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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 126 Bahasa Indonesia

“Is there a problem?” Kastor asked as he walked toward Gunnar and the others who had been standing in a circle and talked about the sudden offer from Hera and the others.

Agnez glanced at Kastor and Asmond who were walking them. “No, we are just thinking about going back because there’s no reason for us to here,” she answered as she accepted all the offers.

Rozan looked at Jeanne and they both nodded then accepted all the offers since. Gunnar and Gerrard also accepted offers then Lillith and the others accepted the offers as well.

All of them collapsed to their knees and it made Kastor and Asmond panicked. They tried to help Gunnar but he stopped them as he shook his head because none of them needed their help.

Agnez was the first to stand up and looked at the notification in front of her.

[You have attained [Satisfaction (Ex)] skill]

[You have attained [Double-edged Sword (Ex)] skill]

[You have attained [Decoy (Ex)] skill]

[You have attained [Burning Heart (Ex)] skill]

[You have attained [Vengeance (Ex)] skill]

[You have attained [Frost (Ex)] skill]

[You have attained [Courage (Ex)] skill]

[You have attained [Silver Lining (Ex) skill]

[Satisfaction (Passive) (Benefactor Exclusive): When the User achieved satisfaction, it increases the skill level by 1 and removes the limit. The skill can be stacked up to 5 times. (Duration will reset when the User achieved satisfaction)]

[Double-edged Sword (Active) (Benefactor Exclusive): Allow the User to deal double the destructive damage to the target but in exchange, the User will share the same amount of pain that the target feels. (Can be used repeatedly)]

[Decoy (Active) (Benefactor Exclusive): Allow the User to create an illusion of themselves and the User can switch position with the illusion. (Can only be used 3 times a day)]

[Burning Heart (Active) (Benefactor Exclusive): The User will feel heartburn and the User’s body is undergoing a combustion process that replaced all basic skills or [Body Enhancement] to [In Heat] for ten minutes (Can only be used once a day)]

[In Heat: Doubled the basic skills levels or [Body Enhancement] and removed the limit but with the side effect of having an unbearable urge for sexual desire]

[Frost (Active/Toggle) (Benefactor Exclusive): Allow the User to enchant the weapon or armor the User wear with Eternal Ice. When used on a weapon it will give [Frostbite] when it makes a contact. When used on armor it will make the armor indestructible. (The longer and the more active, the more stamina is consumed)]

[Silver Lining (Active) (Benefactor Exclusive): Allow the User to predict the situation and will give the best result to overcome the situation. (Can only be used once a day)]

While she saw dumbfounded by all the Benefactor Exclusive skills that she got, another notification appeared in front of her.

[A resonance of skills has been discovered]

[You have met the requirement to combine a skill]

[Combine [Silver Lining] with [Double-edged Sword]?]

[Yes.] [No.]

Agnez tapped on the [Yes] button.

[You have attained Duet (Rs)] skill]

Before she could read the description another notification appeared.

[A resonance of skills has been discovered]

[You have met the requirement to combine a skill]

[Combine [Duet] with [Satisfaction]?]

[Yes.] [No.]

Agnez tapped on the [Yes] button again as she gulped nervously and with curiosity.

[You have attained [Triplets (Rs)] skill]

The same thing happened again and she stared at the notification with a bit of a smile on her face.

[A resonance of skills has been discovered]

[You have met the requirement to combine a skill]

[Combine [Triplet] with [Courage]?]

[Yes.] [No.]

Agnez immediately tapped on the [Yes] button again.

[You have attained [Quartet (Rs)] skill]

Agnez couldn’t help but chuckle while everyone was staring at her weirdly.

[A resonance of skills has been discovered]

[You have met the requirement to combine a skill]

[Combine [Quartet] with [Burning Heart]?]

[Yes.] [No.]

Agnez’s hand started to tremble and tapped on the [Yes] button.

[You have attained [Quintet (Rs)] skill]

[A resonance of skills has been discovered]

[You have met the requirement to combine a skill]

[Combine [Quintet] with [Vengeance]?]

[Yes.] [No.]

Agnez looked at Gunnar and the others, they hadn’t experienced what she experienced and she couldn’t wait to see what would they do once they experience it.

[You have attained [Sextet (Rs)] skill]

[[Sextet (Rs)] skill is now being modified]

[[Sextet (Rs) skill has now become [Harmony (ExSp)]

[Harmony (Active) (Exclusive Special): Combination skill of [Silver Lining], [Double-edged Sword], [Satisfaction], [Courage], [Burning Heart], [Vengeance]. The User will activate all the skills that are mentioned at once by removing side effects and requirements while also maximizing the effect of each skill. (The duration is 15 minutes and can only be used 3 times a day)]

Agnez collapsed because her legs felt so weak but she looked so happy and laughed frantically that making the others look at her with a worried expression.

“This is amazing,” Agnez said as she went all four.

“Can you tell us what happened? Why are you guys looking so surprised all of a sudden?” Kastor looked at Agnez as he crouched.

Before Agnez could answer Kastor’s question, Gunnar shouted and it started everyone.

“Holy shit! What the fuck is this?!” Gunnar stared at the notification screens with his eyes wide open. “This is fucking amazing!” he said then started to burst out laughing.

Everyone got the same set of skills from Hera and the others, only Rozan was different because he didn’t need the [Double-edged Sword]. So, Artemis gave him [Karma of Nature] which allowed him to control all elements in the vicinity but would take a huge toll on his body.

“All of us got offers from the Constellations,” Agnez answered as she stood up and looked at Kastor. “You guys didn’t get any?” she asked and looked at Kastor and the others who looked confused and had no idea what she was talking about.

“No, we got nothing and what do you mean you got an offer?” Kastor furrowed his eyebrows.

“Oh? Really? I guess it’s just us then,” Agnez said and looked at Gunnar and the others who were still overwhelmed by the skills they got.

Asmond looked at Agnez and squinted his eyes. “Are you saying that you’re getting an offer even though each one of you already got one? And here I am trying my best and not a single Constellation is approaching me,” he said and he slowly raised his tone that made Agnez and the others looked at him with annoyed expressions.

“If you want to rant, rant somewhere else. We are here to clear a floor not listening to your whine,” Agnez said as she walked away while Jeanne stared at Asmond with a bit of displeased after hearing his rant.

Kastor looked at Asmond and tried to comfort him, he was a bit worried about Asmond as well because everyone already had at least a Benefactor that supported them. He knew that Asmond had achieved a lot of things and tried his best but the Constellations were ignoring him which made Kastor a bit suspicious about it.

“We have no time to waste, let’s go,” Agnez said as Gunnar and the others followed her from behind.

“Go? Where?” Kastor asked.

“What do you mean where? We are going back to the village,” Agnez answered as she stared at Kastor from the corner of her eyes. “You can stay here and just leech the EXP, we don’t care since we don’t need you guys anymore

Kastor looked at his team and without Caesar on his side, it felt empty as if a big chunk of his team had disappeared. He looked at Asmond but Asmond couldn’t replace Caesar because he wasn’t experienced as Caesar and he also made a lot of mistakes that would lead them to a dangerous situation.

Asmond was being suspicious about the others’ gazes toward him, he was being paranoid about it so he thought those people were judging him and disappointed in him. His insecurity was slowly consuming him and the media started to ask about his credibility as a Hero because the Fraternity hadn’t achieved anything ever since the Association was created.

“What are you planning to do once we come back to the village? You have seen it yourself how powerful those giants were,” Kastor looked at Agnez as he walked next to her.

“That was back then, now we have attained new skills, they won’t be a problem for us anymore,” Agnez kept walking as she looked at the gate, and the giants who guarded the gate were lifting their rusty swords and axes.

“What are you planning to do?” Kastor asked.

“If we are not welcomed, the only choice is to use force,” Agnez unsheathed her sword as she stared at the gate and walls that prevented them from passing through to fight the demons.

[Activated [Harmony]?]

[Yes.] [No.]

“Yes,” Agnez said and immediately her whole body felt an immense amount of power and she had mixed feelings that gave her excitement.

‘Violence is not the answer, it’s the question,” Agnez swung her sword around then she swung her sword as hard as she could and created a massive projectile attack. It cut the giants into half and destroyed the gate and the walls at the same time.

“And the answer is yes,” Agnez continued and stared at the inside of the village was a mess because of her attack.


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