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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 153: Volume 8 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 8, Chapter 11: I Got Lost, Part 2

“Yurushia-sama, please allow me to be your guide as continue on towards the refugees.”

“Sure, Thank you very much, Sefira.”

It seems Sefira will be my guide, while we travel to the refugee camp area.

She… well, maybe not strictly ‘She,’ but I’ll use that for convenience, she’s been giving suggestions to the staff, rather than ‘Orders,’ the various male soldiers are swooning, giving off a feeling of ‘It can’t be helped’… How impressive. In more ways than one.

Sefira. What exactly do you have packed into your extra-size chest?

Is it hopes and dreams? Is it love? Meat? Are they cut up melons?



Fanny, while unloading my packages, dropped a bomb with a straight face.

The words said are surprising, but, Fanny-chan, what’s with your appraising eye all of a sudden… Is it a demonic ability? As a [Nightmare] can you just do that? For that matter, I wasn’t even talking to you just now, right?

I feel like my children have gradually deviated from the category of [Arch Demon]. I hope they will grow up into Devils if they can. Who do they even resemble with their actions, I wonder…?

Hmm, I’m still not sure what kind of “remodeling” was needed to pack those full of dreams, Sefira looks completely natural even to my eyes.

Anyways, back on topic, my thought on my growth as a woman?

While I am interested in such things since I’m a young woman of age, I don’t think about chest armor like middle school boys do at all hours.

For that matter, my mother’s set of armor was only enough for small arms fire.

However, my Aunt on my Father’s side had chest defenses that would stand up to tank rounds.

I seem to be getting my looks from the other side, but I hope that in the future, even if I have less defense in that area, I will at least have the security and stability of a car air bag.

…I’m not sure why, but I’m suddenly craving soy milk. It’s said that the ingredients in it are effective when taken during growth.

“Hmm, Yurushia-sama, are you okay?”

“I was just musing on the relationship between vehicle safety and soybeans.”

“Wow, what a difficult thing you’re thinking about. I can guarantee to you that our carriages are safe.”

Sefira gives her response with a smile as bright as a sunflower.

In every way, she seems like a woman.

Unlike Kan-chan, who perfectly portrays the stereotypes of a woman, Sefira seems to be more natural… While a part of me thinks how she acts is off, the other just agrees that it’s how an ordinary girl would act.

Well, I’m sure I could think of something, but I just realized that I don’t actually care

“Well then, Yurushia-sama, we’ve set everything up. Everything is all according to your wishes.”

The four servants lined up with Noa to deliver the news. Noa had that smile again, but, surely, he won’t be deciding to do strange things again…?

Actually, in this situation am I the lady who swoons about everyone going off to war?

I’m sure I have nothing to worry about.

“Yuru-chan, will you be fine on your own…?”

“Rather than me, I’m concerned about Touka and Mizuki going to the battlefield from here on out.”

I give smiles to the other group which came to see me off.

Standing before me were Touka and Mizuki… Oh, and Daichi and Futa were off to the sides due to their fear of more training.

While I’m not worried about them in terms of strength, I’m worried that those two girls will be surrounded by bad boys from now on.

Noa and Fanny are the same as ever, staying right next to me even though I don’t need bodyguards.

What’s this? For some reason, Tina looks frustrated.

This kid, is she worried about her job since she’s not great at being a maid? I give Tina a smile to cheer her up.



Tina’s cheeks start to redden as she closes her eyes, leaning towards me while pushing out her lips.

So, since she’s asking, I stuff five slimy octopus legs from storage into her mouth.

I really don’t understand the appeal. Though I’ve kept them for a while, I just don’t like it.

“Now then, shall we be off, Sefira?”


She stutters, after seeing me smile like nothing happened while Tina looked like a squirrel as her cheeks puff out as she scrapes off the octopus slime.

It looks like Sefira’s composure has been broken for the first time.

“So, how long until we reach the refugees?”

“Oh, my great apologies, I forgot that I hadn’t told you.”

At the moment, I’m traveling alone in a carriage with Sefira.

With us are thirty soldiers of the International Allied Forces who are all subordinates of Sefira. Of course, while there are a small number of women among them, since they were high energy, it was decided that only the two of us would ride in the carriage for the sake of comfort.

… I wonder what I should do to pass the time.

I wonder, does everyone else know about her…? I wonder if it’s just considered more acceptable here.

“…And so, some of them decided to stay soldiers to protect them.”

Ah, I missed her answer.

In a nutshell, the refugees have been split into camps of about 1,000 people each, with about 1-2% of each being made up of the injured or ill.

Actually, is this like make a wish as an Idol?

… I haven’t practiced recently; will I need to sing well? I haven’t ever sung.

“…So, I’ve been thinking recently. While the knowledge from other words may be convenient, are the people actually happy?”

Oh, the topic has changed again.

With my special ability as a demon, even while I’m thinking, I can kindly smile and nod whenever the story pauses, changing the subject seamlessly.

Hmm? Maybe it’s not demonic.

“How could it be otherwise, this world has the benefit of [Skills]! People both rich and poor all benefit from skills equally. With skills, there is almost no chance of failure. It truly is a world of equality.”

It seems that Sefira is excited by the idea, however it just doesn’t translate.

I can understand what she’s trying to say, but skills aren’t equal.

Since general skills can be gained with effort, I would agree, but with the idea of skill levels, isn’t there inequality in that the products are all the same for each level?

In a world where natural talent and sense are ignored, culture will decline.

If culture declines, the worth of their souls goes down.

If their soul’s value goes down, the quality of the diets for demons goes down as well.

… Earth was also on the edge of a cliff, spiritually, and it seems that this world isn’t very good either. For food.



“Yeah, I heard it.”

Suddenly… it seems bandits have come out.

There really are a lot near the battlefield. Perhaps they’re the same farmers who haven’t been able to eat as they normally would?

While I think about that, Sefira opens the door of the carriage after a knock.

“Sefira-sama, they seem to be well armed. We can handle them… probably.”

“Is it deserters? … How difficult.”

Ah, is that what it is?

If they deserted the battlefield on a platoon or squadron scale and the command structure remains, it would be like fighting against an army, although that depends on their numbers.

More so, looking at the middle-aged man who came to report, he doesn’t seem used to hard work or rough times.

“Should I deal with them?”

At my words, the man looks between me and Sefira in surprise.

“S-such a thing…”

“There is no need, as a Saint, Yurushia-sama does not need to put herself into such a dangerous situation.”


Wait, no, there is a system that blesses [Heroes] with battle skills, so isn’t it embarrassing to say things like that?

I could just defeat all the [Bandits] with one shot, but if you don’t want that, you’ll still be safer than the bandits if you accept my protection.

“Actually, I…”

“No, it can’t be done. How could we have such a beautiful princess as Yurushia-sama do such a thing. Please, leave this to us. We will protect this carriage with our lives.”

“Eh, umm.”

Without listening to my complaints, Sefira gets off the carriage, completely ignoring me.

The door is swiftly closed, the sound of a lock clicking into place immediately after.

Hey, hey, I can’t get out of there. Normally wouldn’t the door lock from the inside?


All of a sudden, the carriage starts moving at high speed.

That scream seemed to come from a manly voice. Rather, what happened? Are they really rushing through with only this carriage?

As the wagon kept on moving forward, swaying from side to side, I opened up the small window on the front to the driver’s seat, and saw one of the soldiers moving the reigns of the carriage with a fearful face.

“Hey…Hey, driver.”


It’s useless, he can’t seem to hear me. There also only seems to be one soldier.


After I close the small window again, I sit down on the couch with a sigh.

Didn’t they say they would guarantee my safety? I wonder if I should just destroy the carriage and go outside.

I’m craving tea, but there is no convenient Tina or Fanny to bring out a full set out of nowhere at any location.

Beyond that, the carriage is shaking too much, and when I opened my mouth, I ended up biting my tongue.

The suspension clearly isn’t working. Where the heck are we going?

After 10 or 15 minutes, I open up the small window again to see what’s happening.


I heard the soldier and horse scream out, and the carriage swayed and jolted to a stop.

“…It’s over.”

As I got up, instinctually holding my backside, I heard a bestial roar from outside.

Ah, no good.

“Soldier-san, are you okay…”


Rather than the sound of the soldier getting up… it seems like that was his scream as he immediately ran away.


What kind of soldier leaves their escort and runs away…?

Rather, I wonder if that soldier will be able to survive alone, since we’re surrounded by beasts?

It really would have been better to stay with me… maybe it’s because of the propaganda from Sail calling me a [Saint], but I seem to be treated like a decorative doll.

… It’s a little frustrating.

After a moment, the roars of the surrounding beasts calm down.

I quietly put my hand on the carriage door handle, the brass handle breaking with a flash.

As soon as I take a step out…


A group of dozens of wolf-like monsters that surround the carriage begin to scream in seeming fear, as the birds from the surrounding forest scatter in all directions at the sound.


I went and did it again. I didn’t mean to overwhelm all the animals in the forest…. Wait, forest? Where am I!?

Author’s Notes:

What a suspicious development.

Where will Yuru get lost next time? Who will she meet?


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