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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 290: Announcement. Bahasa Indonesia

291 Chapter 290: Announcement.

“Did something good happen, Miss Lyneth? Your face looked brighter than usual,” Agnez asked as she grabbed the cup of coffee on the kitchen counter and stared at Lyneth.

“There’s something that I want to announce,” Lyneth said with a big smile on her face.

Everyone raised their eyebrows and gathered in the living room. They sat down and didn’t say a single word as they stared at Lyneth and waited.

“I’m pregnant,” Lyneth said as she chuckled in disbelief.

Not a single one of them was reacting to Lyneth’s announcement for a few seconds. The first one to react was Nagy and Lillith, and then everyone else approached Lyneth to congratulate her.

Jeanne and Agnez were staring at Mykel in disbelief, but he didn’t say nor show any expression.

“Wait a minute, doesn’t that mean she’s having a demi-god baby?” Rozan asked as he looked at everyone. “She is, right, boss? I mean you’re a God, and Miss Lyneth is a human,” Rozan looked at Mykel.

“Who knows, maybe. I have never impregnated anyone before,” Mykel answered as he walked to the kitchen and grabbed an apple.

Everyone was more surprised by Mykel’s answer rather than the fact Lyneth might conceive a demi-god baby.

“Wait, so you have never, not even once, impregnated anyone?” Agnez asked with her eyebrows raised.

“Never. Lyneth is the first one. I’m a bit picky with whom I want to sleep with, especially to bear my child,” Mykel answered, and then he bit the apple in his hand as he stared at Lyneth’s stomach.

Of course, hearing that made Lyneth feel so special, and it made both Agnez and Jeanne a little jealous. Although they were jealous, Mykel wouldn’t let them get pregnant since they were important to the team.

“It’s time for you to tell Lyn everything, Agnez,” Mykel said as he leaned on the counter and rested his arms on the counter. “That includes them as well,” Mykel continued as he snapped his fingers, and then Zherlthsh, Vixelleth, Beldathiel, and Glasya appeared in the suite.

Lyneth looked so confused, and neither did Beldathiel and her sisters. They were confused as to why they were summoned to the suite.

“Why are Vix and Zeth here? And who are those two women?” Lyneth asked.

Agnez transformed herself into Mazikeen, and then she started to explain everything. Not only her, but Jeanne and the others were adding more details that Agnez skipped.

Lyneth was shocked when she found out Vixelleth and Zherlthsh were demons. The demons brought chaos to the districts and killed thousands of Awakeners.

“All of you are the demon princesses? The daughters of the Demon Kings?” Lyneth asked as she sat down since she needed to process what she just heard.

Everyone was trying to calm Lyneth down, but Rozan got traumatized when he saw Glasya. He was still getting haunted by her in his sleep, and couldn’t erase how powerless he was back then which led him to his death.

While Rozan was trying to comfort himself, Asmond appeared on TV. Asmond was holding a press conference in front of the Fraternity Association.

“Wait, what’s Asmond doing there?” Rozan asked as he pointed at the TV.

Everyone gathered to watch Asmond and to listen to what he had to say.

“Good morning, everyone, there’s something that I would like to announce,” Asmond said as he looked at Enma and the others who stood right next to him. “Ever since Kastor passed away and entrusted me with his legacy, we have been doing our best to prevent the demons from invading our world,” Asmond continued.

“I know that it sounds like we are the ones who did everything, but to tell you the truth, we have been asking the Guild Association to help us, and they’re also offering to help me maintain the Fraternity Association. Mykel Alester and Miss Lyneth, I owe them so much that I don’t know what will happen to the Fraternity Association without them,” Asmond said with a smile on his face.

“I realized that being the head of the Fraternity Association and the leading team in the tower, I can’t choose between those two. So, Miss Enma is retiring from the team, and will be handling the affair of the Fraternity Association,” Asmond said.

Mykel raised his eyebrows and looked at Lyneth. She shook her head and she had no idea about it either, so that meant it was a sudden decision or maybe something had happened in the Fraternity Association.

“Zeth, you got a new job,” Mykel said.

Zherlthsh raised her eyebrows as she looked at Mykel.

“I want you to go to the Fraternity Association and bring Enma to our side,” Mykel looked at Enma who was giving her speech.

“Even if you ordered me and forced me, there’s nothing I can do because this isn’t something that I’m good at,” Zherlthsh responded with her arms crossed.

“Let me do it,” Vixelleth said as she looked at Mykel. “It doesn’t matter with what kind of method I’m using, right?” Vixelleth asked.

Agnez glanced at Vixelleth, and she remembered that time when she was forced to sleep with her.

“Anything but violence,” Mykel said.

“I’m not planning to, but in exchange, I want something in return,” Vixelleth said as she walked toward Mykel with a mischievous smile. Vixelleth whispered something into Mykel’s left ear as she smiled and giggled softly.

“Is that it?” Mykel asked.

“Of course. I wouldn’t dare to ask for more,” Vixelleth smiled as she nodded her head. “Also, congratulation on that baby in your body, Lyneth. She will be a good fighter since she’s inherited Mykel’s power. I can already smell the divine power in your belly,” Vixelleth continued.

Lyneth covered her stomach as if she was trying to protect the baby from Vixelleth.

“Don’t worry, I don’t like infants, I prefer women,” Vixelleth giggled mischievously. “Anyway, I still need her recommendation first, so I can get in there,” Vixelleth continued.

Mykel looked at Lyneth and nodded his head. “She won’t harm you nor all these demon princesses. They wouldn’t dare to touch you since I’m their master,” Mykel said to assure Lyneth that nothing would happen to her.

“Let’s go to my office,” Lyneth said.

Lyneth, Zherlthsh, and Vixelleth followed Lyneth from behind and left the suite. Beldathiel dragged Glasya back to the castle before Glasya clung onto Mykel’s arm.

“Why are you suddenly want Enma to join our side?” Agnez asked.

“Enma is still angry because Asmond killed Kastor. She retired because she had the opportunity to be away from Asmond, and she believed that she was no longer needed in the team. It would be better if we have more tankers in our team, especially Gunnar since he likes her,” Mykel answered with his arms crossed and looked at Enma’s [Character] story.

“Boss?! Why did you expose me like that?” Gunnar asked with a panicked expression.

“Why? You have been secretly talking with her, especially when you two were in the Astaroth Tower and Mahazael Tower. I have been paying attention to all of you,” Mykel answered as he chuckled. “Anyway, this is a great opportunity for me,” Mykel continued as he watched Enma leave the podium and enter the building.

Everyone judgingly stared at Gunnar as they hummed with understanding.

“Which tower that should we clear next, Mykel?” Jeanne asked.

“The Abaddon Tower, and as I said back then that the rest of the towers after the Mahazael Tower would be way easier and faster to clear. There are four towers left that you need to clear, and if can, I want you to clear four of them in a week,” Mykel said.

“The Abaddon Tower, which one is it again? Is it the one that is quite strong against physical attack?” Sven asked as he tried to remember.

“Yes, all the demons in the Abaddon Tower have thick skin and high resistance. That shouldn’t be a problem because everyone here has Hellfire gem socketed in all of their weapons now. It would be easy,” Rozan answered as he pointed at the weapons on display.

“When are we going to clear it? Tomorrow?” Agnez asked.

“Yes, and again, we are going to need Asmond’s presence. I don’t want you guys to deal with Demon Lords,” Mykel nodded his head as he looked at the Abaddon Tower in the distance. “I will inform Asmond, and you all should prepare,”

“You’re the boss,” Agnez said as she walked to her bedroom and sipped her coffee.


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