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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 156 Bahasa Indonesia

“You don’t mind if I burn some of them to die, right?” Mykel asked Alberta who was waiting outside the fortress while the others were busy hunting the people inside.

Those who got freed from the demons earlier, most of them died from starvation and complication. Only a few of them survived but not for long because except for the people from the Aersland World because they were stronger and better in all aspects.

“Isn’t it better if we can save them all?” Alberta asked back and she looked a bit sad to hear that from Mykel.

“You want to save everyone even though most of them will die painfully the moment you purify them?” Mykel replied with his eyebrows raised and arms crossed. “You don’t have to feel bad about them, it’s better for them to die because they have been suffering for a very long time. I can promise you that they will die a painless death and that’s the best thing they will ever get,”

Alberta hesitated while she kept looking at Mykel, she knew that he wasn’t wrong about it since an ordinary human. For an Awakener died the moment she purified them, the ordinary human would have no chance of surviving.

“This is just one of the many, are you sure you want to do this?” Alberta asked.

“It won’t be a problem because I will bear their sins,” Mykel answered with a bit smile on his face.

“How noble you are, Mykel, because I won’t be able to do that even if I can,” Alberta said with her hands pressed on her chest. “But, it’s not me to decide whether you can kill them or not, it’s all in Princess Brynhilde’s hand,”

Mykel nodded with understanding. “I will ask her about this when she comes back,” Mykel said.

Brynhilde and the other five of them were important characters, and they were the ones who joined Asmond to fight Lucifer. He wanted them all to be his and took them to be his recipients for the [Constellation Point].

Agnez and the others came back and brought hundreds of people with them, some of them were Awakeners. Alberta looked at the number of people that they brought and she was glad that they managed to bring that many people.

“Is this all?” Alberta asked and looked at the cursed people.

“No, there are still thrice the amount in the fortress and it’s my call to not bring all of them here,” Brunhilde answered. “We can’t cleanse them all at once,”

Alberta looked at the fortress and nodded her head with understanding. “I see, I will do my best,” Alberta held her staff so tightly.

Mykel approached Brynhilde and whispered something into her left ear that made everyone curious about what he was whispering. Brynhilde was shocked at first but then she nodded her head with understanding and pointed her index finger at the barrack.

“Agnez, Lilly, come with me,” Mykel said as he walked past Asmond and Kastor.

“Where are you going Mykel?” Asmond asked as he sheathed his sword. His gaze toward Mykel was a bit different as if he was suspicious about Mykel.

“Kill the rest of them,” Mykel answered without hesitation. “You know that you can’t save everyone after you saw it with your own two eyes about what happened to those who got purified,”

“Is there no other way?” Asmond looked at Mykel with his hands clenched.

“If there are people who have the skill to purify like Alberta, then we can find another way. Right now, she’s the only one who can do it and I don’t want to spend weeks, or even months in this world just because you insisted on purifying all of them which will end up dead anyway,” Mykel answered and nobody dared to go against his logic.

“Rebuild the world is always the solution, and as long as there are people who live in this world, there’s nothing to be worried about. Let’s purify the strong because their chance of living is higher and let them rebuild their world,” Mykel stared at Asmond who looked down at the ground angry because he didn’t have any solution at all to stop Mykel from killing innocent people.

“I’m not a hero, Asmond, I told you back then. This is who I am, and whether you like it or not, that’s none of my business. Right now, I care more about these people right here who have been stuck in this world for a year, and the longer we stay here, the fewer people who will be able to survive the purification,” Mykel sighed and kept staring at Asmond.

Mykel didn’t wait for Asmond to respond to his words and entered the fortress with Agnez and Lillith.

It only took them ten minutes to clean up the fortress, and they came back as if nothing happened. Asmond was a bit in a dilemma but that only made him overthink everything and stress himself.

“I have a question,” Agnez stood in front of Brynhilde and stared at her. “If you know there’s a demon inside them, where do you think they go if you didn’t kill them on the spot?”

“We have no idea because that’s something that we need to find out as well,” Brynhilde answered.

“I see, I guess we are going to find it out soon,” Agnez looked at the three swords on Brynhilde’s waist, a gold scabbard on the top, a white scabbard on the middle, and a blue scabbard on the bottom. Each one of them gave some kind of aura that made her feel unease, especially the blue one.

“I believe so too,” Brynhilde nodded her head and stared at Agnez and noticed Agnez had been staring at her swords, she then approached Alberta because she was about to do the cleansing.

Mykel helped them kill the demons that came out of their bodies, but suddenly they heard screams from the battlefield. All of them looked in the direction of the battlefield and noticed those cursed people stopped fighting each other.

“It feels like they realized that unwelcomed guests are crashing their party,” Gunnar said as he grabbed his shield from his back and stared at the cursed people slowly looking in their direction. “It’s better if you guys get ready,”

Everyone walked toward Gunnar and readied their weapons, Asmond shook his head and realized it wasn’t the right time to think about other stuff while the problem was right in front of him.

“What’s the plan?” Gunnar looked at Agnez.

“Right now, we have no time to check which one is an Awakener. We can only attack to kill and that’s the only thing that matter,” Agnez answered and unsheathed her sword.

“Please wait a moment,” Alberta said as she ran toward them. “Let me purify your weapons,” Alberta said as she activated [Purification] and pointed her staff at the sky, and everyone’s weapon started to glow.

“With this, you don’t have to bother to decapitate them. A single deadly blow will kill the demon that resides inside their body,” Brynhilde said as she held the golden and white sword in her hands.

“Oh really? That’s good to hear,” Vincze said as he stared at his spearhead glow.

Asmond looked at his sword and he looked nervous because it was the first time he would kill a human being. Kastor and Enma were also the same and they didn’t like the idea of killing innocent lives.

“If you don’t want to do it, then don’t,” Brynhilde said as she stared at the three of them. “We don’t need people who don’t have the resolution to kill the people in front of us. You are free to stay behind and protect those people,”

“No, I will stay,” Asmond said as he took a deep breath and held his sword tightly.


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