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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 235 Bahasa Indonesia

Freyja, Thor, and Loki stared at Mykel with surprised expressions. They were thinking the same thing, and even Odin opened his eyes to look at Mykel who was staring at Skuld with a smirk on his face.

“Are you going to save him?” Freyja asked with a tiny bit of hope in her voice.

“That’s the plan, but that depends on him whether he wanted to be saved by me or not,” Mykel answered as he stared Odin in the eye. “But the answer is obvious, isn’t it? A king like you would do anything to keep reign the worlds in the Yggdrasil’s tree,” Mykel continued.

Mykel crouched and stared at Odin from up close. He looked at the wound in his stomach and started to chuckle a bit.

“Look at you, being helpless like a mortal,” Mykel said as he mockingly smiled at him. “But I’m not here to mock you, I just had to because of the opportunity to do so,” Mykel continued as he gifted Odin a billion Arcana Coins.

Odin’s eyes were wide open when he saw the amount on the notification. He looked at Mykel in disbelief and fear at the same time because someone like him had that much amount of Arcana Coins and didn’t hesitate to give it to someone else.

Odin didn’t hesitate to use them, but the notification kept coming that he was shocked by how much it cost to recover his wound. Although his wound couldn’t be compared to Mykel’s, Mykel knew that much wouldn’t be enough because the runes that were carved on Gungnir would set a curse on anyone who got struck so that they would die.

“What? You think that would be enough?” Mykel asked as he raised his eyebrow. “You should be grateful because that would save you like what? Thousands of years of your life?”

Odin sighed as he leaned his head back onto the water.

“What do you want in return?” Odin asked with his eyes closed.

“Nothing, it’s just that since there’s hope for you to live, then it’s the right thing to do to choose someone else to temporarily replace your position, right?” Mykel asked with a smile on his face. “Before you say anything stupid, it was you, the one who did this to yourself, not me,” Mykel said.

Freyja couldn’t do anything because she was already grateful enough to Mykel for saving Odin’s life. She was also in the wrong, and she was one of the reasons Odin became like that. She decided not to get involved and let Odin decide on his own.

“Thor,” Odin said quietly.

Thor walked toward Odin and went on his knees as he stared at Odin. “Yes, father?” Thor asked.

Mykel stared at the three of them and then decided to leave them alone and walked out of the lake to be with Loki.

“Who’s idea was it? Was it Loki who asked you to become a king?” Odin asked.

“Yes, but I wasn’t sure about it at first because I don’t think I can be a good king,” Thor answered.

“That child is as cunning as always, but he’s always good to you even though he often times caused trouble for you and your family. Do you remember when he cut Sif’s hair just because he likes her hair?” Odin asked as he looked at Thor.

“Yes, but he promised me that he won’t do it again,” Thor answered as he nodded his head.

“I know he won’t do it again. He also stole Brisingamen from Freyja, but then again, it was because he likes it,” Odin said with a bit of a smile. “He always has his ways when he likes something, and he always succeeded in getting what he wants. The reason for it is because of jealousy,” Odin said as he looked at Thor.

Thor didn’t take a look back because if he did, Loki might have noticed it and thought that they were talking about him.

“He’s not your brother, he’s just our companion who has been living among us, Aesir for years,” Odin said as he looked at Thor. “But now that I have seen it for myself after he appeared. His jealousy toward you or anyone has disappeared. The only thing that he cared about is him, and he wants to please him as how he pleased us by helping us achieve many things,” Odin continued as he stared at the ceiling.

“He’s no longer our companion,” Odin said as he looked at Thor. “Maybe he really has become your brother and wants you to become a king so he could please him,” Odin continued.

“You have been talking with him. What kind of a person is he?” Odin asked.

“He’s smart and very cunning like Loki. They love him, or maybe fear him, but not all of them. He holds to the people who are close to him, or at least who are useful to him. He doesn’t want to be respected, he rather wants to be feared, that’s what he told me,” Thor answered. “His ambition is very like you, father. He wanted to rule everything whether by force or not and so far, he has proven himself to be worthy as the leader of a pact,”

“Yes, victory above honor is a way of becoming a great leader. I never thought there would be someone who can do and think like that man,” Odin said as he smiled. “So this is how it feels to lose a war,” Odin continued as he closed his eyes and kept smiling.

Thor furrowed his eyebrows with a puzzled look.

“You have to learn how to be a good and fierce king, Thor. I will hear from Freyja’s report every day, and I will be here if you need my guidance,” Odin said as he firmly grabbed Thor’s hand. “Don’t forget, you’re just a temporary king, and I will come back for that throne,”

Thor was dumbfounded and looked at Odin in disbelief.

“Freyja will be our witness, and they will believe you the moment she has spoken,” Odin said. “Also, there’s another thing that I would like to tell you. Come closer,”

Thor leaned his head toward Odin, and then Odin whispered something into his left ear.

“With that knowledge, it will make you the greatest king,” Odin said.

Thor stood up and looked at Freyja, he nodded his head and then walked toward Mykel and Loki who were talking to each other.

Mykel glanced at Thor and saw him walk toward him with Freyja behind him.

“How does it go?” Loki asked with curiosity as he tilted his head.

“Let’s go back first, everyone must be worried about father and waiting for our arrival,” Thor said as he walked past them.

Loki smiled in excitement because he already knew the answer by the look on Thor’s expression.

The four of them went back to Folkvangr, and everyone was indeed waiting for their arrival. They all looked at the four of them descended and waited for Thor or Freyja to give them the news about Odin’s condition.

“The All-Fathers is recovering, and he will come back when he’s recovered,” Freyja said as she looked at everyone. “He also left a message for everyone, and I want you to pass this message to the people in your world,” Freyja continued.

Everyone looked at each other and they started murmuring.

Thor walked past them and looked for Jord and Baldur. It didn’t take long until he found them, and then he looked at the place where Odin was lying down on the ground. He looked at Gungnir as he took a deep breath.

“The All-Father has spoken! Thor Odinson is now the new king of Asgard!” Freyja said, and her voice echoed throughout the Folkvangr.

All of them were shocked for a whole minute because they were trying to process it and made sure they did hear it right. They all turned around to look for Thor, but they couldn’t find him anywhere until a group of Gods and Goddesses bowed their heads toward someone.

Slowly but surely, everyone bowed their heads at Thor, and when Mykel looked to his right, he saw Thor was holding Gungnir in his right hand. He couldn’t help but smirk and chuckle.

“All hail Thor the All-Father!” All of them said at the same time as they bowed their heads at Thor.


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