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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 190: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor Jetersurge

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According to Onzada who was sent for reconnaissance, people who proclaimed they were saints and heroes have appeared out of thin air. They were even forcibly soliciting money and goods in various places, saying that the travel expenses were for the greater good.

Right now though, it is not something I would consider a big deal since my reputation is as high as the heavens that I don’t even bother to care about it. Onzada’s intuition told him that this incident was purposely done by someone to spread bad rumours about me and besmirch my reputation. His intuition is probably right.

I definitely did not do any collecting and Noel, who was listening to the report with me, was speedily shaking his head as if in a panic.

So, in short, someone was impersonating me and Noel. I guess normally I would be angry, but this time, my honest impression is just…

“…. How annoying.”

That is all there is to say.

Oh, I don’t want my father’s reputation to get tarnished, either. The noble families that don’t get along with our family were probably gloating and having fun, but I don’t care. Although, if my father were to tell me that those nobles annoy him or he didn’t like them, I’m confident that I would be able to turn those people to dust in a jiffy.

“Bri, can you send a youngster from your squad out on an errand to the Carpe Chamber of Commerce? I’m sure I have some money left in my budget, let her take out about 30%.”

This is a hassle, but it would be in bad taste if it was the Duke who settled it and not me. It would be even worse if I didn’t compensate for the people who were levied.

Most of the Duke’s money comes from the tax, but my money is purely my own.

The Carpe Chamber of Commerce is established by Mr. Zesh, the current Duke of Carpel, with branches throughout the Saint Kingdom. He is a member of the “Bringing Darkness to Light…” or whatever society that is, and he’s been given control of my hidden budget.

Bri-chan, the captain of the escort knights, was waiting near the wall with a depressed look when she heard my words.

“Well, we don’t have any youngsters in our group…”

“……I’ll think about replenishing it.”

Come to think of it, the remaining eight people who missed out on retirement were all in their mid twenties….

It’s young enough in my thoughts, but probably not in the aristocratic sense.

The youngest one here is the 16-year-old Nia, but she’s a guard knight and my squire. Since the guard knight and the escort knight were not in the same chain of command, Bri can’t treat Nia as a subordinate.

I was somewhat anxious to send Nia out on an errand by herself. I have a feeling she is going to come back with something extra nasty.

For the time being, I asked the young maidservant of the Verusenia family to go on an errand with Sarah as her bodyguard since she lost at rock-paper-scissors .

A few hours later, accompanied by the two of them, the manager of the Carpe Chamber of Commerce came in front of me with greasy sweat all over.

“On behalf of the Society, I would like to congratulate you on your return, Lady Yurushia.”

“Yes, thank you.”

That society isn’t a business association, is it? For that matter, why did the branch manager himself come? Just to say hello? Or was there not much money left in the bank?

“About the assets of Lady Yurushia…..”

“What happened?”

“30% of Lady Yurushia’s assets is a very large sum of money. Therefore, it cannot be prepared at our branch immediately…”


What are you saying? No, I know what you mean, but why is the funding increasing?

When I questioned him carefully, I found out that the number of members of that “Whatever Society” has actually increased several times in the last two years and a lot of donations have been collected.

……I don’t know what to say, well the donation is indeed welcomed. But for some reason, I feel like I can hear crying coming from the money.

“I can get you up to 500 large gold pieces in a heartbeat. But anymore than that, please wait because we will need sometime to prepare it.”

“……Half of that is fine”

Let’s see……..As I recall, a single large gold coin is enough for a family of four to live for three months. When I think about it, I get too scared to ask how much the original funds have increased. Even 500 large gold coins is already considerably more than the original funds………

After hearing that 250 large gold coins were going to be transported, Sarah and Bri-chan turned pale and took all the escort knights to the Carpe Chamber of Commerce’s branch. What about my protection….?

“As expected of Yuru-sama. Even if you aren’t there, everyone is still willing to give an offering to you!”

“Th- Thank you, Shelly.”

Th- that was a compliment, wasn’t it…?

Now that we are ready, it’s finally time to leave for the royal capital.

I was only trying to pass by and just casually check the state of the city and the main residence. But, I actually ended up being stopped for almost a week…….

I received an email from Rinne asking for help and an early lift, so I shouldn’t spend too much time here. I left him with my mother for him to study human society. However, in the email Rinne sent, he mentioned that he got invited to tea everyday by mother, Vio, and the others, only for him to be interrogated to the root about my relationship with him and the others.

…..Rinne has become a lot more rounded, hasn’t he? Well, I guess it’s because he knows I’m going to blow up, if something happens to my mom and the others, even if Rinne wasn’t the one responsible for it.

For the time being, I’ve texted Rinne back to say ‘good luck’. For now, I trust he’ll do his best.


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