants to hide. However, you managed to find him. Ha!” Mo Yike said with narrowed eyes.

“Ah? Sima Changkong purposely exposed himself? Why?”

“There’s no why. With Sima Changkong in the open, there is definitely someone hidden. Even if we capture Sima Changkong, we can’t do anything about the hidden person.”

“But why did he expose himself?”

“He is pointing a sword at me. Ha! He is forcing me to avoid meeting him in the open. Wherever he goes, I have to move away. I cannot stop him from investigating anything,” Mo Yike said.


“Because he is the sovereign’s representative, and I am a subject’s representative. The identities of sovereign and subject need to be clearly differentiated. Otherwise, it shows great disrespect,” Mo Yike said.

“Can we pretend not to know?”

“Pretend not to know? Haha! Your thoughts are too simplistic. He is reminding me to avoid him. Even if we pretend not to know, if I barge in unreasonably, he will tear open this pretense. He is using the sovereign’s authority against me. Do you think I should obey or not?” Mo Yike said.

“Oh!” Jiang Tianyi’s face sank.

“Since he can send people into the Silver Moon Sea overtly and covertly, we can do the same. I won’t participate in this zither bestowal event, then,” Mo Yike said.


“Inform Gui Mian that they are to remain in hiding. They are not permitted to come out of the sea during the zither bestowal event. The Silver Moon Sea is very big. As long as they don’t cause trouble, it will be very difficult to discover that place,” Mo Yike said.


Ten days passed in a flash, and the zither bestowal event officially began.

At this moment, large numbers of cultivators had already gathered in the Silver Moon Sea. Although many of them could not participate, they still held some hope in their hearts.

Right now, a vast fog blanketed Silver Moon Island in the northern region of the Silver Moon Sea. Many immortal cranes carried cultivators with invitations over.

One could enter at the entrance only after showing their invitation.

Long Wanqing, Shangguan Hen, and Venerable Liu Nian had already entered.

However, Gu Hai arrived later. Now, he just reached the entrance.

When Gu Hai arrived, some of the nearby zitherists immediately recognized him.

“Master Gu!”

“Master Gu!”

Everyone greeted Gu Hai, and he returned the greetings.

The people who had not seen Gu Hai before cast over curious gazes.

The Silver Moon Mountain Manor disciples guarding the ritual array’s entrance immediately knew who Gu Hai was when they saw everyone greeting him.

After all, this was someone that the manor lord praised. How could the Silver Moon Mountain Manor disciples not know about him? Furthermore, all of them had an extremely friendly and warm light in their eyes as they looked at Gu Hai.

As everyone showed their invitations to enter the ritual array, Gu Hai said, “Greetings, friends from the Silver Moon Mountain Manor. Please send my gratitude to the manor lord for letting me participate in the zither bestowal event. Might I ask how the manor lord’s health is?”

When others came, they asked about the heaven-grade zither Ensnaring Performance and whether Ensnaring Performance was there or not. Only Gu Hai did not ask about Ensnaring Performance; instead, he expressed concern for the manor lord’s health. This immediately made a good impression on the Silver Moon Mountain Manor disciples.

“The manor lord is doing well. He frequently reminisces about Mister Gu’s Canon and ‘Sonata Pathétique. The manor lord will be glad to see Mister Gu here today.” One of the Silver Moon Mountain Manor disciples smiled.

“Oh! That is good.” Gu Hai nodded.

Then, Gu Hai headed in with the crowd.

The Silver Moon Mountain Manor disciples did not even bother checking for Gu Hai’s invitation, just letting him enter.

“Hold it!” A voice suddenly rang out.

“Huh?” Everyone looked over.

They saw Fairy Waner walking over slowly.

When the many zitherists saw Fairy Waner, they frowned, appearing somewhat uneasy.

“Gu Hai did not show his invitation, and you just let him in?” Fairy Waner said as she pointed to Gu Hai.

“Huh?” Everyone looked at Fairy Waner in confusion.

“I have been here for a while already. Earlier, a monk and the Elite Hall Master entered using Gu Hai’s event invitations. Every invitation has a different mark on it. I observed carefully. Gu Hai does not have an event invitation, but you just let him in?” Fairy Waner said coldly.

“How could Master Gu not have an event invitation?”

“Indeed. Demon woman, cut the nonsense!”

The zitherists immediately shouted angrily, protecting Gu Hai.

The Silver Moon Mountain Manor disciples also frowned slightly. Just as they were about to speak, Gu Hai smiled faintly and said, “Fairy Waner? Unexpectedly, we meet again.”

“Humph!” Fairy Waner snorted coldly.

“Fairy Waner, could it be that you think I, Gu Hai, am not qualified to enter?” Gu Hai asked as he smiled at Fairy Waner.

“Of course, you are not qualified. You can’t even bring out the music Dao’s artistic conception. Furthermore, you don’t have an event invitation. Why should you enter? You have not comprehended the music Dao. You might have fooled the others, but you can’t fool me. I have figured you out long ago,” Fairy Waner said.

Fairy Waner spoke the truth. Using her sharp observation skills, she already noticed that Gu Hai did not have the music Dao’s artistic conception, so she wanted to vent the resentment from her loss. Previously, Gu Hai put her in a difficult spot. Now, she wanted to put Gu Hai in a difficult spot.

Everyone gave Gu Hai doubtful looks.

“Hahahahahahahaha! Fairy Waner, your joke is not very funny. I know you resent me for defeating you previously. However, you need to find a better excuse. Do you think everyone will believe your excuse? Hahaha!” Gu Hai guffawed carefreely.

Everyone felt startled.

“Indeed. Demon woman, your excuse is too lousy. Master Gu does not have an artistic conception? What a joke! If he did not have it, how could you lose to Master Gu?”

“Indeed. If Master Gu does not have the music Dao’s artistic conception, I’ll eat this zither!”

“You can’t even lie. Demon woman, is this all the intelligence you have?”

Everyone immediately criticized Fairy Waner, making her want to vomit blood. You blind fools! You can’t even figure anything out. Why are you blindly chiming in?

Gu Hai spoke at a suitable moment, “Fairy Waner, I know you want Ensnaring Performance. However, please use the proper methods. The manor lord will judge fairly. What is the point of trying to take shortcuts?”

“So, this demon woman fears Gu Hai. That’s why she maligned him!”

“So, it is for Ensnaring Performance? How sinister! Demon woman!”

The various zitherists started criticizing Fairy Waner again, making her feel extremely wronged. I am speaking the truth, alright?

Just at this moment, a Silver Moon Mountain Manor disciple said while frowning, “Fairy Waner, you troubled the entire city previously, but the manor lord made an exception and gave you an event invitation. I hope you cherish it.”

Clearly, the Silver Moon Mountain Manor disciples also could not take seeing Fairy Waner resorting to all means to obtain Ensnaring Performance.

“Mister Gu, this way, please.” Another Silver Moon Mountain Manor disciple ushered Gu Hai inside.

Fairy Waner stared dumbfounded as Gu Hai entered the ritual array while everyone criticized her. She stomped her foot angrily. “Gu Hai, this isn’t over!”

Gu Hai just entered without feeling any psychological burden, not angry at Fairy Waner. However, she had spoken the truth and should be feeling very angry now.

Gu Hai met up with Long Wanqing and the others in a large plaza.

Many zitherists stood in twos or threes, exchanging pleasantries.

There was a thatched hut to the north of the plaza with many Silver Moon Mountain Manor disciples—including Yun Mo—standing outside it as though guarding it.

“Is Ensnaring Performance in that thatched hut?”

“I have never seen a heaven-grade zither before. I wonder what it looks like.”

“The manor lord is also in the thatched hut, right?”

The surrounding people discussed this.

However, Gu Hai looked for City Lord He.

“He Shikang is not here yet.” Long Wanqing shook her head.


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