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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 309 Bahasa Indonesia

“So, did she just leave or is she hiding somewhere?” Agnez asked as she held her head. “That was a b-” before she could finish her sentence, she collapsed, but Mykel was there to catch her.

Mykel carried Agnez in his arms, and he could tell she took a huge toll on her body in that fight. He wasn’t worried about her, he was more curious about how the [Demonic Possession] skill worked. He believed it should have a drawback to using the skill, but the system would warn if there was a drawback.

Mykel looked down and saw a shiny item on the ground covered in dirt. He used [Telekinesis] to pick it up, and looked quite surprised with what he found. It was Lilith’s dagger that she left behind, or she forgot to retrieve it when she turned into a snake.

“She’s gone. Well, she’s good at almost everything, and that includes running away undetected,” Mykel answered as he walked toward the ruins with the dagger floating right behind his back.

Agnez hummed as she stared Mykel in the eye. She kept staring without blinking her eyes and took Mykel’s attention.

“What?” Mykel asked.

“I’m curious why you suddenly thought of impregnating Miss Lyneth. I thought you’re don’t like a burden or taking any unnecessary responsibility,” Agnez answered.

“You’re not wrong, but she has been useful. I have given her sex countless of times, and she thought that she wanted something more than that. She wanted marriage, but I don’t like the idea of being tied to someone,” Mykel replied.

“So you decided to make her feel special by giving her a baby. Is this how a God do things out there?” Agnez raised her eyebrow.

Mykel didn’t reply and just smirked as he scoffed.

It was just silence even after they entered the seventeenth floor. Although she was quiet, she kept clinging onto Mykel and didn’t want to go down even though she had recovered.

“Is it done? Is she okay?” Jeanne asked as she checked on Agnez who was pretending to be unconscious. She could see the wound on Agnez’s neck.

“She’s fine, she’s just sulking,” Mykel stared at Agnez as he chuckled softly.

“I’m not,” Agnez said as she jumped off from Mykel’s arms. “How’s the situation here?” Agnez asked as she massaged her neck and groaned when she touched the wound.

“As you can see here, it’s a total mess as well. Gerrard is finding the portal for us while waiting for you, of course,” Jeanne answered, and she looked curious as to why Agnez was sulking.

Gunnar walked toward Agnez and healed the wound with his gauntlet. Gerrard came back not long after that, and he found the portal quite far from where they were.

The eighteenth and nineteenth floors were the same, and it was very convenient since they didn’t have to do anything. They entered the twentieth floor, and they were even more surprised by the condition of Demon Lord Arthroxin.

His body was no longer recognizable since his body was sliced up into pieces. He was still alive, but not for so long because his blood was everywhere. They guessed that Lilith did that to him, but the reason behind it was still unknown. Even Mykel thought that Lilith wasn’t that stupid or reckless to do something like that.

Mykel decided to check Lilith’s [Character] story, and he was surprised when he found out that she was ordered by someone. He chuckled, and that made everyone glance at him with weird looks on their faces.

“Go and kill him, Jeanne. Take the soul, and make yourself stronger,” Mykel said as he held Lilith’s dagger and stared at it.

Jeanne nodded and went to kill Arthroxin.

[Dagger of Soul-Marking: A dagger that Satan himself made. The dagger is indestructible and can cut anything, even a divine being. The dagger can leave a mark on the target when stabbed with a variety of effects. [Power], [Life], or [Luck] depends on the intention of the wielder. In exchange, the marked soul will belong to Satan himself once they die, making the soul to have a special place in [Gehanna], trapped and punished for eternity. (Can only choose one of the effects. Once marked, it cannot be erased)]

“What’s that dagger?” Lillith asked.

“A dagger that will give you what you need, but you will regret it when it ends. Would you like to try?” Mykel asked as he pointed the dagger at Lillith.

“No, thanks,” Lillith shook her head.

Mykel chuckled as he put the dagger inside his blazer.

A notification appeared and Jeanne had killed Arthroxin. They all then left the tower after they looted the chests.

“Boss, when are we going to be able clear the tower with ease? I know that you want us to clear the towers for you, but encountering demon princesses, I don’t think we will be able to survive,” Gunnar asked with a worried expression.

“You can help us right? I mean you have been observing us ever since you cleared the Veatika World. If you really want to clear the towers, why don’t you do it like how you did it back then?” Rozan looked at Mykel with curiosity.

Everyone kept walking and opened their ears so widely because they were curious about it as well.

“The rule of the world. That’s the reason why I can’t do anything because I have been punished for breaking the rule. Not once, but twice,” Mykel answered.

“The rule of the world?” Jeanne asked.

“How many Major Arcana do you know?” Mykel asked as he lit his cigarette.

“Twenty-two?” Nagy answered with her head tilted a bit to the right.

“What’s the last Arcana?” Mykel asked again as he inhaled the smoke.

“The World Arcana,” Nagy answered.

“There’s only one who sits on the World Arcana. The one who ruled over the world, and she’s the one who make the rule that all the Constellations and the Gods have to follow. Remember the time I disappeared when the breakout happened? I was being imprisoned, and I was lucky to be able to leave that place,” Mykel exhaled the smoke as he stared blankly at nothing.

“And what’s the God’s name?” Rozan asked.

“Mara, the Goddess who existed in so many mythologies,” Mykel answered, and he got a chill down his spine when he said her name.

Nagy and Rozan who were knowledgeable about almost everything never heard of that name before. They were curious about Mara and thought that they wanted to dig deeper into that name, and what kind of Goddess she was.

“So, Asmond’s Benefactor is her?” Jeanne asked.

“Yes, and she’s trying to make him strong enough and you can say she babysits him like how I’m doing right now to you guys. The vision that Edith saw, that would be the result of her decision to make Asmond her Benefactor. The hands that you saw, Lilly, Edith, those were her hands,” Mykel answered.

Everyone went quiet and thought the same thing. The vision was not only the end for Mykel, but it was also the end of their lives if it was true. It made them terrified a bit, and there was nothing they could do about it.

“What with the long face, all of you? That’s something that you shouldn’t be worried about. Your job is to clear the towers and become strong. It’s not like your fate has been set in stone. It was just a vision, and you all won’t meet that end if you all cut ties with me,” Mykel said as he walked to the front.

“Boss…” Gunnar said with a sad expression as he frowned at Mykel.

“Well, before that happen, I will sure enjoy my time to make you all suffer first,” Mykel said as he looked at them over his shoulder.

“I knew it, you did that on purpose,” Agnez said as she scoffed.

Mekel smirked and chuckled.

“Let’s take a day off. The mood isn’t good for clearing a tower today. I will meet you guys in front of the Mammon Tower tomorrow,” Mykel said, and then warped away.

“Miss Edith, did you see another vision?” Rozan asked.

“No, that was the only vision that I had. The last vision was the breakout that happened a few months ago,” Edith answered as she shook her head.

“Then that means, that vision is the only future that awaits us,” Rozan gulped.


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