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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 209: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor Jestersurge

“Princess, you’re so beautiful!”

“Th- Thank you.”

I was in the midst of changing clothes, surrounded by dozens of royal maids.

In the morning, a ceremony was held in which the throne was passed from my grandfather, His Majesty the King, to my uncle, the Crown Prince. The ceremony for Timothy’s appointment as the Crown Prince was held in the morning. By afternoon, the new King and Crown Prince will be unveiled to the people gathered in front of the Royal Castle, and the whole country will be in a festive mood.

Wasn’t this too much of a forced schedule, no matter how much it’s meant to hold back the anti-royalists?

Since I was also showing off the fact that I have become a royal family with the right to succeed to the throne, I was also the person of honor.

Sigh…. I really needed to be healed by playing with Cyril.

Last night, my mother, my brother Cyril, and my sister Ataline finally arrived. I was relieved that Noa and Fani were escorting them. Even though I knew they were going to be okay, I was extremely eased when I saw them arrive safe and sound.

But Cyril was fast asleep in Sister Athaline’s arms, so we only got to play a little in the morning. It hurt when he pulled my hair, but it really somehow didn’t hurt.

During the ceremony, Cyril was playing in a good mood on Rinne’s lap while Rinne was having a sour face for some reason.

After the parade around the royal city had been completed and the announcement to the public was over, it was time for the nobles to attend the party.

It’s already my fourth change of clothes today! I thought I could just go with the usual black and silver dress or that white and silver dress, but I got a big no-no from my father.

I didn’t feel like wearing the black silver dress because Tina has changed the design a little bit. Moreover as a princess, a daughter of the duke, and a saint, she told me not to wear black.

I guess I can’t wear black after all……. And my right of succession to the throne has risen from fifth to fourth place. Since it’s an auspicious event, it’s no wonder.

That’s why I was wearing the white silver dress. However, I was scolded because the back was too open and they said it’s too early for me to wear such clothes. Queen Elea-sama forgave me, and I was a bit embarrassed about wearing it too, so it’s fine.

That’s nice, but every time I changed my clothes, I got surrounded by dozens of maids.

And since the dress was made super-accelerated just for today, fine tuning will have to be done on the spot. It didn’t have an automatic size adjustment function like my previous dress, so I had to stretch my hands up high while they were adjusting the dress…I have no strength anymore, my hands were trembling.

In the Holy Kingdom, soft corsets were in trend now, rather than stiff corsets. However, it’s still painful when it gets tightened.

My body was optimized by the power of the devil. However, the fact that it was optimized meant that it only looked beautiful to people, different from the waist that aristocratic women desired.


Ah, my friend came.

Appearing in my dressing room was Bertille, the sorry looking dark-haired beauty who was the daughter of a marquis. She was a friend of mine and Timothy-kun’s fiancée.

When I saw her again at the castle, she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said she was worried about me…

“Betty, are you done over there?”

“Yes, I’m done here. It took a long time, but…”

“Yeah, that dress looks good on you.”

Betty has really become pretty over the last two years. She was two years older than me. That meant she was 15 years old now, but I think she has really grown up and would look great standing next to Timothy.

“…So don’t make that miserable face.”


Betty blinked her eyes and hung her head low. It was a real shame because she’s a beautiful girl.

The reason why Betty was so tired was because it was so hard to adjust her dress. However since for the most part it was Betty’s fault, she can’t complain.

I don’t know where she heard it from, but Betty asked me to ‘strengthen her chest armor’.

Betty wasn’t small in any way, but she’s still being looked down on by her big breasted sisters who were still actively trying to get to Timothy. And Shelly, who was no more than 14 years old who was also by her side, didn’t look like she was a 14 years old with that size.

I made a very clear explanation already, you know? There was a difference in growth between individuals.

My technique was an application of ‘otherworldly wisdom’ only from our perspective. It had the effect of promoting growth but it could only work when there was room for growth.

It was a very elaborate and advanced magic. It applies sacred magic to [Regenerate] and [Revitalize] substances that have stopped growing in the chest, and use [Recovery] and [Healing] to promote growth that have been stopped.

So it has no effect on people who have no more room to grow…for example, Tina.

Presently, there was a “secret trick”. However, the special sponge that Tina developed was a “sub-object” that invaded and parasitized the human body, which is why I banned its use on everyone involved, including Tina.

It’s not dangerous, but it may be troublesome? I told Betty that, but her determination remained the same and I had no choice but to spea the secret name “Holy Mother’s Mercy.”

When asked if it was success or failure, I could only say that it was a success for the time being. We didn’t see that much of growth, but she was very pleased that she was able to get a little cleavage.

After all, the dress worn by us senior aristocratic ladies was a lady’s battle uniform.

It was totally made from scratch depending on the order after careful measurement. The “grade” was different from the high-quality ready-made products that the lower class aristocrats bought.

It’s a weapon to annihilate the enemies who fight on the cruel and bloody battlefield and to survive.

It may only be a few centimeters, but even if it’s just a few centimetres, you still have to modify your dress so that the blade deviates from your heart by that small difference.

Seems like all of Betty’s seamstresses will have to stay up all night…. I felt sorry for the seamstresses.

Betty’s struggles were self-inflicted. But It’s such a cute silly thing to do.



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