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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 215 Bahasa Indonesia

I Became a Villainess 2

It’s been a long time since I was at the institute, and I’m putting on my uniform for the first time in two years. But here is a little disappointing news.

Originally, the school’s uniform was designed to be below knee-length and to show off the shins, reminiscent of modern-day Earth, but it was only for the general student body.

What I mean by that was, if you go out on the street, you would see women walking around with skirts of that length, but basically, noblewomen never showed their legs.

If they were young enough to often stumble, they would wear knee-length skirts, but if they were recognized as “ladies” by their parents, they would wear long skirts. The more prideful Oh-ho-ho”, Ladies of the upper nobility, wear long skirts at a younger age.

Children of the upper class usually start wearing long skirts around the age of five, when they have their “first tea ceremony”. The reason I was always in long skirts from the time I was a child was because I was always being carried around the house.

So, even at the Magic Academy, there were some middle-class nobles who wore uniforms until graduation, but I heard that senior nobles stop wearing uniforms at the age of 12.

Come to think of it, I didn’t notice it because I didn’t go to the academy very often, but Betty’s sister usually came to the academy in a dress. I thought she had changed into a dress to meet me.

Instead of a uniform, she would wear an armband to show her grade. Tina and Fanny also dressed in their maid’s uniforms and wore armbands.

“Huh? Tina and Fanny’s armbands have a different design, don’t they?”

“The grade is the same as Master’s with the color and pattern changing to represent the grade, but also to represent the title.”

Well, it can’t be helped. The Magic Academy claimed that students were basically “equal,” but it was unlike the stories where a commoner heroine would accidentally bump into a prince in the hallway and become acquainted with him.

If she accidentally bumped into the prince, she would be struck back on the spot as a potential attacker.

Even if the other party was a baroness or something, they would be imprisoned as standard, and the family home would be given the choice of taking them down or throwing out their daughter. Scary.

That was why I had not been to school for a long time, but I had to attend the academy.

“I’ve been looking forward to wearing a uniform like this for a long time. Mmmmm.”

When I arrived in the noble class, I found Silver Church’s First Princess Ester-chan, surrounded by uniformed boys and girls, holding up her fluttering skirt and flashing a sparkling smile.

The girls in the same dress and armband group as me noticed me and hurriedly took a curtsy.

As expected, there were very few groups in dress, even in the noble class.

In the current Holy Kingdom, there were five Ducal houses as senior nobles. There were 25 Marquis Houses and around 67 Count Houses.

The population of the country was around 3 million, which was not that much in size, but more than enough. The total number of senior nobles combined was around 100, so the number of children of senior nobles in one grade was only a few.

In other words, even in the noble class, most of the students were in uniform, but among them, a princess of a country, even though she was a foreign student, was wearing a fluttering skirt.

Why would she be in the same class as me…?

“Oh, hello, everyone.”

When I called out to her with as little intimidation as possible, the surrounding students shuddered and retreated a few meters.

“What’s wrong, everyone?”

Ester-chan, the only one among them who had not noticed me, looked around curiously, then finally noticed me. What a fresh reaction.

“…Ummm… Yu…rushia-san, right? Good day to you!”

Ester-chan saw me and cheerfully greeted me. That was fine, but she knew Rick’s and Noel’s names, but she had a vague recollection of mine.

She was a “Princess” and I was nominally a duchess, so I guess it was understandable that she would not lower her head, but I would never behave that inappropriately towards a duchess from another country who was studying abroad unless I looked down on her from the start.

It couldn’t be helped. Let’s [educate] her.

“Oh my, if it isn’t Princess Ester, good day to you.”

I bowed with the neat gestures I had learned in the royal castle and returned the greeting as a model for everyone.

Ester-chan, who looked at me with a slight scowl, looked around and puffed out her cheeks like a child.

“Yurushia-san, I am speaking with everyone, and it seems like you are using your position to threaten everyone. Students are equal, you know?”


Ester-chan said as if she was scolding a bad child. …You sure were a strange one, weren’t you? For now, Tina and Fanny should control their killing intent.

I smiled lightly at her and nodded my head.

“And what if the lower-class aristocrats misunderstand me and cause problems for you? It would be an international problem, wouldn’t it?”

“I would never do such a terrible thing.”

No. You… already are doing so. I knew that the Church Headquarters would probably criticize me because of this as if I were the devil itself.

But I wasn’t speaking to you, you know. Perhaps understanding what I just said, the classmates who had been around her until a moment ago, their faces visibly turned pale.

“By the way…”

I took out my fan and opened it up, covering my mouth.

“Why are you dressed like that?”


Ester-chan looked at me for a moment, and then her expression finally broke into a smile.

“This uniform? What do you think? Isn’t it cute? I’m really good at wearing this kind of clothes.”

Saying this, she spins around and smiled.

But at that moment, most of the boys turned away with red faces, and most of the girls were either stunned or blatantly scowling.


“Yes, Yurushia-san?”

“Isn’t your skirt too short?”

Ester-chan had shortened her below-the-knee skirt by altering it to above-the-knee length.

When you go around like that, you would see raw legs almost halfway up the thighs. To begin with, aristocratic women’s uniformed groups also basically wear tights, even in the summer. They would never show their bare legs.

Even these women would never run, jump, or do anything immodest in their uniforms, so what was this girl doing? Someone should come out and take responsibility.

“What? Isn’t it cute? I can’t always weak such a modest dress, you know?”

My current outfit was a beautiful indigo dress that I received as a gift from Father. Really? Do you think this dress is too modest?

I smiled quietly, and the classroom fell silent.

“Ester-sama, as a princess of a country, you are not showing dignity.”

“What! Just because of this uniform!?”

“I don’t know how much of a disgrace you are, but it’s vulgar to wear a skirt that short…”

When I told her flat out, she opened her eyes in surprise, and her eyes filled with large tears.

“Oh, no, that’s terrible! Ester, is not that bad!”

Shaking her Pink Blonde hair, she walked out of the classroom crying, and her guards, who were waiting in the hallway, hurried after her.

A teacher came in at the wrong time and for some reason looked at me first to see what was going on.

“Princess Ester…”

“Well, it seems like she’s skipping classes on her first day. Come on, teacher, let’s get on with the lesson.”

I invoked my authority and intimidated him a bit, and my classmates rushed to their seats, and the teacher started the class even though he was drenched in sweat.


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