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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 231 Bahasa Indonesia

Amelia seemed to have many attributes added to her, but I wonder if she would be okay with it? She was a human, so I doubt she would do anything reckless, but I was a little worried.

“Vio-sama, please let me hold her as well.”

“Me too…”

“Eh? But be careful, she’s not fully grown yet. Do you know how to hold her?”

Fanny and Tina, who were watching behind me, even wanted to hold Amelia in their arms. What? Why? Why would you two, who were demons innately, want to hold a human baby in your arms?

Well, I wasn’t certain if it really mattered whether they were demons or not, Vio was more than happy to teach them how to hold the baby.

Fanny was very familiar with holding Amelia in her arms, and Tina was very nervous holding Amelia in her arms as if she were handling something fragile, which I could not imagine from her normal personality.

I quietly approached them and asked them why they were doing this, and both Tina and Fanny tilted their heads in wonder.

“You made this baby our family, didn’t you?”

“This baby smells just like Yurushia-sama, you know?”


What? Did I really do it? I thought I felt like Amelia’s magic power was somewhat similar, but it seems like it, she had been tainted by my magic power instead.

…It was still okay. Amelia was just an ordinary pretty girl with a slightly different magic power.

Since I returned to this world, I stationed some of my employees’ Greater Demons in important places around the country.

Of course, in this mansion as well. They were working under Tina and Fanny’s command, as my maids, and were able to take human forms and those who were good at the art of concealment, like vampires as their dependents.

One day, while Vio was moving around the courtyard with Cyril and Amelia in the stroller, he saw them kneeling.

…What are you guys doing?

No matter how much our magical powers resembled each other, wouldn’t it be a very strange situation for a demon to kneel to an ordinary human who didn’t even have a contract with them?



As I was stunned by such a scene, Rinne lined up next to me, calling out to me, and spilling out a heavy voice as we watched the same scene.

“I know you have feelings for humans, but why did you give that baby [The Blessing of the Demon God]? Because of the similarity in the quality of their magical power, the demons recognize them as your top dependents.”


I messed up.

Somehow, I could not tell whether it was accidentally or not, but as a result of all the things I did, I gave Amelia the [Demon God’s Blessing] as the [Demon God].

“Rinne, what should I do…”

“I can’t help it. You really have a difficult personality, don’t you?”

From behind Rinne, who was looking at me with a dumbfounded look on her face, Guise, in her smiling old butler’s outfit, opens his mouth.

“Hohoho. Rinne-sama, who says so, gave [Blessing of the Beast] to Cyril the other day, didn’t you?”


Apparently, it wasn’t all Amelia’s fault that the demons were kneeling to me. When I stared at her, Rinne quietly averted her gaze.

It seems that Rinne had become quite accustomed to the human world…


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