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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 281: Kastihel World. (11) Bahasa Indonesia

282 Chapter 281: Kastihel World. (11)

Lillith tapped the [Yes] button and saw the skill that she got from combining [Telepathic] and [Mind Control].

“Sentient Control?” Lillith asked herself as she stood on the back.

[Sentient Control (Active): Allows the User to take control over a living being without being noticed. The User can still use [Telepathic] and, or [Mind Control]. Before the User can take control over a living being, the User requires to have a deep understanding of the target. (Can only be used once at a time with five minutes duration)]

Lillith looked so confused by the description, and she scratched her head as she reread it. She then gave up since it was too complicated to understand, so she turned around and looked at Mykel.

“Mykel, what’s Sentient Control?” Lillith asked quietly.

“We can talk about that later. You need to focus on what’s in front of us right now,” Mykel said as he pointed at the army of Abyss Knights, Banshees, bodiless knights, and flaming spirits in the distance.

Lillith sighed as she nodded her head, and then she walked to the front.

“There you are, where did you go?” Agnez asked as she looked at Lillith.

“Checking my skills,” Lillith answered as she looked at Agnez. She wanted to try the [Sentient Control] skill on Agnez, but she hesitated because she didn’t want Agnez to be angry at her.

“I remember that Adricia said that the Zlettkrieg and the White Knights will turn into Abyss Knights once they’re corrupted, but how did they have so many Abyss Knights on their side?” Agnez asked as she looked at Exima who stood right next to her.

“Because this isn’t the first time the dark lord send his army to my castle,” Exima answered. “We lost so many men and women, and they were brought to Kastihel Castle by them. There are also so many priests as you can see over there, and they have turned into Dark Priests that could bring the army back to life,” Exima explained as she pointed at the priest in a black and gray outfit walking in the middle with the Abyss Knights protecting them.

Agnez informed the others to focus on the Dark Priests first since they were the most important target that they needed to take care of first. Gerrard and Rozan didn’t hesitate to use magic and showered the enemy with arrows, fire tornadoes, and lightning bolts.

Asmond’s team, Brynhilde’s team, and Exima were surprised when they saw those two easily taking care of the army of the dark lord. It only took them a minute, and there were no survivors from it.

“You said that you didn’t want to waste time, right? There, we took care of everything for you. Now, all we need to do is to fight that dark lord,” Rozan said as he lowered his staff and extinguished the fire tornadoes.

“I know you can handle them easily, so there’s no need to brag about it. Now, it’s finally time to meet this dark lord,” Agnez said as she crossed her arms and stared at Kastihel Castle.

They walked past the damage that Rozan and Gerrard had made, and they could see the ashes and pieces of clothing on the ground. It was a sight to see for Exima because it took her three days and two nights to fight off the army.

“This is weird. The diary hasn’t shown anything else ever since we arrived at Arkas Castle,” Gunnar said as he checked the book and flipped the pages. “Lord Exima, do you know what happened to Benustrus?” Gunnar asked.

“I let him leave because he had suffered more than anyone else. He had seen things that nobody wanted to see, and he believed that wherever he goes, bad things will follow him and the people around him. That’s why he decided to leave, but that was around three hundred years ago. He left before the dark lord sacrificed everyone,” Exima answered as she kept holding her shield high and watching her surroundings.

They all stood in front of Kastihel Castle gate.

“Tell us more about the dark lord, so we know what kind of enemy we are dealing with,” Agnez said.

“King Vorher was and still is the strongest swordsman in this world. He had the ability to use magic as well, and he combined his swordsmanship with magic. He dominated every single knight and swordsman, and that was why he became our king. Now that he became a dark lord, he’s not only can control the living, he also can control the dead,” Exima answered as she looked at the gate.

“What about the two ministers? What are their powers?” Jeanne asked.

“Minister Alaric is the best mage we had, people called him Alaric the Sage. The other one is Minister Kampioen, and he’s the master of all weapons. Both are tough opponents, so we need to be careful if we are going to fight them,” Exima answered.

“Rozan, Gerrard, take care of Alaric. Gunnar, Sven, Vincze, Nagy, and Lillith, you guys take care of Kampioen. No need to see what they’re capable of, just kill them the moment they’re in sight. The rest of you, come with me and deal with the dark lord,” Agnez said as she looked at them.

Exima raised her eyebrows in disbelief. She had never seen anyone so full of confidence, and not to mention, everyone didn’t bother with Agnez decision at all. It felt like they trusted each other more than the danger they were going to face.

“Let’s end this so we all can go back home,” Agnez said as she opened the gate.

Everyone walked into the castle Agnez let everyone in first. She then looked at Mykel who came in last and walked next to him.

“What do you want to do with her? Are you going to bring her back to life once this is over?” Agnez asked.

“No. There’s no Awakeners in this world because it was already too late to save it,” Mykel answered.

“Alright,” Agnez said as she walked to the front.

Everyone stopped and looked at how spacious the castle was, and there were so many doors on the sides and in front of them. They didn’t know which door to take, but thankfully, they had Exima with them and she led them to the throne room where King Vorher was likely to be at.

“That door leads to the throne room,” Exima said as she pointed at the big doors made of wood with a gold frame. “There’s no sign of enemy around. Looks like he’s waiting for us inside,” Exima continued as she looked at the hallway.

Agnez and Jeanne stared at each other as they were holding the door handles. They nodded and then opened the door wide. They saw a man in black full plate armor with a robe hood to cover his head. His long hair was black and shiny that covered his face, but they could see the glowing red eyes underneath the hair.

[Urdt, The Second Demon Lord of Mahazael, The Dark Lord has been waiting for this moment]

“So you decided to come here, Exima,” Udrt lifted his head and stared at Exima with a smile on his face.


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