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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 192: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor Jestersurge

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That day, a huge carriage arrived at an inn town on its way to the royal capital.

The town is not too far from the royal capital and it’s not uncommon for aristocrats to have carriages, especially of such size or luxurious one. Moreover, this carriage seems to have come from the domain of a duke related to the royal family so it’s not weird at all even if the carriage was to be bigger or grander.

But this carriage… The word humongous or extravagant doesn’t do it justice. The body is as enormous as a small mansion and it was driven by sixteen huge war horses in addition to being powered by magic. This carriage is not something that can be easily seen even in the Saint Kingdom’s capital.

The number of nobles passing through here is dwindling due to the turmoil by the Southern Army.

Some nobles still traveled in carriages due to unavoidable circumstances, but many removed their insignia from their carriages for fear of being attacked by the other side.

The action may raise suspicion from either side, but it truly is effective. If you’re an ally, all you have to do is to prove your identity, and if you meet an enemy, you should prepare to escape immediately. But in the first place, if they were in a critical position and cannot risk being harmed by the enemy, they would have brought an army with them or just disguised themself as commoners, and neither side would actively try to examine the carriage.

The insignia of the noble family had been removed from the huge carriage that day as well.

The carriage, as big as a small mansion, was armored to the point that it looked like a military carriage and was surrounded by ten horsemen. So, the inhabitants of the town, rather than rejoicing at the arrival of their luxurious visitors, watched with bated breath as they wondered which army had moved.

They are happy that guests are coming, but they also don’t want this town to be turned into a war zone. Their peaceful life is more important than a customer. It’s the same everywhere, the life of a family is more important than money.

Even so, the reason why the residents of the town didn’t panic is because ‘Hero’s Party’ had been staying in this town for a few days now.

Although not many details have been handed down, according to wandering merchants and bards, the princess of this country found a Hero and a Holy Warrior following an “oracle”, and soon after defeating the demon king, she went to the underworld as the Saintess to save the world.

The arrival of the rumor of the ‘Hero’s Party’s deeds and their appearance in this town were almost simultaneous.

Four young men with somewhat a special aura.

The princess was rumored to be the ‘Golden Princess’, the most beautiful girl in the world, and indeed, the princess that has arrived was much more beautiful than the village girls there.

At first glance, the brave man and the other warriors looked like ordinary young men, but they must not be just a nobody since they managed to defeat the demon king.

In a normal situation, the whole town would have rejoiced and thrown a festival, but they couldn’t afford to offer much hospitality at such a turbulent time. Rather, when the Hero’s Party saw the scarcity and hardship going on in the town, they directly headed to the mayor’s mansion and quickly retreated to a luxury inn.

‘I’m sure they are tired since they have just come back. If possible, I wanted to ask the Saintess to heal the sick, but I couldn’t bring myself to ask the princess to do so. But I’m sure once they know that their people are in danger, they will stand up for them.’

Perhaps, the residents’ wishes may have been heard as the four “Heroes” soon stood in front of the carriage as it entered the town..

“You there in the carriage, halt! I’m the Hero of the Saint Country, let me inspect your chariot.”

In response to the voice of the hero, one of the horsemen stepped forward and spoke back from his horse.

“The Hero you say…? What are you talking about?”

Surprisingly, not only that knight, but the entire cavalry was a group of oddly young aged women.

When that female knight, who looked like a captain with dignity radiating off her whole body, returned the words with a beautiful frown, the young man who called himself a Hero grinned and continued his words.

“That’s right, beautiful lady knight.You know the story of the Hero and the Saintess. If you wish, you can join me…”

“Ehem! Excuse me, can I talk to you?”

A blonde girl, who was the companion of the Hero wore a seemingly gorgeous but not very well-tailored dress, interrupted the Hero’s words with a strange cough.

“I’m Yurushia, the princess and the daughter of the Duke. I’m sure even a provincial knight such as yourself knows me.”


At the blonde girl’s words, the female knight’s mouth opened so much that her jaw almost dropped.

The content of the words must have been so shocking to her to the point of speechlessness. The blonde girl giggled at the strength of the impact she gave.

“We have to travel for this country and for justice. As the Princess of the Saint Country, I am pleased to accept your chariot.”


Hearing those words, fury appeared on the female knight’s face for a moment followed immediately by a frightened look on her face that made her pale.

After all, the title of ‘Princess of the Holy Kingdom’ would have a tremendous effect on the knights of this country. She might be angry at the “seizure of the carriage” for her Lord’s sake, but she can’t resist the princess.

What is funny though is that the female knight turned her frightened gaze towards the carriage behind her, rather than the blonde girl who was in front of her.

Not only that, all of the knights were staring at the carriage with a pale face and cold sweat on their faces. One female knight near the carriage door was even shaking her head with a tearful look on her face.

……A slight discomfort.

Just how popular is the Hero’s Party with all the knights in the Saint Kingdom? Even though she is a princess with immense power, is she really that frightening? To be able to make all the knights who were conversing with her show such expressions?

“(… wha– what is this?)”

“(I- I don’t know, you shut up)”

“(You too shut up!)”

“(……we have to keep our appearance.)”

At that uncomfortable instinct of feeling something was wrong, the “Hero’s Party” couldn’t help but look at each other. Even the inhabitants, who were watching the scene, held their breath. When the carriage door opened, a lady in an elegant dress escorted by a (still crying and frightened) female knight emerged from it.



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