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Chapter 342 I Have Never Lost, I Don’t Know How to Write Typing!

Chapter 342 I Have Never Lost, I Don’t Know How to Write Typing!

“It’s gone, it’s gone, it’s all gone, there’s nothing to see!” Lin Beifan waved his hand to drive away the cynics.

As soon as everyone saw that it was Lin Beifan, they all slipped away, not daring to say more.

Zhao Kuo, who was so drunk and unconscious, heard a familiar voice, opened his eyes in a daze, saw a familiar figure, grinned, and tremblingly raised the wine bottle in his hand.

“So it’s the Prime Minister…it’s an honor to meet you here! Your Excellency… Your Excellency hasn’t congratulated you on your promotion yet, uh…have a drink?”

Smelling the smell of alcohol coming to his face, Lin Beifan frowned, and shouted: “Zhao Kuo, look at what you look like now? You are a descendant of the Zhao family, an official of the court. How can you be so drunk?”

“But what else can I do if I don’t drink?”

Zhao Kuo let out a wow, and suddenly burst into tears: “The lives of 400,000 soldiers and 400,000 strong men were buried in northern Hebei because of me! All the masters who came to help were arrested by the king of Hebei because of me.” Let’s go, I almost can’t come back! The Zhao family was suppressed by the court because of me, and life is very difficult…”

“It’s all because of me!!!”

“I am a sinner of the court, I am a sinner of the Zhao family, and I am a sinner of Great Wu!”

“I don’t have any skills, I still learn how to fight like others!”

“I’m a fucking trash, a trash on paper!”

“Wow wow~~”

Those who hear it will be sad, and those who see it will cry!

A man doesn’t flick his tears lightly, but he hasn’t reached the point of sadness!

Lin Beifan sighed deeply: “Although you are indeed at fault in this battle, it is not your fault at all! No matter which general you choose, you will lose! Your fault lies in 07. You underestimated King Ji Bei , did not fully understand the strength of the king of Jibei, and led his troops to the north of Jibei, breaking the taboo of military strategists!”

“Yeah, I made a big taboo in military strategists! I have read military books all my life, but in the end, I made a fatal mistake! I am really too useless, I am not suitable for fighting! Wow…” Zhao Kuo cried I was even more sad.

Lin Beifan was tired of hearing this, and shouted: “Don’t cry, what does a man look like crying? Who has never lost in a war? Which general can guarantee that he will win? As the saying goes, failure is the mother of success! You conclude from failure Experience, learn from the lesson, it will be fine if you win back next time!”

“Yeah, who hasn’t lost a battle with troops? Even the most powerful general in history can’t do it. Summarize the experience and lessons, and it will be fine to win next time!” The little princess encouraged him beside him.

Zhao Kuo seems to have listened.

Thinking about the military books and art of war that I have read over the years, I realized that no one can win all the time!

Even the most famous general of the time, the God of War Gongsun Wudi of the Great Moon Dynasty, died in the Phoenix Fortress.

The 500,000 soldiers and horses they brought were also buried there.

As a result, Dayue was in turmoil and its national power declined.

If you want to say that the most powerful general in this era is probably Lin Beifan in front of you!

From the beginning of the year to the present, we have fought four battles, each of which was more difficult than the last, but in the end it was easier than the last!

In the last battle, you won the battle with just a word of mouth!

To be an ever-victorious general, he may be none other than him!

Zhao Kuo thought about it, and asked with some hope: “Master Prime Minister, have you lost before?”

It seems that he hopes to get some comfort and recognition from Lin Beifan.

The corner of Lin Beifan’s mouth became bitter: “Zhao Kuo, you are really asking the right person…”

Zhao Kuo was a little surprised: “Even the prime minister…”

Lin Beifan sighed deeply: “From childhood to adulthood, I have experienced many things along the way! However, no matter what I do, everything is smooth sailing and everything goes smoothly! It’s the same when I study and become an official, or go to war! I have never lost in my life, and I don’t know how to write it!”

Zhao Kuo was shocked!

I have never lost in my life, and I don’t know how to write it!

These words are really arrogant. He has never heard such arrogant words in his life!

It’s so annoying, isn’t it?

The crying stopped, and then the crying became even more heartbroken!


The little princess next to her was anxious: “Lin Beifan, I let you comfort others, not irritate them!”

Lin Beifan felt very innocent: “But I’m telling the truth!”

“It’s the truth that hurts people!” The little princess’s face was wrinkled into one piece, and she said a little tiredly: “Can you restrain yourself a bit, and don’t release your compulsion to hurt people?”

“Okay, then I’ll restrain myself!”

Lin Beifan continued to persuade: “Zhao Kuo, in fact, I just want to tell you that failure is really no big deal. We are different. Everyone has different encounters. Just look at it!”

“You still have a chance to taste the taste of failure, and you can cheer up from it and work hard! But, I don’t even have this chance, I can only taste loneliness! How bitter and uncomfortable it feels, do you understand?”

The attention of the two was attracted again: “This loneliness…what does it taste like?”

Lin Beifan took a deep breath and sang out in grief.

“How invincible is~~ how lonely”

“How invincible is~~how empty”

“Alone on the summit, the cold wind keeps blowing”

“My loneliness, who can understand me”


Zhao Kuo and Princess Xiao: “Pfft!”

Zhao Kuo let out another wow, and burst into tears, crying so heartbroken, heartbroken, heart-piercing…

The little princess went crazy: “Can you stop hurting people? I really want to hit people now, do you know that?”

Lin Beifan immediately persuaded him: “Little princess, calm down, beating people can’t solve the problem, but money can!”

The little princess took out his own money and stuffed it into Lin Beifan’s arms: “Take it, take it, shut up for me, is it okay?”

Then he squatted down and persuaded: “Lin Beifan is talking nonsense, you must not listen to him…”

Zhao Kuo cried and said: “Actually, I understand what the prime minister said! People are different. The prime minister is a master, but I am a waste, a real waste! Wow…”

The little princess became even more anxious: “No! He really didn’t mean that…”

“That’s right, that’s what I mean!” Lin Beifan said with a smile: “Everything you have now is brought to you by your family! Your life, your honor, money and martial arts are all given to you by your family.” Yours! Without these, you are a waste, living worse than ordinary people!”

Zhao Kuo: “Wow…”

The little princess went crazy: “Lin Beifan, can you stop talking? He is pitiful enough!”

Lin Beifan smiled disdainfully: “What kind of pity is this? A really poor person can’t even cry because his heart is completely dead! And Zhao Kuo still has time to cry here, how happy is he?”

Lin Beifan beckoned not far away.

A majestic middle-aged man walked over there, bowed his hands to Lin Beifan respectfully and said, “My lord, Prime Minister!”

This person is Zhao Hai, Zhao Kuo’s uncle.

I was afraid that something might happen to Zhao Kuo, so I kept staring at him from behind.

Lin Beifan said with a smile: “There is no need to be too polite! Seal Zhao Kuo’s cultivation, and then send him to work in the cement factory in Minxin City! During this period, cut off all his economic contacts, give him money, and not let him work. Drink, don’t give him any help, let him make money to support himself!”

Zhao Hai was shocked: “Master Prime Minister, this…”

Lin Beifan waved his hand: “If you want Zhao Kuo to wake up, just do what I say!”

Zhao Hai frowned and thought about it, and finally cupped his hands and said, “Yes, Prime Minister!”

He stretched out his hand and tapped Zhao Kuo a few times to seal his cultivation, then carried him on his back, nodded to Lin Beifan and the little princess, and left.

The little princess was a little confused: “Lin Beifan, what do you mean? Will this cheer up Zhao Kuo?”

Lin Beifan smiled and said, “I should be 70% to 80% sure!”

The little princess tilted her head, unable to figure it out, and asked, “Why, can you tell me?”

“It’s very simple! Zhao Kuo’s journey has been smooth and smooth, and he has never lost in his life. It is not an exaggeration to call him the proud son of heaven! But this battle has hit him too hard, and he has suffered a serious setback. His self-confidence made him give up on himself and degenerate! To put it bluntly, it is because his mental capacity to bear 460 is not enough!”

“So, I let him go to the cement workshop to suffer, not relying on his family, but relying on his own hands to support himself! Only after eating enough of the hardships of life and seeing all the sufferings of the people, he will find that the suffering he suffers is not at all. What is it!”

“Others can live well despite suffering so much. He has so many advantages and so many opportunities. Why not? In this way, he must change his mind and cheer up!”

The little princess nodded half-understood: “Sounds very reasonable!”

Lin Beifan flicked his head and said angrily: “It makes sense, you, a little princess who was born with a golden spoon in your mouth, won’t understand!”

“Oh, I hate it!” The little princess covered her forehead, blinked her big watery eyes, and moved a little compassionately: “Lin Beifan, you know so much, did you suffer too before?”

Lin Beifan sighed: “Yes, I used to be very miserable! My family’s ancestors were farmers for generations, facing the loess all day and their backs to the sky, relying on the sky for food, and dare not waste a penny. I am afraid of being poor!”

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The little princess was sympathetic and envious: “It’s so pitiful! Since you are so miserable, why do you still eat for nothing?”

“Maybe it’s because of my natural beauty, I can’t control myself!” Lin Beifan said very annoyed: “Sometimes, I can rely on my talent to make a living, but in the end I rely on my appearance! Little princess, you are so beautiful and lovely , you should have a deep understanding of it?”

The little princess agrees very much: “Yeah, she looks good, but sometimes it’s really annoying!”

The two looked at each other and sighed deeply: “Oh~~”

At this moment, a soaring sword aura and a soaring saber aura appeared in the distance, reflecting each other in the sky, shocking all the masters in the city!

“What a strong sword energy! It has reached the realm of a master, and it is absolutely terrifying!”

“And that saber energy, too, so strong!”

“This knife and sword look familiar!”


Then, two loud laughter came from afar.

“Brother Lin, we are here to see you!”.


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