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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 195 Bahasa Indonesia

Lillith told them about the woman that she met last night to everyone once they all woke up. She wasn’t sure if she was dreaming or if it was an illusion, but she told them about the thing that she needed to find. Everyone believed her because there was no reason to, and they believed it was a clue to get onto the next floor.

They decided to go into the forest again and looked for the woman that Lillith described. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find the woman anywhere, even Jeanne used her sword and couldn’t find the woman.

“This is really hard, we are going to be stuck here if we don’t find the woman or the item that she’s looking for,” Vincze said as he looked up at the purple sky and the stars started to shine.

“Let’s stay here for tonight, maybe she will appear later,” Agnez said as she sat down and leaned on the tree.

“Based on Lilly’s words, I think the woman is too scared to show herself if there are so many of us here. She should appear if Lillith is the only one in the forest, no?” Jeanne explained and looked at them.

“What do you think, Lilly? Are you okay if you stay here on your own?” Agnez asked.

“It’s fine by me,” Lillith answered and nodded her head.

“Alright, let’s leave then,” Agnez said as she stood up.

The moment they were about to leave their spot, they heard footsteps in the distance. All of them looked in the direction where the sound of footsteps was, they saw a blonde haired woman in a white dress. The woman was staring at them in the distance and then looked at Lillith with a gentle smile.

“That’s her?” Agnez asked quietly.

“Yes, that’s her,” Lillith answered as she walked to the front and approached the woman.

They followed Lillith while the woman was just standing still and stared at them.

“I’m sorry that I have to leave back there,” The woman said as she put her left hand on the tree next to her. “Did you find anything near that rowboat?” The woman asked.

“I couldn’t find anything, sorry,” Lillith shook her head.

“I see, that’s okay, I wasn’t expecting to find anything there either,” The woman answered and showed her sorrowful expression.

“I realize that you’re not a human, you’re a spirit, right?” Lillith asked as she stared at the woman.

The woman raised her eyebrows with a surprised expression, but then she showed a puzzled look.

“A spirit? What are you talking about?” The woman asked with her eyebrows furrowed.

“You’re a spirit because you disappear when the sun rises, and to prove it, I can stab you with this dagger and it will go right through your body,” Lillith explained as she showed her dagger.

Before the woman could stop Lillith from stabbing her, Lillith already stabbed her in the stomach. It surprised everyone that Lillith’s dagger didn’t go through the woman’s body, it stuck inside.

The woman screamed in pain and released a sonic wave from her voice that threw all of them away except for Mykel. The woman was screaming in agony and the whole island shook as if the island showed its empathy toward the woman’s pain.

All the trees, roots, and the ground started to attack and strangle them. They were surprised that the whole island was alive and the woman was actually the one who controlled it.

“Stop!” The woman screamed.

The island stopped attacking them and slowly released them while the woman watched Lillith and the others went on guard. The woman looked at Mykel who wasn’t even touched by the island, she looked a bit confused but then she noticed the overwhelming magic inside his body.

The woman groaned as she looked at her stomach, she pulled the dagger and dropped it to the ground. They all were shocked when something came out from the woman’s body that wasn’t blood, it was mud and it poured down like a waterfall.

“What are you?” Lillith asked with a puzzled look.

“I don’t know,” The woman answered as she held the wound in her stomach.

The woman managed to close the wound but then she collapsed, but before she fell to the ground, Mykel grabbed her body. The woman’s skin became dry and there were cracks all over her arms, neck, and face, everyone looked at her with a perplexed look.

“Let’s find the necklace,” Mykel said quietly as he stared at the woman.

The woman looked at Mykel with her head tilted and confused, but then her pupils shrunk as she remembered something.

“You finally remember?” Mykel asked with a smirk. “I will bring you there,”

Mykel carried the woman because she was running out of energy thanks to Lillith for stabbing her in the stomach which forced the woman to use the spare energy she had left.

“My promises,” The woman said as she stared blankly at the stars. “They all buried deep in the sand,” The woman continued.

“Everyone was facing the sea, the waves were high they reached our knees and up to our noses,” The woman mumbled to herself while Mykel kept carrying her.

“Was I wrong?” The woman asked with her trembling voice. “To try and find what was left of me?”

Everyone listened to her mumblings and they all looked at each other with a confused looks. Whatever she was saying, it must be related to the past that she just remembered.

“Do you remember this place?” Mykel asked as he looked at the rowboat.

“Yes, this is where I lost it,” The woman looked at the rowboat and nodded her head slowly.

Mykel slowly and carefully put down the woman, she slowly stood on her own and then staggered when she walked toward the rowboat. She looked around and didn’t recall the rowboat was there when she came to the island.

“It’s not here,” The woman said as she staggered toward the sea with rocks in the shallow water.

Everyone followed her from behind and then she suddenly stopped when she saw something floating. It was the same dress that she wore, and it was stuck under the rock, everyone approached it and saw not only a dress but also a skeleton hand that tried to reach something.

Gunnar decided to lift the rock and grabbed the dress while everyone else looked at the skeleton hand with the rest of the arm buried underneath. They all decided to dig up and found a skeleton facing the ground with a necklace a meter away from the skeleton.

Mykel grabbed the necklace and then showed it to the woman.

“Is this what you’re looking for?” Mykel asked.

The woman slowly reached her hand on the necklace and then she grabbed it.

“My talisman,” The woman said as she looked at the necklace and wreathed in a smile.

The woman wore her necklace and suddenly her body slowly turned brown like mud. Her whole body melted because of the water including the dress and everyone was surprised and worried at the same time, but then a white light came out from the body.

It was the woman and she floated above the ground in the same dress and the necklace was around her neck.

A notification appeared and they cleared the seventeenth floor just like that, but they couldn’t find the portal anywhere.

“Thank you, for finding my talisman,” The woman said as she looked at them. “I remember everything,” The woman stared at the sea. “I protected them from being chased by the demons, and I hope they’re all safe now,” The woman continued.

“Are you talking about the people in the ships over there?” Agnez asked and pointed at the sea where they came from.

“Yes, did you meet them?” The woman asked.

“We did, or at least what was left of them,” Agnez answered. “They all died, not far from here. They were chased by a giant snake,” Agnez continued.

“No…” The woman looked distressed and then flew away to see it for herself.

It didn’t take long until the woman came back with a sorrowful expression.

“Why…” The woman mumbled to herself while everyone just watched her float above the water. “All of my efforts, it was useless,” The woman continued and started sobbing.

Everyone let her be until she finally calmed down.

“Then there’s no more use to seal it,” The woman said and started to ascend.

The woman screamed and the whole world was shaking because of her, and the air was cracking like glass and then it shattered. They saw a whole island in the distance and then they saw a portal right in front of them in the middle of the sea.

“Get the ship, we are going to the next floor,” Agnez said and looked at the others.

All of them nodded and immediately ran to where they left the ship.

Mykel stayed behind and saw the woman staring at the island in the distance. She looked furious and sad at the same time, she then looked down and saw Mykel was the only one left.

“Where did everyone go?” The woman asked.

“They all went to the ship, the reason why we are here in your world is to kill the demon lord,” Mykel answered.

“I wish I can join you, but my spirit is stuck around this island,” The woman said as she slowly descend in front of Mykel.

“You can, it’s not something impossible for me to do,” Mykel said. “I can bring you back to life, Shelly the grand magi, the queen of Leowa, and the mother of nature,” Mykel continued with a smile.


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