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Everlasting Immortal Firmament – Volume 2 Chapter 94.2: Not Crazy (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Book 2: Chapter 94.2: Not Crazy (2)

The golden Go stone in Fu Xue’s hand exploded.

“What? No! No!” Fu Xue suddenly cried out in alarm.

“Now that I have shattered your golden Go stone, you are crippled. You are out now!” Wei Yang said coldly.

Indeed, when the golden Go stone shattered, the countless golden threads connected to the transparent Go stones instantly broke and vanished.

Fu Xue’s figure started to fade away.

The people who held the golden Go stones were the players. Without a golden Go stone, one returned to the Go puzzle, becoming a Go stone once more.

“No! No!” As Fu Xue slowly vanished, he tried to grab Qiang Wei.

It looked like he would reach Qiang Wei soon.


Suddenly, a sword appeared in Meng Tai’s hand. Then, he chopped off Qiang Wei’s head.

“What?” Fu Xue exclaimed as his figure vanished.

“Qiang Wei is a key. Are you thinking of using this key to snatch away the golden Go stones in our hands? Well, you are thoroughly out of the game now!” Meng Tai said coldly.

Qiang Wei’s snake-haired head had a look of incredulity as it slowly vanished in the air.

The transparent Go stones immediately became like loose sand, scattering everywhere.


Meng Tai and Wei Yang each sent out a large number of Go stones to attack the transparent Go stones and immediately shattered many of them. Then, ten thousand black Go stones and ten thousand white Go stones surrounded the remainder, cornering them.

With Fu Xue eliminated, only Meng Tai and Wei Yang remained as players.

At nearly the same time, Wei Yang and Meng Tai threw a palm strike at each other.


The two palms clashed, equal in power. Then, they drew surging energy from the remaining twenty thousand-odd Go stones they each had remaining.

It seemed like twenty thousand-odd cultivators stood behind both Wei Yang and Meng Tai, placing their hands on the two, forced to send their energy to the two as the two maintained their stalemate.

The black Go stones and white Go stones faced each other.

“Meng Tai, you are truly ruthless. Qiang Wei? To think you killed her without hesitation. That was your younger sister! Oh, that’s right. You also killed Yue Yao without hesitation. She was your younger sister too. Hahahaha!” Wei Yang snarled.

“What?” Li Wei’s expression changed.

Yue Yao was Meng Tai’s younger sister?

Meng Tai looked at Wei Yang coldly, indifferent to Wei Yang’s provocation. Instead, he scoffed, “My excellent master, isn’t all this your doing? When I killed Yue Yao, I did not know she was my younger sister. As for this Qiang Wei? She was already spirit-assimilated. There’s no loss in killing her. Your plots were what made me cold-blooded!”

“Humph! You evil creature, you rebelled and tried to kill your master and even killed your younger sisters, yet you are not embarrassed to speak about me? I’ve already betrothed Feng Ling to Li Wei. Now, you have nothing left!” Wei Yang said sinisterly.

“What?” The blank expression of Feng Ling, who was beside Meng Tai, suddenly changed.

On the other hand, Li Wei looked at Feng Ling excitedly.

Meng Tai maintained the stalemate with Wei Yang. As he cracked his neck, he said coldly, “My excellent master, do you think that your words have an effect now? Feng Ling is mine. Even if I am using her, she is still mine. You say that I killed my younger sister? That was all thanks to you. Aren’t you doing the same thing anyway? You schemed against your own daughter. Even now, you are selling your daughter again so that Li Wei will obey you?”

“Humph! Excellent! Excellent! Very excellent. I should not have adopted you back then. Instead, I should have squished you to death!” Wei Yang’s cold voice rang out.

“Squished me to death? Could you have borne to? We, four disciples, were put in this state because of you alone. Do you think that I do not know? Didn’t you do all this for the inheritance here? Humph! Back then, you abducted the young me from the Peony Sect and Li Wei from the Dragon Pinning Sect. After that, you kidnapped Yue Yao from the Peony Sect as well. Without you, I would have been the Peony Sect Master, and Li Wei would have been the Dragon Pinning Sect Master!” Meng Tai said coldly.

“What? Meng Tai, what did you say?” Li Wei goggled, feeling confused.

“Third Junior Brother, you still don’t know, right? You are the son of the previous Dragon Pinning Sect Master. Li Wei kidnapped you and brought you back to the Great Feng Mafia Family. As for Yue Yao, Qiang Wei, and me, we should be the children of the previous Peony Sect Master. Feng Ling is Wei Yang’s daughter. Do you still not understand?” Meng Tai said coldly.

“When did you find out?” Wei Yang looked at Meng Tai coldly.

“At first, I did not know. I only understood everything after seeing Qiang Wei in this Go puzzle. I understood everything then. Wei Yang, what a deep scheme! To think that you started plotting so long ago for the sake of this inheritance. Old Mister Guan Qi set up the Great Feng Mafia Family, the Dragon Pinning Sect, and the Peony Sect to guard the seal. He predicted that the inheritance would be unveiled this year, so he left the three sect masters three keys, making their children keys to solve this puzzle. However, you were not satisfied with having just Feng Ling. You even kidnapped the children of the other two sect masters. You were trying to monopolize the inheritance? Hahaha! Unfortunately, you kidnapped the wrong people. Qiang Wei was the key for the Peony Sect. Yue Yao and I were not keys. You maintained strict control over Feng Ling and Li Wei, making sure their every movement was within your grasp. However, you ignored Yue Yao and me. This resulted in Yue Yao and my rebellious nature,” Meng Tai said coldly.

“However, I did raise you all, after all!” Wei Yang countered coldly.

“Indeed. You raised us because you wanted to use us. At that time, Qiang Wei wasn’t born yet. You still weren’t sure that we were not the keys, right? So, we all had value to you!” Meng Tai said coldly.

“There’s no point in saying anything now. Meng Tai, I heard that you let Li Wei have Feng Ling for the sake of the dragon vein back then. You could even do this to your wife. Hahaha! Aren’t you just using Feng Ling as well?” Wei Yang countered coldly.

“So what if I used her? Feng Ling is my wife. Had I not done that, I would have died. In the future, I will make it up to her for everything I owe her!” Meng Tai said coldly.

At the side, Feng Ling revealed a faint bleak smile.

“Make it up? There’s no need. You are going to die now!” Wei Yang said coldly.

As Wei Yang spoke, he performed a pinching motion. Then, a thread suddenly emerged and connected to Feng Ling.


When Wei Yang pulled hard, Feng Ling soared up involuntarily. She instantly appeared in front of Meng Tai. Meng Tai’s palm strike contained the combined energy of twenty thousand people, possessing extreme power. If this attack so much as touched her, she could die.

It looked like Feng Ling would die at Meng Tai’s hands.

Meng Tai’s expression changed. “You bastard, old fogey. You actually planted a technique in Feng Ling’s body in the past? You are going to let Feng Ling die so you can get the inheritance?”

Meng Tai’s expression changed as he moved his palm to the side, trying to avoid Feng Ling.

“Humph!” Wei Yan revealed a sinister smile as he put more energy into his palm strike.


Meng Tai vomited a mouthful of blood. He suffered a heavy strike as he tried to avoid Feng Ling.

“Die!” Wei Yang roared ferociously.

“Father!” A tear trickled out of the corner of Feng Ling’s eyes. She showed an expression of despair as she looked at Wei Yang, as even though Meng Tai avoided her, with Wei Yang using his full power, the shock wave would still reach Feng Ling and kill her.

“No!” Li Wei suddenly roared as he rammed Wei Yang.

“What?! You unfilial disciple!”

Wei Yang had not guarded against Li Wei. Li Wei’s attack staggered him, causing the direction of his attack to shift.

This saved Feng Ling and made Wei Yang’s strike fail.

“You old fogey!”


Meng Tai quickly retaliated, landing a palm strike on Wei Yang.

Blargh! “Argh!”

Caught off guard, Wei Yang went flying from Meng Tai’s attack. The horrifying force maimed Wei Yang’s body.


The twenty thousand-odd images behind Wei Yang suddenly vanished.


Meng Tai turned and landed a palm strike on Li Wei.


Li Wei also vomited a mouthful of blood, likewise knocked into the air with a mangled body.

“Elder Brother Li Wei!” Feng Ling suddenly exclaimed.

Meng Tai was surprised at Feng Ling’s response. However, he did not hesitate to grab the golden Go stone that Wei Yang dropped.

Now, Meng Tai held one golden Go stone in each hand.

“Hahahaha! You old fool! Now, I control both the black Go stones and the white Go stones. I am the only player now. All of you lost. I am the only winner! The only winner! Hahahaha!” Meng Tai guffawed.

As Meng Tai laughed, he used the golden Go stones and gathered all the black Go stones and white Go stones. Then, he drew energy from forty thousand-odd cultivators and sent a ferocious palm strike at Wei Yang and Li Wei. “Die!”

“No!” Feng Ling suddenly exclaimed as she leaped forward to shield Li Wei.

“What?” Meng Tai’s expression changed drastically. However, it was already too late for him to pull his palm back.

Despite Meng Tai doing his best to stop his attack, the force was still horrifyingly immense when it struck Feng Ling.


Feng Ling vomited a mouthful of blood and immediately fell limp. It seemed like this palm strike shattered all her bones.

“No! No! Feng Ling! Why?! Why?!” Meng Tai hugged Feng Ling in horror.

However, Feng Ling was already completely limp, bleeding from all her facial orifices.

“Feng Ling!” Li Wei called out weakly from where he lay at the side.

“Elder Brother Li Wei, I’m your Yue Yao!” Feng Ling said with a bleak smile.

“No! Feng Ling, didn’t you get better? Why did this happen again?! No! You are not Yue Yao!” Meng Tai cried out in horror.

Feng Ling turned her head to look at Meng Tai. She seemed to be experiencing a dying flash, her face flushing red as she looked at Meng Tai and caressed his face. Then, she gently shook her head, appearing sorrowful. “I’m not crazy. Husband, from the very start…I was not crazy from the very start. I always knew who I was.”

“You are not crazy?” Meng Tai and Li Wei both looked at Feng Ling in shock.

“You both thought that I went crazy, but I did not. Cough! Cough! Cough!” Feng Ling said weakly as she vomited blood.

Meng Tai quickly took out some medicinal pills and tried to feed them to Feng Ling.

However, when the medicinal pills entered her mouth, even more blood leaked out.

“No! No! Why?!” Meng Tai shouted in horror.

“I do love you, Husband. I do love you. However, it was too late. You returned too late!” Feng Ling said in despair while coughing.

“What’s too late? What’s too late?” Meng Tai roared, appearing distraught.

“In the first two years of being captured by Elder Brother Li Wei, I wanted to resist. However, he forced me to take Yue Yao’s place. During the third and fourth years, my resistance gradually weakened. I pretended to be Yue Yao while I waited for you to come back. However, you did not. In the tenth year, I no longer rejected Elder Brother Li Wei. However, you were still in my heart. By the fifteenth year, I accepted Elder Brother Li Wei, accepted the identity of Yue Yao. Perhaps I could no longer wait for you. I would be Yue Yao from then on.

“During the five years after that, I hypnotized myself, saying that I was Yue Yao. I found that I was quite happy. Although Elder Brother Li Wei vented his frustration on me sometimes, he was really good to me. I slowly fell in love with Elder Brother Li Wei. I was Yue Yao. I was willing to be Yue Yao. I liked being Yue Yao. I loved Elder Brother Li Wei. I slowly started to forget you.

“However…however, why did you appear again?

“Why did you return so late?

“It was too late!

“When I gave my heart to Elder Brother Li Wei, you returned!

“Why were you so late?

“It was too late! It was too late! Too late!” Feng Ling said weakly.

“Feng Ling, it’s fine. I still returned in the end, right?! I still returned!” Meng Tai’s eyes turned bloodshot.

“Cough! Cough! Cough! Husband, I know that you used me, but I don’t blame you. I know that you were using me when we got married. However, I was happy. I do not blame you. I also know that you let Elder Brother Li Wei have me. I do not blame you for that, either. Really. I never blamed you, Husband!” Feng Ling gasped.

“Everything will be fine, Feng Ling!” Meng Tai said anxiously.

Since Meng Tai could not feed Feng Ling the medicinal pill, he infused his Veritable Energy into Feng Ling’s body. However, her body was already in a terrible state; there was no way to save her.

“Husband. Cough! Cough! I’m dying. I only have one request. I know that you will not let Elder Brother Li Wei off. I will not beg you to do that. I only ask one last thing. I beg you!” Feng Ling could no longer keep her eyes open.

“Speak. Speak,” Meng Tai said with tears rolling down his cheeks.

“After we die, bury us together. Let me be buried with Elder Brother Li Wei, alright?” Feng Ling squeezed out her last two drops of tears. Then, she stopped breathing.

Meng Tai remained frozen there as he hugged Feng Ling.

Feng Ling’s last request is to be buried with Li Wei? With Li Wei? Feng Ling’s sorrowful words echoed in Meng Tai’s head.

It was too late! You returned too late!

It was too late! You returned too late!

It was too late! You returned too late!

It was like a demonic voice filling Meng Tai’s head while he hugged Feng Ling. His eyes brimmed with tears as he remained frozen there. In the end, Feng Ling chose Li Wei. I was too late?

“Feng Ling!” Li Wei cried in despair at the side.


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