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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 312 Bahasa Indonesia

“So, does that mean I’m not different from my other sisters? And some of my uncles are not fallen angels? We are all just demons that were created by a God?” Beldathiel asked as she looked at Mykel sitting on the chair next to the bed.

“He made that all up, and his loyal companions used that story as their past. But what makes you think that they’re not an angel or divine beings? Didn’t I say that he made them resemble him?” Mykel responded as he crossed his legs.

Beldathiel furrowed her eyebrows as she hugged her body pillow. She looked so confused and waited for Mykel to explain it to her.

“Some have powerful magic like him. Some have unbelievable strength like him. Some have his appearance. Some have his personality. Some even have his divinity. They’re the same but different, and you’re who you are,” Mykel explained as he leaned on the chair and crossed his arms.

“You can ask your father personally if you still don’t believe me. The answer will be the same, but if you want, I can send you back,” Mykel said.

Beldathiel shook her head as she kept staring at Mykel.

“No, it’s quite the opposite. I trust you, and I don’t want to go back there because in here, I…” Beldathiel paused as she closed her eyes.

Mykel furrowed his eyebrows as he chuckled because he thought Beldathiel had fallen asleep in her mid-sentence.

“I don’t feel lonely here even though I prefer solitude. I feel happy when I see you here when I open my eyes,” Beldathiel said as she opened her eyes and stared blankly at the wall.

“If that’s the case, you don’t mind if I lay down on the bed, right? I haven’t slept in days,” Mykel asked as he stood up.

Beldathiel hummed as she watched Mykel walk to the other side of the bed. She could feel the bed moving, and then suddenly she heard Mykel groan.

“I almost forgot that I have this in my pocket,” Mykel said as he pulled out the dagger from his blazer.

“Isn’t that Lilith’s dagger? How did you get that?” Beldathiel asked.

“She came down under Luciel’s order. I thought it was a nice opportunity to take her back with me, but it happened so fast that Mazikeen took care of her and made her flee before I could do anything,” Mykel said as he stared at the dagger.

“That dagger is indestructible, and I heard it’s the only weapon that can withstand Lucy’s sword,” Beldathiel said.

Mykel hummed as he nodded his head in agreement and removed his loafers.

Beldathiel looked at Mykel’s face as she hugged her body pillow. “You haven’t told me the answer to my question,” Beldathiel asked.

Mykel flipped and played with the dagger with his right hand as he stared at Beldathiel. He then turned his body toward her and sat next to her. He slowly put his left index finger on Beldathiel’s forehead.

“I’m the one who created him,” Mykel telepathically answered Beldathiel.

Beldathiel furrowed her eyebrows as she stared at Mykel with her eyes wide open.

“Have you wondered why she’s called the protector of the universe? Because she’s not the one who created it. I am,” Mykel telepathically said as he kept staring at her. “I’m the one who created her, the whole universe, and the story of every individual with my right hand, and a piece of paper,” Mykel continued.

Beldathiel gulped as she watched Mykel lay down on the bed next to her.

“I know everything like I’m reading a book,” Mykel said quietly with his eyebrows raised. “I can rewrite everything and destroy the written story of every individual, including you,” Mykel continued as he stared at the ceiling.

Beldathiel didn’t know what she was feeling. Was it nervous or fear, one thing for sure was that her heart was beating so fast and too weak to move her body.

“Everyone that follows me right now, some of them are my favorites. Some of them are just necessary, but you, you’re one of our favorites,” Mykel said. “With that being said, I will not let anyone have you,” Mykel looked at Beldathiel.

“The only proof of what I said is the dice that you possess. That dice, somehow can defy almost everything, and I did make it like that just because I wanted to,” Mykel said as he put his hands behind his head.

Beldathiel summoned the dice and held iy with both hands. She stared at it for quite a while and realized Mykel wasn’t just sugar-coating his words. Belphegor didn’t know how he could create something like that. He didn’t even believe it at first since it was just a normal dice until Beldathiel was able to do something terrifying with it.

“You said that you have written everyone’s story. What was my story?” Beldathiel asked.

“You would die in Asmond’s hand, not because you lost the fight, but because you were uncertain about everything. You thought to yourself, that everything that happened, it didn’t make any sense to you at all. Why the demons attacked the mortal world, why Gods helping them, why he was sitting among the Gods,” Mykel answered.

“You sought for the truth, but you didn’t manage to get it no matter how hard you tried. You died because you had enough of it,” Mykel said. “The truth was revealed once Asmond defeated Luciel, and that was when he killed his own daughter to take the sealed power,” Mykel continued.

“Did Asmond kill him?” Beldathiel asked as she got up from bed.

“He did kill him, and prevented him from creating the perfect Luciel thanks to her help, of course. He believed if he managed to create the perfect Luciel, he could defeat her, but it didn’t go as he planned,” Mykel answered as he nodded his head.

“If he managed to create the perfect Luciel, do you think he was right?” Beldathiel asked as she looked at Mykel.

“Who knows, but that’s something I would like to see myself because I really don’t know,” Mykel answered.

“I see, then what about this? Are you the one who makes it like this?” Beldathiel asked as she showed her big golden feather wings on her back. The feathers were made of gold, and they were as soft as down feathers.

“Yes, we both did. We even have a name for you. The Sleeping Beauty,” Mykel answered as he touched the feathers with his left hand.

“You said we. Is there anyone else besides you?” Beldathiel asked with her eyebrows furrowed as she crawled closer to Mykel, and sat right next to him.

“Yes, there were two of us, a woman who made everything with me,” Mykel answered and showed a bit of grim on his face.

Beldathiel grabbed Mykel’s hand which had been busy rubbing her right wing. She put her wings back inside as she rubbed Mykel’s hand, and then she removed the glove.

“And where is she now? Is she here somewhere?” Beldathiel asked as she kept holding Mykel’s hand.

“No, she’s dead. She killed herself,” Mykel answered as he shook his head.

Beldathiel awkwardly leaned her head on Mykel’s chest as she put her body on top of him. Mykel on the other hand stared at her with a smile and chuckled a bit because she was in a fetal position on top of him like a baby.

“What are you doing?” Mykel asked with his eyebrows raised.

“I don’t know, but it feels comfortable here,” Beldathiel mumbled. “Is she someone important to you?” Beldathiel asked.

“Yes, you can say that,” Mykel answered as he wrapped his arms around Beldathiel’s waist so she wouldn’t fall off.

Beldathiel hummed but didn’t say anything.

“This whole conversation. I want you to keep it to yourself, and don’t tell anyone about it. You’re the only one who knows about me, and I trust you with it,” Mykel said telepathically.

Beldathiel lifted her head to look at Mykel’s face. She looked a bit surprised, but then she smiled as she crawled up to his face.

“I will,” Beldathiel replied as she hugged Mykel around his neck.

“I know that I’m strong, but your body is still heavy, and I’m trying to get some sleep here,” Mykel said as he chuckled.

“This should be fine, right?” Beldathiel asked as she put her bottom half on the bed.

“Much better,” Mykel answered as he closed his eyes. “Good night,”

“Good night,” Beldathiel replied as she closed her eyes and kept hugging Mykel.


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