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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 214 Bahasa Indonesia

I was told that they had already moved out and were ready to rent a large house in the royal capital, which had been purchased by a southern baron. …I thought that the viscount was a neutralist, but I was mistaken, it seems.

Moreover, there were about 30 followers as the second prince’s guards and caretakers, but with the arrival of the first princess, the number had swelled to nearly 80, and the Prime Minister had a headache.

It was all right, Prime Minister. Let me bring darkness to your shiny scalp, once again.

“They’re here.”


Rick, who had somehow arrived next to me, chimed in to my muttered words.

The knights in white and blue armor riding the horses at the front must be the Order of the Knights. There were about 40 of them? Behind them, about ten black-painted carriages with six horses follow.

“That’s quite an exaggeration…”

“There were twice this many when we were on an expedition to defeat the Demon King, Yurushia.”

That certainly was the case in the past.

Come to think of it, when I went to a neighboring country when I was 8 years old, there were about 60 people escorting me, right? That was because Father was overprotective, that’s why.


One of the Order’s knights came to warn us earlier, but when we were within visual distance, a lone knight in bright blue armor was heading towards us.

Noel’s men casually position themselves, and the knight stops his horse in front of them, stares at us as if he’s inspecting us with his gaze, and then whistles lightly when he stops looking at me.

“Whoa, there’s a beautiful girl here, are you the Saint of the Holy Kingdom?”


He is about the same age as Rick. Black hair and blue eyes. I would say he was reasonably good-looking, but there was something obnoxious about him, something that made him look down on others.

Well… surely you didn’t mean to say…

“Name yourself? I do know that you are a knight of Silver Church.”

“Oh? I’m not interested in you. I’m here to talk to the lady.”

The Blue Knight brushed off Rick’s words as he approached us. The Holy Knights put their hands on their swords because of his show of disrespect for the prince of a country, but the Blue Knight paid them no mind and looked at me with a slight frown.

“…You’ve got some kind of blocking ‘skill’.”


Noel stepped forward and put his hand on the hilt of his sword, as if he thought he had done something to me.

“What did you do!”

“Oh, so you’re the Hero. But if you pull out that sword, I’m not going to take it easy on you, you know?”

Blue Knight and Noel glared at each other.

Meanwhile, Rick and I, who were late to participate, were surrounded by the escorting knights. I had asked Fanny and Noah to accompany me today, and Noah whispered secretly in my ear.

“He said ‘skill’, correct? Maybe stay behind us until Fanny’s Analysis is done.”


Blue Knight did indeed say [Skill].

If he simply said that about the skills that people have, that’s fine, but if it was really something like the skill of the Otherworlder Tess, that quantified skills or special skills, who knows what he could set us up for.

Besides, he recognized Noel as [Hero] at a glance.

Noel was famous in other countries in his own way, but when he saw the young knight-like Noel who came out in front of me, he immediately recognized who he was.

There was no concept of quantified [skill] in this world. Even Tess, had to make a contract with spirits to give her the skill from, past reincarnates and great mages.

Then, there was no possibility of someone making a contract with something on an individual basis and being able to use it on their own. In fact, only former Heroes who reincarnated on this planet used the “Hero’s Secret Art” skills themselves.

“…[Appraisal] or [Analysis]…maybe.”

Fanny next to me whispered, and I nodded in agreement.

But the fact that he couldn’t “see” my status, means that he might not be as powerful as Yuuki. But I suspected that there might be some other “hidden tricks”.

“Brother, what are you doing?”

A girl’s cute voice echoed, breaking the tense atmosphere.

From the group of the Silver Church, who had somehow made it to our side, a pretty girl in Pink Blonde, about my age, wearing a gorgeous dress, walked toward us, surrounded by the knights.

“Ester, don’t get in the way of me and the Hero.”

“Brother Axel is being selfish again, isn’t he? Oh, is that you, Hero Noel-sama? Oh, cool! Is that Prince Ludric over there? You are much nicer than you look in the story! Oh, Ester is troubled!”

The girl called Ester, with her hands on her Pink dyed cheeks, was jumping up and down repeatedly as if she couldn’t contain her excitement.


…….we unintentionally fell silent. Ester…I think that was the name of the first princess of the Silver Church.

Really…. So, this arrogant Blue Knight was the “second prince” who asked me to marry him.

Also, I could smell a heroine (lol). Would it be wrong if I refuse to let them enter the country?

T/N: Thanks for reading.


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