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Book 3: Chapter 121: Brother-in-Law

The many souls screamed miserably in the ghost pool. They could not escape no matter how they struggled.

Gu Hai frowned faintly, feeling some displeasure in his heart. These are the souls of the soldiers who just died, yet they can’t rest in peace after death?

Although Gu Hai felt some displeasure, he could not do anything about this. At the very least, he had something important to do first.

“Hehehehe! How did you two children enter? My lifespan ritual array is filled with illusions and sinister winds that can melt people. Nevertheless, you safely reached this place without any interference? Strange. Strange, indeed.” Mister Dongfang spoke very calmly as he looked at the two.

“Mister Dongfang, I am here to ask for some help at the risk of interrupting you,” Long Wanyu said anxiously.

Long Wanyu’s anxiety over her mother made it difficult for Gu Hai to stop her.

“Oh? Since you want my help, then show some sincerity. Tell me, how did you enter and remain safe?” Mister Dongfang said, feeling puzzled.

“We have two soul seeds. Look, this is the one.” Long Wanyu immediately took out her soul seed.

“Long Wanyu!” Gu Hai raised his eyebrows. He wanted to stop her, but it was already too late.

Mister Dongfang had already seen the soul seed in Long Wanyu’s hand.

“The delta four series soul seed? I gave that to the Ying Royal Emperor. You two are very resourceful; you actually managed to obtain it,” Mister Dongfang said sullenly.

“Just a coincidence,” Gu Hai said with a bitter smile.

“Hers is from the delta four series. What about yours? Show me,” Mister Dongfang said indifferently.

“Gu Hai, show him, alright? Hurry, I want the information on my mother,” Long Wanyu exhorted.

Gu Hai gave Mister Dongfang a suspicious look. Why does he want to see my soul seed?

No matter how Long Wanyu urged Gu Hai, he did not take out his soul seed. Instead, he stared at her and asked, “Long Wanyu, are you sure that it is greatly auspicious?”

This question startled Long Wanyu somewhat, putting her at a loss for words. Gu Hai smiled bitterly. I knew it. I knew that I should not have trusted Long Wanyu.

“Gu Hai, where is your soul seed? Show me!” Mister Dongfang called out.

However, Gu Hai took a deep breath and said, “Mister Dongfang, please excuse us for interrupting you. Right now, we represent the Qian Heavenly Dynasty. This is the Qian Heavenly Emperor’s most beloved Princess Wanyu. If anything happens to her, the Qian Heavenly Emperor will be furious. Right now, we are enemies with the Ying Nation but not Mister Dongfang. When Mister Dongfang comes to the Qian Heavenly Dynasty in the future, Wanyu will treat Mister Dongfang as an honored guest.”

“Hehehehehe! Gu Hai, are you threatening me?” Mister Dongfang suddenly sneered.

“No. I just want to befriend Mister Dongfang.” Gu Hai smiled faintly.

“There is no need for befriending. I have a grudge against the Qian Heavenly Dynasty’s lifespan cultivator. Do you think I fear the Qian Heavenly Emperor? Hehehehehe! You two barged in here by yourselves today, so you can’t blame me for this. You can’t blame me. Hehehehehe!” Mister Dongfang laughed cockily.

Gu Hai’s expression changed.

“Mister Dongfang, I would like to know where my mother’s heavenly soul and earthly soul are. Do you know?” Long Wanyu cried out anxiously.

“Oh? So, you barged in here for Long Xiaoyue’s two spiritual souls? Hehehe! Alright, alright, alright. Come over. If you want Long Xiaoyue’s two spiritual souls, come over. I’ll give them to you.” Mister Dongfang smiled.

“Do you really have them?” Long Wanyu stepped forward.

Gu Hai quickly grabbed Long Wanyu’s wrist.

“What are you doing?” Long Wanyu frowned.

Gu Hai looked at Mister Dongfang and said, “Mister Dongfang, sorry for intruding. I think we will be taking our leave now.”

“Huh? He said that he has my mother’s two spiritual souls!” Long Wanyu said anxiously.

“Shut up!” Gu Hai shouted at Long Wanyu while glaring at her.

Then, he moved back while holding Long Wanyu.

“Do you think my lifespan ritual array is a place where you can come and go as you wish?” Mister Dongfang said coldly.

As Mister Dongfang spoke, he extended his finger and pointed.


Surging, cold, black winds suddenly gathered from all directions, instantly surrounding Gu Hai and Long Wanyu.

“The delta four series? Haha! Do you think you can use my soul seeds? What a joke! Break!” Mister Dongfang snapped his fingers.


The soul seed in Long Wanyu’s hand immediately exploded and turned into smoke that surrounded Long Wanyu.

“It’s over! It’s over. Lass, look at the trouble you caused. How are you going to get out now? This sinister wind will melt you the moment you touch it,” the demonic phantom yelled in despair.

“You! You! How could you do this?!” Long Wanyu goggled as she looked at Mister Dongfang.

“Why can’t I do that?” Mister Dongfang smiled coldly.

Gu Hai shielded Long Wanyu as he looked at Mister Dongfang. “Mister Dongfang, we did not come here to form a grudge with you today. We just want to ask for help on one matter. If you have any demands, just say it. As long as we can do it, we will do it. Please don’t get angry.”

“Don’t get angry? Hehehehehe! Are you trying to get me to calm down? However, I am not angry. I just want to capture you and make that Qian Nation lifespan cultivator angry. Hehehehe! I wonder, how anxious would the Qian Nation’s lifespan cultivator be if I killed Long Wanyu?” Mister Dongfang sneered.

“How can there be someone this bad? How can there be someone this bad?” Long Wanyu’s eyes immediately turned red.

Long Wanyu might be wilful and unruly, but she had grown up in the Qian Heavenly Dynasty’s palace and received the Qian Heavenly Emperor’s protection. How could she know that people outside the palace were this bad?

Gu Hai’s face sank. This Mister Dongfang was not reasonable at all. However, things had not reached the worst yet; the situation only continued to worsen.

Mister Dongfang suddenly exclaimed, “Hey, what is that tied around that lass?”

“Huh?” Gu Hai’s face sank.

“Oh? Fortunately, I scattered the soul seed around you, allowing me to see it. Hehehe! You are really well prepared. century lifespan immortality peach tree, use your roots to break it!” Mister Dongfang waved his hand.


The nearby fog scattered, revealing the century lifespan immortality peach tree.

The moment the century lifespan immortality peach tree appeared, its roots formed a large net covering the entire space. The roots were densely interlaced. Even if the two wanted to flee, the roots would get in their way.

“This is a zither string? There is a zither string tied around the lass? Hehehe! Indeed, well prepared,” Mister Dongfang sneered.

“Oh no! Ensnaring Performance! Ensnaring Performance!” Gu Hai pulled hard on Long Wanyu’s artistic conception zither string.

When Gu Hai pulled on the zither string, it immediately alerted the distant Ensnaring Performance.


Ensnaring Performance pulled hard on the zither string.

“Ah!” Long Wanyu immediately flew into the air towards Southern Suppression City.


However, the net woven by the century lifespan immortality peach tree’s roots was like an incredibly sturdy wall blocking Long Wanyu.

Long Wanyu could not escape.

“Argh!” Long Wanyu cried out in pain.

“Escape? You can’t escape. Break the zither string!” Mister Dongfang smiled coldly.


Two roots struck the zither string.


The zither string broke.

“Sob! Sob! Sob! You are a baddie! You are a big baddie!” Long Wanyu started crying from fear.

“This is for your own good. Lass, if you try to escape my ritual array without the soul seed, it will melt you immediately. Had I not used the roots to stop you, you would be dead already. Escape? You can’t escape. However, I will give you a dignified death. Hehehehehe!” Mister Dongfang said with a sinister grin.

“Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob! Mother! Elder Sister!” Long Wanyu cried out in fear.

For the first time, Long Wanyu experienced intense fear, terror. She had never experienced such a threat to her life before. This mental blow struck her silly, causing her to feel deep regret for her past wilfulness.

“The century lifespan immortality peach tree? I heard that ghosts and souls are used as nourishment for the century lifespan immortality peach tree. So, Mister Dongfang is refining these souls for this purpose? Gu Hai is not talented, but I coincidentally have one century lifespan immortality peach. I am willing to use that to compensate for offending you. Mister Dongfang, what do you think?” Gu Hai looked at Mister Dongfang.

“Oh?” This offer startled Mister Dongfang.

“I recall now. So, that Gu Hai from the Innate Puzzle World was you? You do indeed have one. Hehehe! Hand it over, and I will consider forgiving you.” Mister Dongfang smiled coldly.

“Alright!” Gu Hai nodded.

Gu Hai extended his hand, appearing to be retrieving that century lifespan immortality peach. However, he moved closer to the horrified Long Wanyu.

“Long Wanyu, I have made a huge loss thanks to your mistake,” Gu Hai said with a bitter smile.

“Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob! I…I…I…” Long Wanyu still felt horrified.

Long Wanyu no longer had the energy to rebut Gu Hai’s reprimand.

Just at this moment, Gu Hai suddenly hugged her.

“Huh?” This move surprised Mister Dongfang.

“Ah?” Long Wanyu let out a startled cry at suddenly getting hugged by a man.

“Now! Ensnaring Performance, pull!” Gu Hai shouted as he pulled on the artistic conception zither string at his waist.

Then, Ensnaring Performance pulled hard.


Gu Hai instantly soared towards the root wall as he carried Long Wanyu in his embrace.

Just then, Gu Hai also took something out. It was not the century lifespan immortality peach but a crimson saber.

“Break!” Gu Hai roared while glaring.


Gu Hai cut a hole in the root wall with the powerful crimson saber.

Then, he flew out of the hole while carrying Long Wanyu.

“Lad, how dare you cheat me?!” The enraged Mister Dongfang waved his hand.


Tree roots immediately swelled and rose.

Gu Hai had a soul seed. He held it between Long Wanyu and himself, protecting them from the sinister winds. The zither string’s pull was especially strong, instantly drawing the two far away.

“We are saved! We are saved!” the demonic phantom rejoiced.

Long Wanyu no longer cared about Gu Hai hugging her. Instead, she opened her eyes wide.

I escaped? I managed to escape?


Before the two could celebrate, a root wrapped around Gu Hai’s right leg.


Gu Hai swung his saber.

However, a hundred more roots bound Gu Hai in an instant, even wrapping around the right arm that held the saber, preventing it from moving.

This was not the most horrifying thing. A wave of roots surged over, looking like it would swallow the two up in a sea of roots.

“It’s over! We can’t run!” the demonic phantom cried out in despair.

Long Wanyu was frightened silly by this scene.

Gu Hai revealed a bleak smile. We can’t escape?

Gu Hai pulled at his waist with his left hand, undoing the zither string there, and hastily wrapped it around Long Wanyu’s waist. Then, he shoved the soul seed in his hand into Long Wanyu’s hand.

This startled the frightened Long Wanyu to her senses. She suddenly felt an icy-cold soul seed in her hand and a tight feeling around her waist.

Mister Dongfang already broke my soul seed and zither string. This is? This is Gu Hai’s?

“Long Wanyu, don’t be too wilful in the future!” Gu Hai pushed Long Wanyu away with a bleak smile.


The zither string pulled on Long Wanyu, causing her to shoot off into the distance.

When the zither string pulled her away, her eyes opened wide as she stared at Gu Hai, watching him get grabbed back and drown in the sea of arm-like roots.


Thanks to the soul seed, Long Wanyu did not suffer any interference from the sinister winds. The zither string immediately yanked her out of the ritual array like a fishing line pulling a fish out of water.

“We are saved! We are saved!” the demonic phantom cheered excitedly.

The demonic phantom was excited, but Long Wanyu was completely stupefied. At the very end, Gu Hai gave me a chance to live? He gave me the soul seed and the zither string, letting me escape at the cost of the tree roots consuming him?

Long Wanyu would never forget that scene. Even while being pulled into the air, she kept seeing the scene of Gu Hai being swallowed by the roots in her mind.

No one has ever been so nice to me aside from Mother and Elder Sister.

I even wanted to kill him and caused him trouble previously, even lied to him earlier. However, he ended up dying to that baddie to save me?

Within a short period, Long Wanyu had met the worst person in the world and the nicest person in the world. The stark contrast completely stupefied her. Only Gu Hai’s final words remained in her mind.

Long Wanyu, don’t be too wilful in the future!

The demonic phantom celebrated for a while before Long Wanyu started crying with bloodshot eyes, “Brother-in-Law!”


Long Wanyu continued getting pulled into the distant sky.


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