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Book 2: Chapter 97: Fu Xue’s Death

On the gigantic peony flower:

Gu Qin led a group of ten evil men, all of them frowning as they looked at the nearby death puzzle.

They saw Gu Hai turn into a transparent Go stone when he entered and landed among the transparent Go stones. Following that, they saw a transparent Go stone shatter.

“A Go stone by Milord’s side shattered? Did Milord kill that person?”

“Another transparent Go stone shattered? Milord killed another person!”

“This time, ten shattered at the same time. Milord killed ten this time?”

“Oh no! All the transparent Go stones are gathering towards Milord. They are going to gang up on Milord!”

“What should we do?”

At first, the evil men felt anxious. However, they were soon startled.

“The transparent Go stones are shattering at a faster pace. Milord is starting a massacre?”

“Just like at the First Song Sect, he is slaughtering the spirit-assimilated cultivators?”

“However, there are over thirty thousand of them. Can Milord handle all of them alone?”

“Wow! This time, it’s one hundred. One hundred transparent Go stones shattered!”

“Why does this look as easy as harvesting wheat?”

Despite the many people, no one could stop Gu Hai. A large number of Go stones shattered.

Gu Qin’s eyes filled with joy. His adoptive father had started a massacre, demonstrating a ferocious side. Only how long had passed before five hundred Go stones shattered? How long could these spirit-assimilated cultivators last?

As Gu Qin and his group paid attention to this, many people outside did so as well. After all, Gu Hai’s appearance had caught everyone’s attention long ago. This was especially so when he solved the life puzzle. Many people watch Gu Hai’s every action.

When the cultivators saw Gu Hai turn into a transparent Go stone, they first felt disdain, then shock, and finally horror.

“How horrifying! Did Gu Hai kill them? In this short while, he has slaughtered eight hundred spirit-assimilated cultivators?”

“Although I cannot see the scene in the Go puzzle, it is definitely Gu Hai. That Go stone is Gu Hai!”

“Is the bloody scene of the First Song Sect going to reappear?”

“Does Gu Hai want to kill more than thirty thousand spirit-assimilated cultivators this time? How does this demon—this monster—cultivate?”

“Most of these thirty thousand-odd people are Peony Sect disciples, right? If Gu Hai really kills them all, then can it be considered as Gu Hai destroying the five major sects of Nine-Five Island by himself?”

“Great Feng Mafia Family, completely destroyed! Clear River Sect, completely destroyed! First Song Sect, completely destroyed! Dragon Pinning Sect, completely destroyed! Peony Sect, completely destroyed? The complete destruction of all the five sects is related to Gu Hai!”

“Old Demon Gu! How dangerous! How close! Good thing we did not block him earlier!”

“Indeed. To think that you lot went to try and block Gu Hai. Do you see it now? The spirit-assimilated cultivators are dying in droves!”

The cultivators watched as the Go stones continuously shattered at a rapid pace. Many people revealed shocked expressions. Old Demon Gu’s ferocity already left an imprint deep in their hearts, inspiring chariness in the depths of their souls.

In the valley where Gu Hai was at in the death puzzle:

The crimson saber pushed Gu Hai’s strength to its limits. Everywhere the Life Ender Saber went, it brought horror and fear.

Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

Ten sword strikes had landed on Gu Hai. However, dry white bones filled the area under his feet. Without much time passing, there were already two thousand sets of skeletons.

The one-sided massacre horrified the spirit-assimilated cultivators.

Despite charging over in large numbers, they could only die to Gu Hai’s saber. The scene of countless tiny skulls devouring people induced terror in the demonic spirit-assimilated cultivators.

“Demon! Save me! Ah!” One of the spirit-assimilated cultivators turned and ran into the distance.

“Get back here!” Fu Xue shouted, trapped by the Dragon Fixing Hoop.

“I don’t want to! Primogenitor, I’m not doing it anymore! I quit!” that spirit-assimilated cultivator shouted in fear as he continued running.

“Humph!” Fu Xue snorted coldly.

Bang! That fleeing spirit-assimilated cultivator immediately exploded, turning into a blood mist filling the air and dying without a corpse.

The surrounding spirit-assimilated cultivators shivered. Their primogenitor could kill all of them with a thought?

“Those who dare to flee will immediately explode and die. You can survive only by advancing. Continue! Kill Gu Hai. Even if you tire him to death, do that! Roar!” the flood dragon Fu Xue roared.

“Kill!” The spirit-assimilated cultivators turned their heads and charged at Gu Hai with war cries.

As there were so many weapons and attacks, it would be hard to avoid all of them. However, Gu Hai had the Life Ender Saber, and his bones had mutated. When a sword was about to strike his body, bones with a metallic sheen suddenly appeared outside his body.


The metallic bones blocked the sword.


Now, Gu Hai made several metallic bones come out of his body. As they stuck to his body, they looked like armor.


Gu Hai let out a cold snort.

Now, countless spirit-assimilated cultivators charged forward. Since Gu Hai had armor, he did not worry about defense and now focused on offense. When he swung his saber, he instantly struck one hundred spirit-assimilated cultivators.


Chomp! Chomp! Chomp!

Gu Hai’s attack chopped apart a large number of spirit-assimilated cultivators at the waist. Then, the tiny skulls in the Life Ender Saber’s black energy rushed forward and feasted frantically.

Rattle! Rattle!

The dry bones fell to the ground and scattered over a large area. They kept accumulating, forming a small mountain.

Not far away, the struggling flood dragon showed a horrified expression.

“That’s impossible! What is that saber? How could it be like this?” Fu Xue stared at Gu Hai in shock.

Rattle! Rattle!

Dry bones scattered in the air, the crimson saber swept through the place, and the black energy spread everywhere. As the spirit-assimilated cultivators were densely packed together, Gu Hai could kill them very quickly. Soon, he had reduced eight thousand-odd spirit-assimilated cultivators to dry bones.

With this rate of killing, not to mention the countless cultivators watching outside, feeling horrified and muttering “Old Demon Gu Hai,” even the suppressed Fu Xue was startled and horrified.

The spirit-assimilated cultivators had already somewhat lost their will to fight upon seeing the horrifying massacre. Some fought until their eyes turned bloodshot. However, no matter what they did, Gu Hai was like a giant meat grinder, continuously tearing the steady flow of spirit-assimilated cultivators apart.

Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

Outside, Gu Qin and the others held their breath as they watched the transparent Go stones. A Go stone in the center trembled slightly while the surrounding Go stones shattered.

“First Young Master, twelve thousand transparent Go stones have shattered already,” one of the evil men said while gulping.

Why does Milord seem even more horrifying each time?

Previously, he took two or three days to kill five or six thousand First Song Sect disciples, right? Now, he took only a little more than half an hour to kill more than ten thousand people. How could it be like that? How did Milord grow?

At the battle in the Go puzzle:

The flood dragon showed a horrified expression as it squirmed frantically. It wanted to struggle free of this enlarged Dragon Fixing Hoop pressing down on it. At the same time, it urged the spirit-assimilated cultivators to delay Gu Hai. If they could not delay Gu Hai, then it would be in danger, so it immediately exploded anyone who dared to run.

Hence, the spirit-assimilated cultivators charged at Gu Hai in an endless stream, sending themselves to death. They managed to strike Gu Hai many times. However, Gu Hai’s bone armor blocked all their attacks.


The flood dragon roared and managed to lift the Dragon Fixing Hoop a little after using its full power.

“Why! Why! Why does the Dragon Fixing Hoop have the power to suppress dragons! I refuse to accept this! I refuse!” Fu Xue roared ferociously.


The flood dragon bit the Dragon Fixing Hoop, hoping to break it and shatter it.


The Dragon Fixing Hoop gave off a dazzling golden light, but the flood dragon’s expression turned more ferocious as it relentlessly bit the Dragon Fixing Hoop. It understood that it could not lift the Dragon Fixing Hoop with its strength; it could only survive by destroying the Dragon Fixing Hoop.

“Song Pingsheng, you old fool! This is all your fault! Even dead, you cause me trouble!” the flood dragon cursed and swore as it chomped on the Dragon Fixing Hoop with a ferocious expression.

The Dragon Fixing Hoop belonged to Song Pingsheng. Back then, he dared to offer the First Song Sect disciples for spirit assimilation and work with the flood dragon because he had the Dragon Fixing Hoop. That was his trump card against Fu Xue. However, Gu Hai made use of it now.

The flood dragon felt boundless rage as it ferociously gnawed at the Dragon Fixing Hoop.

After two hours:


Suddenly, a small crack appeared in the large Dragon Fixing Hoop.

“A crack? I am going to break the Dragon Fixing Hoop soon. It is shattering!” the flood dragon said excitedly, as the force pressing down on it had already lessened significantly.

“Your teeth are truly tough!” A cold voice suddenly rang out beside Fu Xue’s ears.

The flood dragon’s expression changed as it turned its head to look.

Fu Xue saw Gu Hai, clad in close-fitting silvery armor and dual-wielding a bone saber and a crimson saber, looking at it coldly.

“Where is everyone?” The flood dragon’s expression changed.

When Fu Xue turned its head to look, it saw a mountain of bones. Not a single one of the thirty thousand-odd cultivators remained; all of them had turned into dry bones. The scene that greeted it was a sea of bones, looking chilling and terrifying.

“There’s no need to search for them. I already killed them all. The energy of the spirit-assimilated cultivators is in my body. It is really uncomfortable. To think that I accumulated so much, to the point of sustaining internal injuries. Ptooey! Damn! I’m even vomiting blood from it. I’m stuck at the peak of the Innate Realm, but I cannot break through into the Golden Core Realm!” Gu Hai said coldly, feeling depressed as he spat out some blood.

“You killed all of them? How can that be possible?! There were more than thirty thousand of them!” The flood dragon revealed a horrified expression.

“There’s still you, Fu Xue!” Gu Hai said coldly.

“Gu Hai, why are you trying to kill me? I do not have a grudge against you. We can even work together. It’s no big deal. I’ll follow your commands in the future!” the flood dragon yelled as its expression changed.

However, Gu Hai shook his head as he said, “Back then, I killed the Clear River Sect Master to help him find release. However, I still feel grateful to him. You are the one who turned him into something neither human nor ghost. Just take it as me taking revenge for him. Don’t beg for mercy. It will just make me look down on you!”

As Gu Hai spoke, he thrust the Life Ender Saber towards Fu Xue.

“Roar!” Fu Xue roared in fear and anger.

However, the Dragon Fixing Hoop pressed down on its body, making movement extremely difficult.


Fu Xue opened its jaws and continued gnawing the Dragon Fixing Hoop, frantically worrying the Dragon Fixing Hoop with all its might.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Suddenly, a large number of cracks appeared in the Dragon Fixing Hoop and quickly extended at a horrifying speed.

However, even with Fu Xue doing all it could to break the Dragon Fixing Hoop, it could not stop Gu Hai’s Life Ender Saber from piercing its skin.


Black energy rushed into the wound, and countless tiny skulls bit into the flood dragon Fu Xue’s flesh.



Fu Xue squirmed with all its might, continuously biting the Dragon Fixing Hoop. However, the black energy already completely encased it.

Rumble…! Rumble…!

Encased in black energy, the flood dragon struggled desperately. The Dragon Fixing Hoop gave off a final burst of golden light.



The Dragon Fixing Hoop exploded; Fu Xue had finally broken it.

However, Fu Xue’s miserable screams came from the black energy.


Fu Xue stumbled out of the black fog. However, what fell out was no longer a flood dragon but the bones of a flood dragon. Only the head still had some bits of flesh clinging to it. Its body had neither flesh nor blood.


The flood dragon let out one final sorrowful roar.


The surging black energy encased Fu Xue once more as countless skulls continued devouring its flesh. Its sorrowful roar faded only after a while, leaving the valley completely silent. Then, the black energy returned to the Life Ender Saber.

“Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough!”

Gu Hai coughed out blood as he coldly eyed the dragon bones on the ground.

“The energy from Fu Xue’s flesh and blood is indeed horrifying. Since I cannot break through to the Golden Core Realm, this energy nearly made me explode from the overload. It feels very uncomfortable having all that accumulate in my body!” Gu Hai showed an expression of extreme discomfort.

“Huh?” Gu Hai’s expression suddenly changed.

After the Dragon Fixing Hoop shattered, it turned into mist and vanished. However, something remained behind—a white crystal.


The white crystal instantly entered Gu Hai’s forehead, suddenly touched the white crystal in his forehead space, and merged with it.

Clack! The two crystals fused, producing a larger one.

The black Go stone reigned high above in the forehead space. Forty thousand Go puzzles continued merging slowly at the bottom. The white crystal below the black Go stone was the crystal left by the enchanted treasure that Old Mister Guan Qi forged, the one from which Gu Hai obtained the Twenty-Eight Line-Pair World Ritual Array. This Dragon Fixing Hoop also had a crystal?

“This crystal? Could it be? Could this be a shattered piece of Old Mister Guan Qi’s Heavenly Go Stone?” Gu Hai’s expression suddenly changed again.

“In that case, the black Go stone that I brought from Earth is not the ninth-ranked of the sixteen ancient treasures, the Heavenly Go Stone? Old Mister Guan Qi shattered the real Heavenly Go Stone and hid the shards in the enchanted treasures he forged?” Gu Hai’s face sank.

“That old monster. To think that he has so many schemes! Even in death, he still causes worry!” Gu Hai’s countenance betrayed depression.

If he were another person, he would have celebrated in joy. This was a Heavenly Go Stone fragment, after all. However, Gu Hai avoided it like a venomous creature.


Gu Hai took a long breath to calm himself. As he suppressed the discomfort, he turned his head to look at the distant peak.

However, the people on the peak had vanished long ago.

Gu Hai raised his eyebrows. “Where are they? When I arrived, they were standing in the distance. Something’s not right; something must have happened on Long Wanqing’s side. Might Meng Tai have controlled them and brought them away?”

Gu Hai took a deep breath and put away his sabers. After changing his clothes, he leaped into the distance.

When Gu Hai left, the countless cultivators outside felt shocked and terrified. All the transparent Go stones had disappeared; not even one remained. Gu Hai had killed thirty thousand-odd cultivators?

Outside the gigantic peony flower, countless cultivators felt terrified.

“Old Demon Gu!”

“Good thing I did not go and block him!”

“With this, who would dare to seek trouble for this Old Demon Gu?”

However, the people at the life puzzle felt excited.

“All the transparent Go stones shattered? Milord killed all thirty thousand-odd people? All of them?”

“Milord’s Go stone clone has changed from a transparent Go stone to a golden Go stone?”

“I understand now. After Milord killed all the transparent Go stones, his Go stone clone turned golden. That means that he has revived the transparent Go stone’s golden Go stone?”

“Milord has become a player!”

“Adoptive Father is a player too?” Gu Qin revealed joy on his face.


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