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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 152: Volume 8 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 8, Chapter 10: I Got Lost, Part 1

A gathering of heroes from all over the world, and my group, will be leaving this country for the battlefield tomorrow.

Due to the bad relations between the heroes, we won’t be leaving at the original time.

It can’t be helped.

I wasn’t originally planning to be a “Mediator,” but we’re surrounded by people who enshrine the Hero groups at least a little and we aren’t leaving right away due to the “Hero of Wind” being late.

It’s going to be a privilege to be keeping these heroes together.

If all goes well, we’ll depart next morning.

It couldn’t be helped, since the Wind Hero still hasn’t come. I’m really not liking the feeling of Yuuki-kun’s replacement as a Hero.

Well, he was only summoned a year ago while he was still a junior high school student, so even with the knowledge that you’re responsible for protecting the world, he might not have internalized it yet.

And, as it often does, information came from a strange place.

“Yurushia-sama! I’ve received a message from Richard!”

It seems that a message has been given to Noa from the Elder Lich Richard, the Dungeon Master in the Northern Dwarven State, but I’m not sure of the contents.

[The Hero of Wind has been caught in a Honey Trap.]


…What does he mean by that?

Honestly, I can’t tell the meaning. Slowly looking back to Noa to voice my thought, Noa, still wearing the fine butler’s garb provided by my Ducal House, smiled in a meaningful manner before gesturing grandly.

“It seems that he fell in love at first sight with the Elven Granddaughter of one of the Dungeon Masters Association’s members.”


Was that a coincidence?

Why are you making an “All according to plan” face?

Dungeon masters can be human beings as well as demons, so it’s possible. Besides, the boys on earth seem to have a strange obsession with elves.

“The members of the Dungeon Masters Association, including Richard, are now planning to attack the Hero of Wind on his aircraft, so it’s fine to leave it as it. They all seem to have spent a lot of money on this.”

“…I see. First of all, send about 100 gold coins to that grandmother or granddaughter, call it a business expense.”

“It will be done.”

It’s definitely not a bribe, just don’t look too hard.

I’m not completely sure if it will work, but I’m not particularly interested in the Hero of Wind, so it won’t matter if I leave them as is.

Speaking of which, wasn’t there a registered Dungeon Master who was robbed by the Hero of Wind a little ago? I’ll just let them settle their grudge themselves.

I had taken over the Association on a whim, but it’s good to know that it’s working out well.

“Also, are you doing a signing?”

“Don’t try to get ‘tickets’ for free.”

…I don’t have anything else to do, so let’s train a little.

In the dawn hours of the next morning, we were at last preparing to leave.

From here on out, we would be serving the important role of opportunistic fighters who would enter the battlefield as an assault unit.

“Princess Yurushia.”

“Yes, Kyoji-sama…”

Since the Hero of Wind didn’t explain why he didn’t come, I was going to separate from Kyoji and was supposed to be in charge of my own area, he doesn’t have a reason to speak to me right now… did he want to say goodbye?

Hmm~? He’s together with a woman I don’t recognize.

“I’m glad you’re still here. Before I leave, there is someone I would like to introduce to you, Yurushia-hime.”

“Hai. Nice to meet you, Yurushia-sama. I am the coordinating officer in charge of managing the Heroes, Sefira, General Staff of the Allied Forces Operations Headquarters.”


I see, so she’s their minder?

If you think about countries on earth, she seems to be from an organization like the United Nations.

“Pleased to meet you, Sefira-sama, I’m Yurushia.”

“Maah~ Yurushia-sama, I’m from but a humble merchant noble house in a small country. There’s no need to address me so formally.”

She said as she bows lightly, an embarrassed smile on her face.

She seemed to be in her early 20’s, holding herself in a straight posture, and when I return a smile, she seemed to sway slightly.

I would say that based on her face, 6 or 7 out of 10 people would say she’s beautiful. Well, at least she still looked human, I’m more like a doll, anyways, she definitely had an appearance that men would not object to.

Fufufu… I can feel her fear of my appearance.

Still, I can’t help but wonder what such a beauty would be doing as the coordinator of all the Heroes…?

When I began to worry about her stare and smile at me, she waved her hand like how I saw from older sisters and turned away to look behind us.

“Ah, yes, please come on out as well, Minkichi-sama.”


At Sefira’s call, the Pi- the Hero of Fire came out from the shadows of the surrounding forest.

To be honest, I had seen her there from the beginning due to the mass sticking out from the side of the tree trunk, but I could read the atmosphere and put on a surprised face.

As Minkichi reluctantly came out, she spat on the ground while giving me and Fanny a glare. Before my disgust could even register, although it’s overflowing from Tina behind me, Sefira gives out a light sigh.

“Mou~, please be civil, Minkichi-sama. I know that the two of you had a fight, but you are the older one, so acting this way is no good.”

And now, Sefira is acting like we’re cute little sisters. Hold on Sefira-san, why are you taking that attitude with this person…

“… Aww, I just can’t help it if Sefira’s the one saying that.”


I thought that, given her character, Minkichi would be angry. I definitely didn’t expect a gleaming smile returned to Sefira.

A woman liked by everyone; I could have sworn that she would be a target of hatred by Minkichi.

“Are you good as well, Yurushia-sama?”


Should I give up my goal as mediator? Or should I praise her skills?

I had just obediently nodded, and even the suspicious Kyoji just gave a wry laugh, embarrassment showing on his face, the atmosphere is so nice.

…What is this power?

“If it would please you, Yurushia-sama, would you listen to my request?”

“…What is it?”

Whether it’s strength or something else, answering Sefira’s requests seems natural.

“Hmm… your servants, could they attack the enemy forces as planned, while Yurushia-sama, as the [Saint], can heal the refugees…”


In other words, I’d be working alone separated from my servants… and?

Right as I’m about to say [I’m sorry, but I’ll have to refuse], Sephira looks me straight in the eye.

Her eyes were still just as pretty as before, but her behavior and the atmosphere around us changed into something like [Don’t refuse Sefira’s request].

“…I understand.”

“Thank you so much! Yurushia-sama truly is a saint. I think that all of the refugees will be really happy now too.”

Sefira responds with a big, innocent smile.

…This doesn’t feel right.

I don’t feel particularly strange, but I feel like this should have gone differently.

Well, the reason my little ones are accepting is because it’s their best use, and since I have no issues of strength when alone. However, in this place I feel like I’m following a script. Does that make any sense…?

“Ah, also, Yurushia-sama will be escorted by our soldiers, so please don’t feel inconvenienced.”


Wow, this area is really like going with the flow. It just feels natural to do the “right thing,” probably because I’m so narrow minded.

It can’t be helped, so I ask my followers to move my packages to another carriage.

“Hey, Yurushia-sama”

“Fanny, what’s happened.”

Sefira is still among us, and the atmosphere hasn’t changed at all since her appearance, with Fanny’s unchanging smile in the background adding a sense of “Uncomfortableness” to the situation that I haven’t felt in a long time.

“Why are you dressed in women’s clothing, Sefira?”

Seriously. That is not the thing to say in this situation.


Teruza, one of the small dragon kingdoms occupied by the forces of darkness.

In the capital, all “Able bodied” people, including the king and captain of the guard were executed without exception, and although the general population was allowed to leave their houses, most of those were mercilessly killed.

Even in the city outskirts, women and children had fled the area. The farmers beyond the outskirts were, however left without violence.

It may be the case that the Forces of Darkness “Group” had attacked this land, but the only occupants were the Dark Elves and the Beastmen armies.

When the country of their hated human enemies was first defeated, there were officers who would attempt to attack women or slaughter indiscriminately, all of which were ‘corrected’ by the hands of the Dark Elf Princesses.

The Dark Forces which took this land were led by the Dark Elf Twins, as well as the youngest prince of the Beast Nation.

In the King’s Castle, no humans were present. A small beast-like child was sitting on the throne.

Was this child the prince of the Beast Nation?

This army had assembled by Nefertiti, first princess of the Dark Elves, with the expectation that they would lose, and despite the little ones being victorious, not even a single beast-eared maiden surrounded him to take care of him.

Hair as black as night all throughout, he looked like a little toddler with cute cat ears, sitting with their eyes closed, although not curling up on the throne.

In this place with no others, two small, similar looking figures appear without a sound.

Glossy black skin and long ears. Gold and silver hair colors.

When the twin princesses, holding a bear and rabbit plushie each came to stand before the throne, they held something which looked like a glowing fruit, and quietly bowed her head.

““Today’s offering for you. Our [God]…””

As they softly spoke… behind a slowly opening eyelid, dark eyes with platinum cat-like slits glowed ominously.

Author’s Notes:

Another strange person has arrived.

Next time, Yuru-chan will do magic.


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