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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 160 Bahasa Indonesia

Everyone couldn’t rest because the cursed people reached the castle and they had to protect themselves from them. Since Mykel didn’t want to waste his time dealing with armies of cursed people, he burned them all into ashes and slaughtered them with the throwing knives that he imbued with Hellfire.

“You should’ve done it earlier so we don’t have to struggle,” Kastor said as he looked at Mykel playing with the knives.

“You sound better if you keep your mouth shut,” Agnez walked past Kastor and bumped onto his shoulder. “You know what? If you train like how you open your mouth, I think you will be more useful. No wonder Miss Lyneth left you over Mykel since you’re whining at anything,” Agnez said as she walked backward and stared at him.

Gunnar and the others snorted and held their laughter as they followed Agnez from behind.

“I know that he’s your mentor, but I suggest you don’t copy him because he’s impossible to not be underestimated,” Rozan said as he looked at Asmond with a pitiful expression.

“That’s a good one, dude,” Gunnar said quietly as he giggled and looked at Rozan while carrying Jeanne on his back.

Asmond wanted to defend Kastor but at the same time, he started to feel like he was superior since he had become stronger than Kastor. He suddenly shook his head and realized that he just thought something that he shouldn’t think about because Kastor was the one who brought him.

“He’s my mentor and I’m here because of him, so I will follow him and learn from him,” Asmond answered as he smiled.

Mykel looked at Gunnar and waved at him. “Let me carry her,”

Gunnar turned around and let Mykel grab Jeanne from his back.

“If you have complaints, why don’t you fight that servant on your own? We will be chilling here,” Mykel said as he looked at Kastor.

Kastor went quiet and he didn’t want to embarrass himself more by responding to Mykel’s question.

Agnez stared at the servant of the demon lord with her arms crossed, she looked at it for quite a while then turned around.

“That thing is called Legion, it’s when a bunch of demons is combined into one. By the looks of it, I think we won’t be able to fight it with our weapons nor skills since they’re a bunch of those shadow figures,” Agnez looked at Jeanne on Mykel’s back. “If we want to fight it, we should use Alberta’s purification skill,”

“Anything else that we need to be worried about?” Rozan asked as he fixed his glasses.

“Nothing, it’s just a big demon but it’s still the same demon that we have been fighting for the past five days,” Agnez answered as she shook her head. “Any more questions?”

Gunnar and the others shook their heads.

“Alright, let’s get the fuck out of this gloomy world,” Agnez said and started walking toward the tower.

It took them three hours to finally be able to kill the servant, and Mykel donated 5,000 Arcana Coins. He got a gift from the system because all his recipients had achieved two achievements and gave him 50,000 Arcana Coins.

[Thank you for your participation!]

[You have gained 10 [Constellation Points] from donation!]

[You have gained 300 [Constellation Points] from your [Recipient(s)] achievement!]

[2,630/10,000 [Constellation Points] to level up your [Authority] to level [2]!]

[A total of [5] [Arcana Chests] are being delivered to [Tirth] World]

“It’s finally done!” Gunnar sat down as he dropped his shield, then he looked at Enma who was amazed by the shield that he lent “How was it? Do you like it?” Gunnar asked.

“This shield, I think I know what I’m going to make with the material that I got,” Enma answered as she looked at Gunnar with a big smile on her face.

“Glad that you like it,” Gunnar grinned and giggled.

Enma found it cute how Gunnar was being serious and all during a mission but the moment everything was done, he changed to his true self. She had been paying attention to him ever since the first joint team, and she learned a lot of stuff from his way of fighting.

“So, to whom we are going to share those chests?” Enma asked as she looked at the chests behind them.

“That’s the boss to decide,” Gunnar answered as he turned around slowly to look at the chests.

Mykel felt a movement on his back and then he looked at Jeanne who slowly furrowed her forehead. “Good morning, sleepyhead,” Mykel said quietly.

Jeanne hummed and opened her eyes, she looked at the tower in front of her, and then she realized that she was being carried by Mykel on the back. She looked at him but she didn’t want to go down and rested her head on his shoulder.

“Did we clear the world?” Jeanne asked as she wrapped her arms around Mykel’s neck.

“We did and you slept through it like a log,” Mykel smirked as he looked at Jeanne. “Anyway, can you get down?”

Jeanne nodded and jumped down then she followed Mykel.

“There are only six chests, it’s more fitting to give them to Brynhilde and the others since they’re the ones who basically came here first and tried to clear it. But, we will take one key for each of us so we can go here again without having to clear the first tenth floor,” Mykel said as he looked at Kastor and the others.

“Do you have any complaints?” Mykel asked Kastor.

Kastor shook his head because he didn’t want to deal with Mykel or he would embarrass himself. Gaswin and the others immediately opened all the chests and looked at the inside.

“But there are only five chests while there are six of them though,” Rozan said as he stared at the chests.

“You don’t have to worry about me because I don’t need those,” Brynhilde said as she stared at the content of the chest.

“Are you sure? Those materials are blessed by the Gods and Goddesses,” Sven looked at Brynhilde.

Gaswin turned around and looked at Rozan and Sven. “She’s already wearing the empire’s treasure, the swords that she has were made of a better quality than these, so these materials are no match,” Gaswin explained.

“Speaking of the swords,” Brynhilde walked toward Jeanne. “I think this sword now belongs to you,” Brynhilde said as she offered the blue sword to Jeanne.

They all looked at Brynhilde with disbelief and were surprised by her words.

“No, I can’t accept it, it’s the empire’s treasure, right? I can’t accept it,” Jeanne shook her head as she waved her hands.

“It is, but this sword has chosen its master, and you’re the new master now. Even if I use it, I can’t use the power of the sword anymore because it doesn’t recognize me anymore. It’s only pain but no gain so it’s useless even if I bring it back home,” Brynhilde explained as she unsheathed the sword and swung it around as hard as she could but nothing happened.

“Are you sure, Bryn?” Jeanne frowned her eyebrows.

“The truth is we came here for something else,” Brynhilde sheathed the sword and looked at it.

Agnez and the others looked at Brynhilde with confusion.

“We came here for a mission, and that mission is to find the right master for this sword by the order of the emperor because he had a dream and saw a woman that would become the master of this sword,” Brynhilde looked at Jeanne.

“You can see the different colors of the swords that I have. The top one is gold, the middle one is white, and this one is blue. Each represents the color of the people in our world, Aersland,” Brynhilde showed each color of her swords.

“The gold one was gifted by Lucian to one of his sons, Maurel. The white one was gifted by Celeste to one of her daughters, Hilde. The blue one was gifted by Celeste to one of her daughters…” Brynhilde explained but before she could give the name of the daughter, Jeanne interrupted.

“Berta. The sword was gifted to Berta, I saw her as one of the souls trapped inside the sword,” Jeanne said as she stared at the sword.

Brynhilde and the others were shocked when she knew about the history of the sword, she then chuckled softly as she nodded her head.

“So it’s true, you’re one of us,” Brynhilde looked at Jeanne with a smile on her face.

Agnez furrowed her forehead with confusion as she stared at Brynhilde.

“I’m not sure about that, but she was speaking to me, or at least she gave a final message before she died,” Jeanne said as she stared blankly. “She asked me to save the Empyrean, the world of your ancestor,”

Brynhilde was shocked and confused at the same time.

“What?! What did she say?!” Brynhilde grabbed Jeanne’s shoulders as she stared at Jeanne with her eyes wide open.

Mykel grabbed Brynhilde’s hand as he looked at the others. “I think it’s better we speak about this privately,” Mykel said as he looked at Agnez. “Send everyone back to Earth, I will stay here with Jeanne,”

Agnez nodded with understanding and then she and the others sent everyone to the portal forcefully. Even Kastor was threatened by her and decided to leave with her and the others.

“There’s something that I would like to show you as well,” Mykel said as he looked at Agnez as the last person that entered the portal.


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