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Everlasting Immortal Firmament – Volume 3 Chapter 118: You Reap What You Sow Bahasa Indonesia

Book 3: Chapter 118: You Reap What You Sow

Lord Chen, Gu Hai, and Sima Changkong left Northern Lookout City and rushed to Southern Suppression City.

“Mister Gu, we don’t know how many generations that Mister Dongfang’s inheritance has been passed down or his current cultivation. However, there is something strange about him. The Heavenly Palace Realm expert we sent never returned. Are you really going to check this out?” Sima Changkong said, feeling misgivings.

“I think that it would be even more difficult to get information about Long Xiaoyue’s two remaining spiritual souls from Lu Yang, right?” Gu Hai countered with a bitter smile.

“However, that Mister Dongfang is a lifespan cultivator. Although you received two soul seeds from Mo Yike, there would still be problems if Mister Dongfang discovers you; it would be difficult to escape,” Sima Changkong said worriedly.

Gu Hai remained silent for a while. Then, he shook his head and said, “I have a way to escape.”

“Oh?” This somewhat startled Sima Changkong. Why is Gu Hai so confident?

After Sima Changkong gave the matter some thought, his eyes lit up. “Could it be…”

“Mister Sima has seen it before. Haha! However, I will need the prince’s cooperation this time. When the two armies face each other, we will need to disrupt Army Breaker. Otherwise, it will be too dangerous for me.” Gu Hai smiled.

Sima Changkong showed a faint bitter smile as he said, “Mister Gu, is it worth such effort? It is just Long Xiaoyue’s two spiritual souls, after all.”

After some silence, Gu Hai smiled faintly and replied, “Wanqing is my wife. Would she ignore this if she were alive?”

“Huh?” Sima Changkong felt slightly startled.

“Wanqing would not ignore this. As Wanqing’s husband, I have a duty to help her accomplish her dying wish,” Gu Hai said with certainty as he shook his head.

“Very well.” Sima Changkong let out a soft sigh.

The group soon arrived at Southern Suppression City. Then, Sima Changkong went to convince Prince Shenwu to cooperate with Gu Hai’s operation.

At Long Wanyu’s residence:

Long Wanyu looked at a washbasin in front of her.

“Demonic phantom, your ritual array is quite useful. It can actually monitor Gu Hai’s residence? Fortunately, Gu Hai was not around for the past few days, so I managed to lay the transmitting ritual array there. He has returned today. Haha!” Long Wanyu looked excitedly at the scene in the washbasin.

“Of course. How many people in this world are as knowledgeable as me?” The demonic phantom’s voice came from within Long Wanyu’s body.

“Humph! I will make that big baddie Gu Hai suffer this time. He will never expect that I dug a Heavenly Pepper pit in his residence. Let him suffer from the spiciness!” Excitement flashed in Long Wanyu’s eyes.

“Once the Heavenly Pepper touches his body, his eyes will go red, and he will keep tearing up. However, isn’t such a trap too low level? Only making him cry? I have an even more incredible one that can cripple Gu Hai,” the demonic phantom tempted.

“I want the Heavenly Pepper. The Heavenly Pepper it is. He made me cry several times, so I will make him cry. At that time, I will go and mock him. Cut the crap. My pranking him does not concern you,” Long Wanyu said while glaring.

The demonic phantom: “…”

I helped you to come up with this plan, alright? Furthermore, I taught you how to lay the transmitting ritual array and set up the Heavenly Pepper pit!

“Gu Hai returned! Hahaha! As long as he walks into the backyard, he will be in for it!” Long Wanyu said excitedly.

Long Wanyu looked at that washbasin in anticipation.

At this moment, Gu Hai had invited Venerable Liu Nian over.

“Why is that old baldy Liu Nian there?” Long Wanyu frowned.

“Perhaps they are discussing something?” the demonic phantom suggested.

“Let me hear. How do you increase the volume of your lousy ritual array?” Long Wanyu said.

The demonic phantom: “…”

After making some adjustments, Long Wanyu could hear the discussion on the other side.

Gu Hai chatted with Venerable Liu Nian for some time in that scene.

“What? Is what you say true? Long Xiaoyue’s heavenly soul and earthly soul?” Venerable Liu Nian said excitedly.

“Indeed. I don’t know what the outcome will be, but there is at least some hope, right?” Gu Hai smiled.

“Good, good! Gu Hai, give me the other soul seed. I’ll go with you. I’ll go and search for Xiaoyue’s two spiritual souls with you. I will go even to hell to find Long Xiaoyue’s two spiritual souls,” Venerable Liu Nian said excitedly.

“Sorry to trouble Venerable with this.” Gu Hai smiled.

“It is no trouble at all, none at all!” Venerable Liu Nian said excitedly.

“We will need to make some preparations before we go searching for Long Xiaoyue’s two spiritual souls. Sima Changkong went to meet with the supreme commander. Hopefully, the army will coordinate with us. There will be only one chance,” Gu Hai said gravely.

Back at Long Wanyu’s residence:

Long Wanyu’s mind buzzed.

“Venerable Liu Nian is there as well. Should we make the two of them fall into the pit?” the demonic phantom laughed.

However, Long Wanyu ignored the demonic phantom. Her initial excitement faded. Now, a dazed expression appeared on her face. “They are discussing my mother? They are discussing my mother’s souls?”

“Isn’t Long Xiaoyue dead?” the demonic phantom said, feeling confused.

“Shut up. I want my mother. Mother? Can Mother come back to life? I want my mother! Are they going to look for my mother? I want to go too! I want to go!” Long Wanyu immediately became excited again.


Long Wanyu kicked the doors open and rushed off.

“Princess!” a group of subordinates immediately saluted.

“Scram! Don’t get in my way!” Long Wanyu kicked someone aside and ran out.

The subordinate who got kicked appeared speechless.

Long Wanyu ran out and stopped an immortal crane carriage. Then, she kicked off the general riding it.

“Go. To Gu Hai’s residence! To Gu Hai’s residence!” Long Wanyu yelled at the immortal crane.

Coo! The immortal crane carried Long Wanyu into the air.

The unlucky general who got kicked off when he flew by Long Wanyu’s residence got back to his feet and roared furiously, “How bold! Who dared to kick me?! Step forward if you have the guts! Let’s have a duel!”

After shouting, the general saw that the immortal crane carriage had already flown far away, with a familiar-looking woman riding on it.

Just at this moment, Long Wanyu’s subordinates gave chase. However, one of them remained behind. That subordinate looked at the general and said, “This general, you are very courageous.”


“Our princess likes dueling the most. However, everyone avoids her. To think that you took the initiative to challenge her to a duel! What is your family name? Which battalion are you from? Which division? Oh, don’t mind me. I am just responsible for the princess’s paperwork. I also help her record the things that she needs to do, so that I can remind her about them. Tell me, where do you stay? The princess will come to visit some other day to answer this challenge.”

“Princess Wanyu?” That general’s expression changed, showing horror.

“Indeed. The princess never backs off from a challenge. Where do you stay? What is your family name?”

The general: “…”

“Don’t run! I haven’t recorded anything yet. Hey, don’t run so fast! Stop!”

At Gu Hai’s residence:

Gu Hai was currently discussing how to get to Mister Dongfang with Venerable Liu Nian when the doors to his residence burst open.


When Long Wanyu kicked the doors open, the noise made everyone’s face sink.

“Gu Hai, get out here! Gu Hai!” Long Wanyu roared.

Ensnaring Performance came out to investigate the commotion and saw Long Wanyu. His expression changed. “You again?”

Clearly, the memory of being chased after by Long Wanyu with a whip remained fresh in Ensnaring Performance’s mind.

“Get lost, you pervert!” Long Wanyu yelled with a glare.

Ensnaring Performance immediately disappeared.

While I cannot afford to offend her, I can hide from her.

As Long Wanyu had seen where Gu Hai was in the washbasin, she soon arrived at the hall where he was.


Long Wanyu entered.

“Princess?” Venerable Liu Nian said in shock.

“You are going to find my mother’s souls? I want to go too!” Long Wanyu immediately said with excitement.

“Huh?” Gu Hai raised his eyebrows and asked, “How did you know about my conversation with Venerable Liu Nian?”

“Never you mind! I want to go. That is my mother!” Long Wanyu yelled.

“No. Only two people can go. I already discussed this with Venerable Liu Nian. Furthermore, how did you know about our conversation?” Gu Hai said.

“Huh?” Venerable Liu Nian looked up and immediately saw some spirit stones on the roof beams.

Gu Hai noticed it as well. The spirit stones only gave off faint wisps of fog. Their color was similar to the roof beams, making them inconspicuous.

“You must have used this to monitor us. The princess has used it in the past. I was wondering why she came to your residence while you were not here. So…”

“A surveillance device?” This slightly startled Gu Hai, and he looked at Long Wanyu coldly.

“That has nothing to do with me. Gu Hai, where are my mother’s souls? Tell me!” Long Wanqing said anxiously.

“Sorry. You’d best not interfere with this matter. Only two people can go. I already discussed it with Venerable Liu Nian. Just wait for our news.” Gu Hai shook his head.

Long Wanyu suddenly recalled something and cried out, “Soul seed? What is this soul seed you were talking about?”

After that, she suddenly noticed two black seeds on the table.

“Is that it? I can find my mother with it? I want one! I want one!” Long Wanyu rushed over.

Gu Hai’s face sank. Then, his figure flashed as he rushed towards the soul seeds. This was a rare opportunity. He could not let Long Wanyu ruin it.

The two rushed towards the soul seeds at the same time.

Long Wanyu ran with all her might. However, Gu Hai was a little closer. Furthermore, he possessed astonishing explosive power, which allowed him to scoop up the two soul seeds instantly.

Despite rushing with all her might, Long Wanyu failed to grab the soul seeds. However, it was too late to brake. She crashed into the table and tumbled into the backyard.

“Oh no!” The demonic phantom’s voice suddenly rang out. However, only Long Wanyu could hear it.


The table flew out along with Long Wanyu; both of them fell in the backyard.


Suddenly, a large pit appeared in the backyard. Long Wanyu had fallen into it.

This pit was very ordinary, except for a faint red aura, which immediately entered Long Wanyu’s nose. However, the others did not see it.

“Oh? She even dug a pit in my backyard. However, what is the point of this pit? There is nothing in it? It’s only waist deep. What are you trying to do?” Gu Hai appeared puzzled.

“It’s over. The Heavenly Pepper! You absorbed the Heavenly Pepper!” the demonic phantom exclaimed in horror.

The instant the Heavenly Pepper entered Long Wanyu’s nose, her eyes turned red.

“Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob! Wail! Wail! Wail! Wail! Gu Hai, I want the soul seed! I want to find my mother! I want to find my mother!”

Long Wanyu’s tearful eyes immediately turned bloodshot as her tears flowed uncontrollably. Tears of despair flowed down her pained, sorrowful face.

When Gu Hai saw Long Wanyu cry like that, his expression turned stiff.

She is crying so sorrowfully? Gu Hai felt some guilt in his heart. Wanyu told me to take care of Long Wanyu, yet I bullied her over and over again. Have I gone overboard?


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