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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 127: Volume 7 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 7, Chapter 11: I Became an Adventurer, Part 3, Part 2

“What I want to know is the extent of your true ability, [Saint-Sama].”

A surprising amount of Killing Intent started radiating from Corona, given her appearance, as she drew and raised the two giant axes behind her with tremendous speed.

Is her body strengthened by magic, or is it a skill? Either way, she’s much stronger than the knights we encountered at the castle, it should be possible for her to mow her way through lesser demons.

Perhaps, if I had to give it a rating, it’s at the level of a Greater Demon?


However, Corona was unable to swing down her axes.

From behind her, Tina had a hand on her shoulder, while Nea had her Golden Demonic Sword held to Corona’s throat, both of them releasing their presence, which made her instinctively freeze herself, sweating.

“It’s fine.”

As I called out with a small grin on my face, they came back to rest behind me without a sound, before Corona’s axes fell from her hands as she collapsed to the floor in a heap.

Oh, the shoulder bones that Tina grabbed must be broken.

“…[Let there be Light]…”

As I casted the holy magics [Heal] and [Regenerate] simultaneously, healing her shoulder, Corona turned her fearful eyes towards me and my followers.

“… the power of a Saint… and you two ‘Disciples’… It really wasn’t just a rumor.”

Ah… neither of them are my disciples… it sounds scary when you say it like that.

Also, the exchange just now has Touka and the others completely wound up.

Anyways, after Corona finished mumbling, it seemed like she was debating herself about something while staying on the ground.

“If that’s all, can we go home?”

“W-wait, I’m sorry for my rudeness.”

As Corona hastily stood up at my bored tone, before she lowered herself into a bow.

Hmmm… I really should go home, but I’m weak to good manners.

Thanks to my [Demonic] attributes, I’m largely separated from my constraints as a human, but now that I’ve been in human society for months and years, rather than when I came in from another dimension, the social contract has taken hold.

To put it simply, I don’t want to be rude.

“So, after all that, what do you want?”

“Ah, there’s something I wanted to ask if you indeed had the skill. I’ll pay, of course, in addition to giving you this…”

“Is that…”

The escort had brought out and opened a wooden case and taken out a small pendent shining iridescently to hang from his fist.

“It’s a ‘God’ rank tag, we can complete your registration under this rank, Yurushia.”

It was a metal plate which was the proof of an adventurer’s skill.

Only the people with the Hero class can receive it, a proof of the highest rank of adventurers.

“If you can’t, we can start you from bronze rank, but if you accept, we will also prepare as many silver rank tags for your friends as you need.”

“…What do you mean by that?”

I originally thought that I would want to register for the adventurer’s guild to get identity cards to use in other countries, but suddenly being offered God rank?

Certainly, the Hero classes should be able to have that, but giving all the kids Silver rank suddenly seems too reckless.

… God and Silver ranks off the bat, it seems like something out of a manga.

“Is Yurushia aware of the mass plague of zombies in the country to the north, Gamble?”

“… a little”

You know, since Fanny told you everything she’s done.

“Each country’s guild has conducted their own investigation in addition to the countries’ separate intel branches, but since the internal groups don’t share between themselves and the guild does, our information is cutting-edge.

“So you know the cause?”

“… we’re not 100% sure, but Gamble’s guild master and I have a suspected source location.”

“Did you tell this to Gamble’s government?”

“…not yet…”

Perhaps, considering the guild’s interests, it’s best for the outside world to keep offering for Gold rank missions to contain the zombies.

Since it’s not a natural event given the magic that uses that jewel, even finding out the principles behind them would be worth considerable money.

I don’t blame them, but since it’s robbing the coffers of Gable, at least some, wouldn’t that hurt their relationship with the country?

“The Guild Master up there is also a Dwarf…”


Suddenly, I’m not sure where this conversation is going.

“Our home town is in the area, if we report its location to Gamble, it might be wiped out along with the zombies, and there have been rumors that the Northern Hero has been seen in the area. If he learned our information, the dwarven city would be crushed…”


The hero of the north… the Hero of Earth? One of the four which killed Yuuki.

Everything is going to plan so far, but right now, direct hostility isn’t easy.

I think that Corona isn’t on the side of Kyoji the “Hero” but I’m not sure that’s enough to mean she’s an ally.

It wasn’t very fun the first time fighting a hero, and in this case there’s nothing delicious waiting at the end. Since he’s a Hero, it might be reckless.


“I’ll do it.”


As I nod, a joyous smile shows on Corona’s face.

I’m not sure what she expected.

Maybe she really just wants her home town to be saved, but to willingly set us against a Hero who is incomparable to normal adventurers.

Has she really suffered in this human town?

As I stand up with a smile, I grasp Corona’s hand where she’s sitting on the floor.

“Will you be helping us, Corona?

“Ah… Of course, I can’t stand against a Hero in my position, but I can offer you guides.”

“… You know, since we’re going to save your home, you might as well put everything on the line, yeah?”

“O-of course.”

I don’t miss seeing her face twitch.

I smile at Corona and softly whisper to her:

“Then, Corona… Let’s make a [Deal].

Author’s Notes:

A good sale is made from a smile. Next time, we leave for Gamble.


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