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Chapter 345 Use your powerful strength to prove that you really can’t do it!

Chapter 345 Use your powerful strength to prove that you really can’t do it!

Seeing the two young masters staring at each other fiercely, Ye Laixiang panicked: “Seniors, I’m just a little genius with weak strength. Why do you want to compete with me?”

Sword Immortal fought fiercely: “Why else? I heard that in the battle a few days ago, you killed Leng Ruochan, the master of the Tianmen sect with the strength of a master, in a single blow. It’s amazing! My hands are itchy, so I came to you to discuss !”

The Sword Master shouted loudly: “That’s right! Show your weapons, let’s compete!”

Ye Laixiang’s heart is full of mother buying batches!

Damn it, why is it like this again?

I obviously didn’t kill that person, so why is it all on me?

Ye Laixiang quickly explained: “Seniors, I think you have misunderstood. I really didn’t kill that person…”

“Come on! At that time, under the watchful eyes of everyone, at least tens of thousands of people saw you attack! Could it be that they are all blind? You are clearly capable, why do you pretend to be low-key and fool me?” Sword Immortal sneered Again and again.

“I’m too lazy to talk nonsense with you, see you outside the city!”

With two swishes, the two young masters had already performed lightness kung fu and ran out of the city.

Lin Beifan patted the dumbfounded Ye Laixiang on the shoulder, and persuaded: “They will stay here for a few days, you can’t escape! Stretching your head is a knife, shrinking your head is a knife, go up! Prove it with your strong strength , you really can’t do it! In this way, they will trouble you again in the future!”

Evening Lily: “…”

“However, before the duel, I have something to tell you from the bottom of my heart!”

Ye Laixiang turned her head in a daze: “What are you talking about?”

Lin Beifan’s face was heavy: “If you want to open up, let’s be sad!”

Evening Lily: “…”

In the end, Ye Laixiang listened to Lin Beifan’s suggestion and fought against the two young masters outside the city.

The beating was brutal. Within 10 rounds, Ye Laixiang lay on the ground with a bruised nose and a swollen face, with a look of lovelessness.

In his hand, he still tightly held the knife 460 that Lin Beifan gave him.

I thought that relying on this small knife, I could fight the two young masters for hundreds of rounds. In the end, another accident happened to the small knife, the light of the knife was restrained, and it became ordinary, so Ye Laixiang was sadly reminded.

“Why is this again? Why…”

He couldn’t figure it out. This knife is very useful when fighting against the enemy, but it always fails when fighting.

The two young masters left very disappointed, only Lin Beifan stayed behind, and said sympathetically, “Ye Laixiang, look away! Anyway, it’s not just once or twice, just get used to it!”

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Ye Laixiang clenched her fists, gritted her teeth and said, “No! I will never compromise this time, I must take revenge! They beat me up, and I must beat me back, except for the bad breath in my heart!”

< p>
Lin Beifan said loudly: “Okay! Be ambitious! Let me give you a suggestion!”

Ye Laixiang asked: “What suggestion?”

Lin Beifan whispered: “Don’t you really want to take revenge? Call your master. Your master is powerful. He will definitely beat them up and avenge you!”

Ye Laixiang’s eyes lit up: “That’s right, why didn’t I think of it? Thank you, Prime Minister, for your guidance!”

Lin Beifan smiled: “We are all our own people, so don’t be so polite!”

Not long after, under Ye Lixiang’s strong call, the gun god returned.

“My good disciple, I’m very pleased to hear that I killed Leng Ruochan with a single blow! So this time, I’m here to test your martial arts and see if you’ve improved a lot!”

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Ye Laixiang was full of despair: “No!!!”

In the end, Ye Laixiang was beaten again, and her heart died.

After beating Ye Laixiang, Gunslinger went to see Sword Master and Sword Immortal to compete.

I have to beat him two or three times a day, and I don’t feel happy if I don’t beat him.

In the evening, they would gather in the Lin Mansion to drink and discuss the Tao with Lin Beifan. This incident has become a good story in the capital.

In the palace, the commander of Jin Yiwei reported the situation to the Empress.

The empress smiled and said: “I already knew about this! They are all Lin Aiqing’s close friends. With Lin Aiqing around, they can’t cause any trouble! As long as the capital is not chaotic, don’t worry about them!”

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“Your Majesty, what I mean is that Mr. Lin has become the prime minister, and there is a grandmaster living in the mansion all year round! Now that he has made good friends with the other three grandmasters, should we be wary of him…?” Commander Jin Yiwei to say cryptically.

The Empress understood what he meant.

As the prime minister of the current dynasty, Lin Beifan has a high position and authority, and he has the ability to influence the court.

And now, he has made good friends with four masters, and this power is enough to threaten the imperial court.

The imperial court has to guard against it!

The empress shook her head and smiled: “I understand what you mean, but don’t worry about it! Lin Aiqing has done so many things for me and the court, there is no doubt about his loyalty, I trust him very much!”

Everyone is already a great master, if you want to rebel, you can do it yourself, why do you need to rely on other masters?

Moreover, since this guy became an official, he has never developed any party members. Instead, he has offended all civil and military officials to the death, leaving no room for him. He doesn’t take power seriously at all!

So unscrupulous, just wait until you can’t get along and run away!

“By the way, don’t send people to watch Lin Aiqing anymore, so as not to let him misunderstand!” The Empress said again.

The commander of Jin Yiwei’s heart shuddered. The Empress doted on Lin Beifan even more than he imagined!

It seems that in the future, he will be more polite to the Prime Minister!

“The minister obeys the order!”

The flowers bloom at both ends, each representing a branch.

At this time, Zhao Kuo had already been thrown into the cement workshop.

“Where’s the wine? I want to drink…”

Zhao Kuo woke up in a daze, and found that he came to a strange place. There was no alcohol around him, and his cultivation was sealed. Just like ordinary people, he felt a splitting headache, which was caused by alcohol.

Shaking his head slightly, he remembered what happened before.

Before, he drank and got drunk, passed out on the street, met Prime Minister Lin Beifan, and was stimulated by the other party’s words, crying heartbreakingly, heartbroken. Afterwards, Prime Minister Lin Beifan asked his uncle to seal his cultivation, cut off all his financial contacts, and sent him to a cement workshop to support himself by his own labor.

“It seems that this should be a cement workshop!” He muttered to himself.

They come, the security!

He still wants to drink alcohol to anesthetize his heart. Since he won’t give him money or alcohol, he will earn money to buy alcohol and continue to get drunk.

At this time, a foreman came in and shouted: “Who is Zhao Kuo?”

Zhao Kuo walked over in three steps: “I am Zhao Kuo!”

The foreman frowned, very disgusted: “You are drinking, so drunk, how can you work? If you delay the business, can you take responsibility? If the people above are not watching, I don’t even want to talk to you !”

Zhao Kuo listened numbly, except for a belch, he didn’t respond.

The foreman continued to dislike him: “Come on, come to work with me! Your name is Zhao Kuo, and your name is the same as that trash on paper! I just hope you don’t become a trash like that Zhao Kuo!”

Zhao Kuo felt a slight pain in his heart, and lowered his eyes: “I see!”

Then, under the leadership of the foreman, Zhao Kuo started working in the cement workshop.

His job is to transport the cement from the cement workshop to the hovercraft, and then the cement is transported along the river to all parts of the country through the hovercraft.

The work is very simple, but it is laborious and hard work.

Even if Zhao Kuo has the physical fitness of a martial artist, he still feels sore and backache after running this day. He feels less tired than practicing martial arts, and he doesn’t want to move when he lies down.

The foreman came over and said in surprise, “You’re fine, you look drunk, but you have great strength. One person can do the work of several people. Not bad! I will give you more wages when the bill is settled at the end of the month!”

“Thank you, foreman! Can you lend me some money first, and pay you back at the end of the month?”

“What do you want money for?”

“Buy wine and drink!”

The foreman looked at him differently: “I didn’t expect you to be a drunkard! I can lend you money to buy wine for you, but you must not delay your work, or I won’t spare you!”


Zhao Kuo took dozens of pennies and immediately went to buy wine.

As a result, when the wine entered his throat, he immediately felt very uncomfortable. This was the worst wine he had ever drunk, like horse urine.

However, this was already the best wine he could buy, so he didn’t feel disgusted and drank it all.

As a result, the alcohol content was too low, so I wasn’t drunk after drinking.

For the next few days, he worked during the day and then got drunk at night.

But the wine was too bad to drink, and he couldn’t get drunk, so he quit drinking in such a dramatic way.

I can only anesthetize myself by working more.

Then, a strange person appeared in the cement workshop.

He is a person who can bear hardships and stand hard work, and the work he does is several times that of others. But he is taciturn and walks alone. He has no brothers, no friends, and no relatives.

It’s really strange not to go home after work, but to find a place to sleep, or to stare at the moon in the sky in a daze.

At this moment, a few strong workers gathered around and smiled maliciously.

“Boy, I heard that you’ve been making a lot of money recently, borrow some money to spend!”

Zhao Kuo thought about it, and immediately took out all the money: “Here!”

Those few workers were stunned: “That’s all I said, are you really paying for it?”

With that said, he threw the money back.

It was Zhao Kuo’s turn to be confused: “Why not?”

“We’re just idle and bored, we’re just joking with you! If we really want it, once we’re found out, we’ll be arrested and sent to jail, and we’ll lose our job. We don’t want to take risks!”

Zhao Kuo nodded and continued to be in a daze.

At this time, a worker sat down and said with a smile: “Brother, you are so generous, let’s make friends! My surname is Sun, and my name is Sun Ergou! My father gave it to me, saying that it is a cheap name to make a living!”< /p>

Zhao Kuo said silently: “My name is… Zhao Kuo!”

The other party didn’t pay much attention, maybe he didn’t associate this disheveled man with the legendary Zhao Kuo.

“I said you are a strange person. You work very hard, but you don’t go home after work, and you stay here all day in a daze. What are you thinking? Brother, I am a few years older than you, say Come out and let me listen, maybe it can help you solve your doubts!” ​​Sun Ergou smiled, showing his rotten teeth.

Zhao Kuo thought for a while and said, “Tell me, what is the meaning of life?”

Sun Ergou laughed loudly: “Your idea is really interesting. What’s the point of being alive? It’s not bad if you can live!”

Zhao Kuo was taken aback for a moment: “Why do you say that?”.


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