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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 46: Volume 3 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 3, Chapter 16: I Turned 10 Years Old …… And So On, Part 1

Rick and Noel were at the front of the people who were running towards us…… Or not, it was three Holy Knights.

Those who piled up training in a temple and were practically heavy tanks that practiced defensive Holy Magic.

Due to that, they knew of Demonic Magic, and upon seeing 【His】 body, they subconsciously stopped walking, while Rick and Noel rushed forward.

“Yurushia, are you alright!?”

“Lucy, come down!”

Rick (once again) grabbed my arm and pulled me away, while Noel held out his sword, covering me.

“……What is that thing …”

Rick let out a hoarse whisper, as Noel’s face turned pale and started sweating profusely.

We (the attendants and I) had shaved down a lot of it, but 【His】 sheer existence… that presence was incomparably brutal if matched against the creatures of this world.


He stared as us-…… No, 【He】 was only gazing intently at [Me].

I wonder what 【He】 is thinking now…… Although if I were to be frank, I was a little happy that he was thinking of of bringing me home after [Breaking] my body, but I just can’t respond to his one-sided selfishness.

“Roderick-sama, Yurushia-sama, please come down”

A little later, the Knights reached us. 3 Holy Knights and 8 Royal Knights. Along with 7 of my escort knights, including Bri-chan and Sara-chan. As expected, Vio is also close by.

One of the Holy Knights… a silver-grey-haired uncle, turned his shield towards 【Him】 with a nervous look.

“…That, is a considerably high-ranking Demon. I think it is a Demon Beast…… Did Yurushia-sama suppress it with her power?”

“Ye-, yeah…… Well, I-”

Now…… what to do? No matter how weakened a lion is, it can’t be beaten by rabbits. Since their existences are of a whole different [Class], it can’t be helped that the Human Knights can’t do anything.

“This is where us knights will take over. Please, evacuate…”

Another one of the Holy Knights gave us a stoic smile. Even Bri-chan’s face had greatly stiffened, but it looked as if she wasn’t about to back down.


I could see the signs of【Him】 getting annoyed at the humans that were moving to [Protect] me and noticed his magic power gradually rising.

To tell the truth, neither I nor 【He】 has much magic power left.

In order to try to force me to return, 【He】 would try to replenish his magic power by devouring the souls of these humans who were in his way.

If it wasn’t a soul that was tormented and then made to deepen, even if it was taken, it would not be able to help 【Him】 recover.

…… It seems that 【He】 wouldn’t give up on me until his heart broke.


It can’t be helped…… It’s bad to get everyone involved, but I have to break 【Him】 here.

“…[Light of Protection]”

Suddenly, hearing me recite a spell that they’d never heard of, Rick and Noel turned towards me in surprise.

“[Radiant Shield]…!”

” ” “!?” ” ”

The bodies of all the humans were enveloped in a [Golden Light], and the Holy Magic-using Holy Knights’ eyes widened at the [Greatest Protective Power]of the most ridiculous magic they had ever experienced.



Seeing me protect the [Humans], 【He】 let off an angry roar.

The sheer overwhelming power of his evil roar was enough to instantly kill a human being as soon as they heard it, but with the added protection of my [Radiant Shield], I prevented it and further increased the power of the humans.

“Everyone, show your pride as Knights of the Holy Kingdom!”

” ” “Yes!” ” ”

As Rick raised his voice in encouragement, the Knights who had had stoic expressions righted themselves and regained their fighting spirits, raising their swords.


I did it again……

I had added the function of 【Raising Fighting Spirits】 to the 【Radiant Shield】 to help counter the pressure of the Demon roar, but it seems that it was too effective……

“We shall support them.”

“Ah, yes…… please.”

As my attendants who read the mood said before I could ask, since they asked me, I gave my assent to Fannie.


Raising a roar, 【He】 dashed across the ground, but he’s lost the speed he previously had. Still, even that was enough to lay waste to the human Knights.

“I will receive~ it”

Speaking with a relaxed voice, Nia rushed out ahead of the Holy Knights, and stopped 【His】 attack with the Golden Blade (Nyanko Blade).

The attendants’ magic powers were starting to run out, but if Nia used 【Absorption】, she could still take 【His】 attack.


The Knights expressed their astonishment as they witnessed a 12 year old lady knight receive the attack of that Demon Beast.

Since it couldn’t be helped so that the collateral damage would be completely nullified, it was too conspicuous if they thought too much about it, so had to make a decision quick.

“Noel~, get back here!”


When I caught him trying to get on the front line, Noel returned obediently even though he had a doubtful look.

“Lucy, what’s wrong…?”

“No, well, just wait a moment. …Fannie.”

As I called Fannie, she reverently presented the golden Demon blade that I had made as a spare.

“In the name of Yurushia-la-Verusenia, I bestow upon you this [Holy sword]. Receive it, Noel.”


Noel who had been taken aback for a moment knelt down, and received the [Holy Sword] (temp) like a Knight.

For some reason Rick, who was next to him, looked sullen, but I don’t care.

The Knights were fighting surprisingly well.

With the additional protection of my 【Radiant Shield】, Nia receiving 【His】 attacks, and Noa and Tina assisting them with ‘normal’ magic power, the result is obvious, even if I say so myself.

“Yurushia-sama, shall I go as well?”

“Not yet. That said, I’m thirsty, so please serve up some tea. Ah, go heavy on the souls.”


Since Rick’s already gone to give instructions to the knights, I just changed to watching mode, and waited, fully prepared.

As the Holy Knights fought, they healed their companions with the Holy Magic 【Cure】, and my attendants were assisting them by shaving off 【His】 magic power. I instantly healed those who were seriously injured as the timing I was waiting for drew near, and finally the moment came.


Speaking the [Spirit of Light’s Language] as he had done previously, the power of light condensed within the Golden Demon Blade in Noel’s hands, and he swung down at 【Him】 as 【He】exposed a slight gap.

“[Splitting Light, Holy Sword]…”

Aiming for that exact moment, I reinforced the 【Shining Sacred Sword】magic on Noel’s Golden Blade.

Although the spell 【Holy Sword】exists in Holy Magic, my magic is of the highest caliber, and the power of it was a complete order of magnitude greater.

“Perish, Demon!”


When Noel swung down the sword, it emitted a bright light and turned into a huge golden sword, forcing 【Him】 to fall back dozens of meters.

…… To not have taken much damage even from that attack, he’s really really far out of their league.


Nonetheless, its power exceeded his expectations, and for the first time in the fight, 【He】 became wary of a human, setting Noel who was wielding the golden demon blade firmly in his sights.

“……That… not enough…”

“Noel’s attack seemed effective, so are you going to do it again?”


As Rick spoke to Noel, he took up a position beside him, readying his sword.


When I finished drinking my tea, I approached them quietly, putting myself one step in front of them so as to protect them, and showed a [Sly] expression that nobody but 【Him】 noticed.


When I heard the sound of 【His】teeth grinding together, I finally noticed how unfavourable my position was and leapt up into the sky, as he stared at me from a distance.

I could feel the anger, but I can’t feel 【His】 will to fight anymore.

He’d been defeated once by me (pet), albeit while I was being protected by my attendants, and after which he couldn’t defeat even a single human being, as I acted like a [Human] and lived amongst them, finally causing 【Him】 to break down.

It was bothersome in various ways……

I wish I could just return to the Demon World happily as it is………

Staring at 【Him】 with that thought, as I turned away from 【Him】, he finally called me by my 【Name】 and not just【Golden Beast】.

“[YurushiaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I will definitely bring you back to the Demon World the next tiiiiime!]”

…… Has he not been broken completely yet?

Author’s Notes:

The next round is the final story of book 3


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