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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 228 Bahasa Indonesia

I Became a Godmother (1)

Fel informed me that Vio, who had come to Capital with his mother, had suddenly given birth, even though he was very ill.

“Fuee, Fel, where is the doctor?”

“Yes, I’m calling for the birth priest and the midwife…”

I panicked, and Fel hurriedly answered.

Yes, that’s right. In this world, hospital-related matters were mostly substituted with sacred magic, so if something happened, we would either go to the church and pay an offering, or pay an offering and have a priest come to the church.

There were also alchemical potions using medicinal herbs and magic, but that one was more like a pharmacy than a hospital.

In a medieval-like world, medical care may be considered behind the times, but the lectures on sacred magic at the Institute of Magic include a study of the human body, and although there might be some limitations in terms of magical power, it would be possible to completely cure all but genetic problems in a day.

However, childbirth cases could be a bit tricky. Anyone with the same level of knowledge and magical power to heal the mother and baby could do it, but due to a change in the law a few years ago, becoming a birth-related priest requires one year of training under a midwife, and only women were allowed to participate in that training.

What a hassle. But necessary. So, the death rate from childbirth had actually decreased considerably, but the number of official Yuru-sama priestesses was low at the moment.

“Yuru-sama, let’s go to Vio.”

“But even if I go…”

Of course, I was not licensed, so I could not use sacred magic to heal Vio without a priest’s request. I mean, if I heal her with my ridiculous magic, I would not know what kind of effect it would have on the baby.

“When something happens, she will feel relieved if Yuru-sama is present.”

“I see.”

It was a little ticklish because I was rarely praised to my face.



Vio, who was lying on the bed in the spacious guest room while several maids were busy coming and going, as if her mother had done so, called my name with a pained voice.

“Yuru, come here.”

“Yes, mother.”

I turned to face my mother, who was by the bed, as she called me, and Vio smiled happily.

“It’s so reassuring to know that Yuru-sama is here.”

“Yes… Mother, how long has the priest been here?”

“I have sent someone to call them two hours ago, but according to the servant who came back on the way, there are many births today…”

The mother sighed in annoyance and put her hand on her cheek. It was one of our good points that we didn’t force our Ducal privilege’s forcefully to bring people in, but it was a hassle in situations such as this.

“Well then, should I go pick someone up, and-“

“No. If Yuru, the Saint-sama, goes, the church will be considerate and give priority to the priests, but the others will be in trouble. Besides, if something happens, I’m worried about not having Yuru around to heal me.”


I was going to bring them over with fast travel after a birth was over, but they said I was not allowed to move.

It was troubling. What should I do? To be honest, even now that I seemed to be getting more human-oriented, there was a part of me that felt like I didn’t care about anyone but the people around me, but my position was becoming a pain in the neck.

“Then I’ll go.”


It was Rinne who was holding Cyril in one arm who said those words.


“No problem. I’m of no use even if I’m here.”

“Ah, you know, I’m more than grateful that you can keep Cyril company.”

Rinne’s cheeks twitched as her mother said so.

“I’ll go, Guise, follow me.”

“Yes, Rinne-sama.”

Rinne declares again and hands me Cyril, who grabbed my shiny blonde hair and tugged. It kind of hurt, but not too much.

And so Rinne goes in my place, but…why would Rinne, a genuine demon, go that far with for a human?


“- and, I think that’s what the young lady is thinking.”

“That fellow has a difficult personality.”

Rinne and Guise hastened to the church while having such a conversation. Although they were heading on foot instead of using a carriage, Rinne and Guise were moving quite fast while keeping their magic power as low as possible.


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