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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 196 Bahasa Indonesia

“Where’s Mykel?” Agnez asked as she looked around.

Everyone looked at the island and they couldn’t find Mykel anywhere, then suddenly the water burst right behind the ship. They turned around and saw Shelly floating above the water like how Poseidon did, she then jumped down and before she landed on the cabin, the wind stopped her fall.

Mykel came down from the sky with the help of Shelly’s magic that carried him back to the ship.

“Wait, what’s happening?” Jeanne asked as she looked at Mykel who fixed his blazer.

“Since it’s going to be a waste to leave her behind on the island, I brought her back to life,” Mykel answered so casually.

“You can do something like that?!” Rozan asked while the others looked at Mykel with shocked expressions.

“Yes, so there’s no need for you to be worried if you die. I can easily bring you back to life,” Mykel answered as he nodded his head. “But that doesn’t mean you can go out there like a brainless person without a plan. I won’t bring you back to life if you do that,”

Shelly put fire around her body and covered herself in an orange long silk robe made from fire. Rozan looked at her and was amazed by her ability to manipulate magic and turned it into whatever she wanted.

“So, who’s she actually?” Jeanne asked.

“Where’s my manner,” Shelly said as she walked to the front of the others. “My name is Shelly Leowa, I’m the queen of the Leowa, and I’m a mother of nature,” Shelly bowed her head a bit as she opened her arms and bent her knees a bit.

“What’s actually happening to your world?” Rozan asked.

“It’s quite a long story, but I can tell you while we sail to Leowa,” Shelly answered as she turned around and stared at the giant portal to the eighteenth floor.

Shelly Leowa wasn’t immortal but she could manipulate her aging which made her stay young even though she had been living for more than three hundred years. She was just a mage but her Benefactor was the reason why she became the mother of nature. The only one who could make a Recipient that strong was Goddess Gaia, she only had two Recipients in all the worlds that existed.

Leowa wasn’t actually her real name, but she made herself a prophet and protector of Leowa so that people believed her. She wasn’t an evil person, she only did what she was told by Gaia to make Leowa her world. Gaia had seen and known about Nyx’s scheme a very long time ago but she didn’t mind it because she didn’t hate the idea as what Hades said to Zeus so she used Shelly to defend against the incoming demon invasion.

As Mykel and the others saw, Shelly failed but it wasn’t really her fault because Lucifer knew how capable Gaia was. He ordered Azrael to summon his tower, not in the middle of an island, but instead, he summoned the tower in the middle of the sea where it was impossible to get into.

Agnez and the others knew about it because Vixelleth told them about the big picture of the world they were going to deal with and what kind of Demon Lord Kazguul was.

Shelly on her own for hundreds of years defended the outbreak, but she was just a normal human being. She couldn’t handle thousands of demons where water was their source of power. The demon creatures that were as big as the snake they fought were hundreds of them back then, those creatures rode the waves and invaded the land.

Shelly couldn’t protect them and decided to send all of the people away while she protected them from behind. When she tried to seal those demons, there was one demon that looked like a humanoid sea creature that was taller than the snake.

Shelly fought the demon for days and she defeated the demon, but she didn’t realize there was another demon that followed them after she sealed the land and the sea around it. She drowned because she used everything to kill that demon, and she saw a rowboat was left behind and it appeared the people left it for her.

“So you died the moment you reached the island?” Agnez asked as she sat on top of the railing.

“Yes, but before I breathed my last breath, I let my consciousness go and during that process, I lost my memories,” Shelly answered. “The reason why I only appeared during the night was that I had to preserve my energy and you came at the right moment, and If not, I might die a week from today,” Shelly explained.

The skill that made Shelly able to do something like that was called [Quintessence] a Benefactor Exclusive skill that Gaia gifted to her. It made her able to remove her consciousness from her body and at the same time, she could recreate a body from nature around her. It made her invincible from harm toward her real body, and it was a good way to be in any place at any time without having to worry about danger.

Everyone nodded with understanding but then Shelly looked down and squinted her eyes.

“These demons are breeding,” Shelly said as she walked to the side. “It’s triple the amount since the last time I remembered,” Shelly continued and looked at the sea.

“You heard her, get ready,” Agnez said as she unsheathed her sword.

“Let me, deal with them,” Shelly said as she floated in the air. “You can watch and protect the ship,” Shelly continued.

Shelly flew away from the ship and she immediately pulled the water toward her as if the sea was her own body. She wrapped herself inside a massive bubble of water and gushed them all out like a laser into the sea and moved them around.

Blood started coming out from the sea and hundreds of sea creatures with fangs and sharp claws went to the surface to fight Shelly. She kept gushing the water toward all of them at once and made holes and slices of the creatures’ bodies.

Shelly created an outward whirlpool to refill the bubble of water around her, and once she dealt with all of them, she splashed the water and flew away to the other side. This time she froze the sea with a gush of cold wind, and then she created ice spikes from it.

Shelly lifted her hands and made a giant wave that looked like a tsunami, she then swirled the wave around her. The ice spikes that she made, she threw into the waves where the demon creatures were carried by the wave and couldn’t fight the stream.

“Can you do something like that, dude?” Gunnar asked and pointed her thumb at Shelly while he stared at Rozan.

“I wish,” Rozan scoffed while he watched Shelly in awe.

Mykel walked toward Rozan and patted him on the shoulder. “She will be your teacher, I want you to learn everything about magic from her,” Mykel said. “I will let you stay in this world for a week after we are done here, so remember to use it wisely,” Mykel continued with a smile.

“With pleasure!” Rozan said as he wreathed in a smile.


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