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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 89: Volume 6 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 6, Chapter 0: Character Introduction [Current Volume Version.]

Introducing the characters that have appeared to date in the [Current Volume].

For the starting point of the next volume:

– Toukaki Yuzu, Takamine Elementary School 3rd Grader.

The main character of this book. She woke up with various fragmented memories and remembered that she wasn’t a human, but a [Demon].

Because she was playing the straight man to the world at first, she seemed like a reserved, quiet young lady, but her inner self was always klutzy and rough.

She wasn’t a human with the power of a demon, but a genuine demon who had gained the knowledge and sensitivity of a female high schooler, who respected human values while keeping a Demonic thought pattern.

– Kaijima Onzada, Takamine Elementary School 6th Grader (general class)

he fourth of the five sons born to the temple, Onzada’s family were exorcists of the religious organization called [Oyama]. He recently became friends with Yuzu, who went to the same school and practiced his family’s arts with him there.

His personality was straightforward, but occasionally he would dig his own grave with his carelessness.

At the present he is seeking to improve rapidly for the sake of protecting little Yuzu.

– Shijima Yuuki, Takamine Elementary School 3rd Grader

A talented person who had excelled in the sixth-grade tests when he was in the first grade, he believes that he is a “reincarnator” from a different world with memories of his past life.

Because he only remembered being an adult, he wasn’t familiar with the classes children took.

He has a high physical ability, wielding a large iron sword as tall as he is, with considerable ability.

According to Yuzu, he’s an existence that could harm Yuzu in Demon form.

Other Takamine School Students:

– Nikuno Handsome, Takamine Elementary School 3rd Grader

The scion of the famous meat manufacturer, Nikuno Ham, he had grown fat because of binge eating, but after being brought by Yuzu to discover the world, she and her friends started calling him [Prince].

Yuzu was a childhood friend of his, and their parents were mutual friends. His parents, who had discovered that Yuzu was the reason that he slimmed down and changed his outlook for the better, wanted Yuzu to be engaged with him.

– Kuon Kouki, Takamine Elementary School 3rd Grader

The scion of the Kuon Family, who were local celebrities. His mother was a Japanese-German mix. With a spirit that was much more mature than his age, he was interested in Yuzu who also seemed to not act like a child.

He had been worried about his grandfather, who aimed to return to the world of politics, being involved in land speculation, but his grandfather has become bedridden, so that problem was resolved.

– Shijiyuuin Kako, Takamine Elementary School 3rd Grader

The daughter of the Shijiyuuin family, who was of the same standing as the Kuon family, she was the betrothed of Kouki.

Although she had received an education as befitting a genuine lady, she has a [Foolish] side to her. Because of that, she had misunderstood Yuzu at first, but now they were good friends.

She was also getting along much better with Kouki, her fiancé, than before.

Family Members

– Toukaki Kotone, Takamine High school 3rd Year

Yuzu’s older sister. She was overprotective of the weak Yuzu, who was much younger than her, who she loved, but at some point, although they were sisters with a large age gap, their relationship changed and they became like friends.

Her type of man is a mystery.

– Toukaki Ooba, Takamine University, Economics Department 2nd Year

Yuzu’s elder brother. He too was overprotective of weak little Yuzu who was much younger than he was, but now they’ve settled into a boke-tsukkomi routine (TL Note: This is a kind of straight-man-funny-man comedy). Recently, he feels kind of happy being often chastised by his little sister.

– Iino Misa, Public Elementary School 3rd Grader

Yuzu’s cousin and friend. She lost her parents in an accident and rented a room with her elder brother in the ramen shop where he worked, but this spring, she was officially adopted by the shopkeeper Mr. Iino.

Both her appearance and personality are younger than her age, and Yuzu loves her like a younger cousin and sister despite being the same age.

Her future dream is to be a Ramen shop owner.

– Dad-chan

He was Misa’s older brother, but because he looked older, he seemed to look like Misa’s father to Yuzu, who gave him that nickname, which stuck. He’s an obscure character where his real name will never get called despite being a main character.

In the shopping district, it seems he’s being regarded as the father of both Yuzu and Misa.

He is the next generation ramen shop owner, with a suspicious Tokyoite accent.


– Sakurazaki Matsuri, Public Elementary School 3rd Grader

She was a cheerful downtown girl with a very cute face.

She believed that this world was the world of an [Otome Game], and was a “reincarnator” whose previous life was that of a high school girl.

For this reason, she acted as if other people weren’t “people”, and her personality got distorted considerably thereafter.

Usually Matsuri didn’t act like the [Energetic Town Girl], but as a result of her naturally high energy, her behavior became considerably “excessive”.

[Black Cat]

Something that appeared before Yuzu that she couldn’t catch or touch, it guided Yuzu whose memories were cloudy, and let her awaken as a [Demon].

I wonder what that cat’s real identity is…

Author’s Notes:

The next chapter will be the story proper again.


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